One of the British originals available on a British streaming service, The Mallorca Files, series one is a lot of things. But one of the things it isn’t is fast paced…

The Mallorca Files, Series One (2019) BritBox TV Review

Transporting a criminal with a less than stellar life back to England is not ideal in DS Miranda Blake’s world. However on this day, that is precisely what DS Blake (Elen Rhys) finds herself doing as she escorts him through the Mallorca airport. Trouble is, she spots assassins waiting for them and in a frantic quest to request backup, she attempts to make a safe escape. Only everything goes horribly wrong, and Miranda is miraculously saved by a local cop picking up his girlfriend.

In the aftermath of this failed task, Miranda is in big trouble with her superior back home and ordered to return straightaway. But an arrow with a moral compass who, after uncovering corruption, isn’t well liked, Miranda refuses to go back home. The superior Mallorca police boss, Ines introduces Miranda to the man who saved her life, Detective Max Winters (Julian Looman). To find her answers, the pair end up working under the radar.


This is a Brit Box exclusive that has been likened to ABC’s now cancelled Castle. I don’t think I’d say it’s Castle-like, because, honestly, they’re different, but this does have some merit. Primarily in its bickering partners and the dynamic of a boss who doesn’t want to deal with them. In this, there are similarities. However, partly because this is a British production, this is all kinds of slow comparatively speaking. There’s not that same faster pace urgency that most American television has. Likely, another attributing factor of this is the setting in Spain. It promotes a laid-back and relaxed posture for the characters, something that goes against Miranda’s norm.

If there is something to like about this daytime police drama, it’s the characters. I really do like Miranda and Max. They’re quite different from most characters I see, and while they have those “moments” where you question, is there something?, primarily they bicker over how to handle cases. They have a fun relationship that still functions even in dysfunction. Plus, Miranda’s force of nature attitude (walking in on Max!) is funny. The rest of the characters I didn’t really care one way or another about, which I attribute to my lack of attention in certain episodes. Because of this and because I love a good British production, I will likely re-watch this first series.

Speaking of that production, as always, this one is stellar. I love the theme and opening and the unique perspectives the overhead shots give while Max and Miranda zip around Mallorca. It’s not just pretty scenery but also a illustration (early on) of Miranda’s feelings of this unusual landscape, place and people. She’s a more buttoned up persona whereas Mallorca is more laidback, and certainly the German born Max is. That said, it’s also interesting to see their reactions to how to handle a situations; sometimes their personalities almost swap. Then it’s Miranda pushing the limits and Max believing they must stay within their orders and bounds. Curious to think about, but it makes things fun too.

Fans of British drama that’s has a little something of everything (humor, mystery and romance) will enjoy The Mallorca Files. It’s a slower pace, yes, but also solid storytelling.

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‘THE MALLORCA FILES,’ SERIES ONE: A PRETTY DETECTIVE DRAMA. Elen Rhys and Julian Looman co-star in this BritBox dramedy about two bickering detectives. © Rissi JC

Content: there’s innuendo in conversation and other suggestive flashbacks or brief scenes.  One scene is implied as being a couple having sex behind closed doors (it’s not). A woman walks in on a couple lying in bed together. There’s other party scenes with suggestive dance, etc. There’s some violence and depictions of a body, though I don’t remember anything as being “graphic.” The series has a TV-PG rating.

Photos: BBC / BritBox

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