Hello happy readers and friends. Welcome to Finding Wonderland. 2021 marks something of a milestone for this space. On August 10th, Finding Wonderland celebrates its golden birthday and turns ten years old. I’m actually quite floored to think back on the girl who started this space and to realize that I’ve been doing this thing for ten years. blogging 10 years


Through those years, this is one space that undergoes changes here and there, including name and URL changes as well as switching hosts. But through it all, it’s purpose (to have fun) and content (books, film, discussion) remains the same. The goal is always to bring some fun and maybe even a bit of joy to readers as well as (on occasion) something that inspires discussion. Most of all, through these years, I love the conversations. In these ten years, I’ve seen many things shift and change. The world of blogging (which is the basics of what this started as) is virtually non-existent and I’ve also seen bloggers come and go.

Earlier this year (and even now), I’ve been working on a ton of backend stuff on this website which includes a kind of de-cluttering of outdated publications, new edits on archive reviews and fixing the margins that didn’t transfer well from Blogger to WordPress. But it’s been in these updates that I’ve looked back on all of the conversations I used to have with people no longer blogging or I’ve lost touch with. It’s made me, admittedly, nostalgic. About two years ago now, during my only podcast appearance, I was asked why I started blogging. Golly, did this question feel, well, complicated. The basic was simple, but now I ask myself frequently if the “right” thing is to continue.

In this world, no one seems to really care about words anymore. It’s about a different kind of content consumption and what’s worse is that no one seems to encourage the creativity this content pushes aside.

These ten years have been interesting, at times a challenge and 99% of the time fun. Funnily enough I’ve also learned quite a lot in these ten years, some of which has been from this space. It’s also something to be grateful for. But that isn’t why we’re here today.

This is just a little layout of what’s to come over the next ten days. I’ll look back on some of my favorite books and films of the past decade, what I was watching or reading, some of the favorite things I’ve published and my reasons for starting this and of course, some of the normal content like reviews. All of this will unfold over these ten days.

Plus, yes, this BLOGGING 10 YEARS party WILL include giveaways! There’s our usual monthly e-book giveaway, but there’s OTHER stuff (jewelry, inspirational t-shirts) to come. I’m not sure when the first giveaway will be, but right now, Tuesday looks to be its debut! Just check back because there’s MORE fun to come.

It’s now your turn to chat! How did you find this website? Have you been here long or not? (Either way, thank you!) Comment all of your thoughts, bookish or otherwise, in the comments.


BLOGGING ANNIVERSARY PARTY: GRATEFUL RELFECTION FOR 10 YEARS & AN INTRODUCTION. Looking back in a little introduction on TEN YEARS here! Talking "blogging 10 year." Text © Rissi JC

find us on social media: MeWe; Instagram; or Pinterest – and join the NEW reader group on MeWe!

find us on social media: MeWe; Instagram; or Pinterest – and join Finding Wonderland’s NEW reader group on MeWe!

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS ON 10 YEARS, RISSI!!! I don’t remember exactly how I came across your blog, but I’m glad I did! I so appreciate all the hard work you put into your blog to provide viewers and readers with a wealth of information! Thank you!! And also, thank you for the fun giveaways!!! :) You’re a blessing!!

  2. Happy Anniversary Rissi! I can’t remember when or how I found your lovely corner on the internet, but I’ve certainly enjoyed it. Ten years is a big deal and I’m thankful you are around to not only produce great content but to advocate the need for blogs and blogging communities.

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