In more recent years of blogging, but now still quite some time ago (perhaps 3 years?), I was asked why I started blogging. The reason is pretty basic and straightforward, but it did make me start to think about blogging and why I’m still doing this. It’s ten years later, and I’m sitting here wondering what this blogging task means, and has meant, to me, and what blogging may look like in the future.


On August 10th, I wrote my first blog post (yes I checked). Or rather I published my first blog post. In all likelihood before I even set up a blog, I had been writing random things and saving them on one of my many USB drives hoping to create a kind of line up of possible things to publish. This came at a time when one of my most favorite writing “gigs” was suddenly ending. This left me feeling disappointed and as I look back on that writing opportunity now, it’s nostalgic. It was my first chance to write and while nearly everything I wrote was terrible (heavy edits), without it, now of this would be a thing. My writing wouldn’t have ever had a chance and I would never have written for a small e-zine, Silver Petticoat or created this space.

Thankfully, though I had zero clue what I was doing (and let’s face it, I still don’t) I did persist in finding a space to continue to write.

When I was asked why I started blogging, that is what it comes down to. A love for writing and a desire to find a space where I could still do that.

Sadly today, that love requires a great deal of TLC in an ever changing industry. I’ve heard people on podcasts or Instagram belittle blogging or blog-format websites and while I understand they’re saying this from a place of practicality (or I hope they are), it feels unkind to anyone who puts all of this hard work into their respective spaces. So, as I today mark the official ten year mark, I’m going to take a few moments to bullet point two thoughts on this “industry,” what it means to me and what I want this space to be.


As I look at social media, podcasts, videos or any other content I see out there, I’ll admit, there’s discouragement. I see people leave unkind comments on posts that have different political or faith insights than they do, and I wonder, WHY? Why waste the energy to leave unkind opinions on someone’s post? If you want to have a rational conversation, by all means, do. But mean pushback seems aggressive and as if perhaps that person needs to look at themselves (before the person they’re coming after). At the end of the day, it’s going to be you and God. No one else.

As a result of all that I observe on these platforms, I have reverted and retreated (largely) to pour time and energy into this space. Does it feel worthless sometimes? Sure. Especially in light of the fact that no one really wants to click another’s “link in bio.” However this is a space where I can post what I want without “worry” if something is going to be flagged. It’s also where I write which is still a love. In short, it’s this space which I control where I’m happily choosing to pour energy into.

10TH BLOG ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION: THOUGHTS ON A TEN YEAR PROJECT. Reflections on a ten year blog anniversary celebration. Text © Rissi JC

Moving forward, and like anything I don’t know how much longer that means, I would really like to post more opinion and discussion pieces. This won’t be what I want this space to become because that’s never been my intention for this place. However as I’m a thinker, there is a LOT rolling around in my mind right now. This is thoughts on social media and on other things I see on social media, namely something I find very dangerous relating to people who post Christian content and use Christianity to buttress an argument.

Because of this, I do have things written. I have read it multiple times and I do plan to publish it. Again, this isn’t my intention to remake this space. The goal has ALWAYS been fun and talking about things that, yes, silly, are what I like to talk about. However I also think that it’s okay to talk about weightier things even with the fangirl fun.

That wraps up today’s “official” ten year publication. I’ll be honest, I did plan on making this the final official add on for the celebration since today is the actual birthday. However, I do still have some ideas (and another giveaway!) so throughout the month I’ll likely add another publication or two plus the normal programming content.

Ok, what are YOUR thoughts on the blogging industry? Or on opinion posts? Or content different from the majority? Do you like to share thoughts when someone posts a discussion piece? Do they scare you away? What’s your favorite kind of publication? Comment all of your 10th blog anniversary celebration thoughts below. I’d love to chat with you!


10TH BLOG ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION: THOUGHTS ON A TEN YEAR PROJECT. Reflections on a ten year blog anniversary celebration. Text © Rissi JC

Thank you for visiting! Please, do come back soon.

…a very special thank you and shout out to everyone who has visited this space or continues to. Readers have come and gone. Bloggers have come and gone. But everyday I’m thankful there’s anyone who cares to visit this space. It means I keep doing this and that I’m invested to try and be more creative, finding new things or ways to share more content. So… again, thank you.

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  1. I also would love to start writing more discussion-related posts on my page! I think it really gives me a chance to engage with my readers and learn more about them and vice versa! Congrats on this special blog-iversary! :)

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