STORY | Peace hasn’t been a friend to Adri Rivera. She made bad choices that leads her to where she is today. After trying to make a successful and professional mixed martial arts career as a promising fighter, she fell under the charms of the man she calls husband and the father of her young daughter. Now she’s had enough. With her life in shambles but ready to calls the shots herself, she flees her unhealthy marriage and returns to a tiny Pennsylvania town where her past waits to confront her…

REVIEW | Like so many of the books I’m reading or have recently read, this is one I started a long time ago. It was one I was also extremely excited to see arrive on the Christian fiction market because it features a cover design and synopsis that are unique to the market. This combination means After She Falls did sound like a solid read.

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The trifecta of intrigue really got me with this novel. Mixing into its already unique qualifiers is that Carmen is a debut novelist, which is always something that makes me curious. Especially from a publishing house I’ve read MANY books from through the years. If there’s one word for this novel it’s distinctive. There’s so many faucets that most Christian fiction, at least through the years, steer clear of. I think lately, it does tackle tougher subjects rather than presenting a rosy view, which is something this novel does. The cost of this does seem to be most of the books then steer away from talking about God or faith.

Schober does a pretty good job of still incorporating this into her story and I appreciate that one of the characters in Adri’s life is an established Christian to counter the man who is struggling to find God. It’s a good balance of characters and conversation. My one complaint would be how the novel ends. It has a good ending, and while I understand why the climax is what it is, I still cannot help but wish the intense climax and its final page took a bit more distance.


🥊‘AFTER SHE FALLS’: DISTINCT DEBUT NOVEL FOR ITS MARKET🥊 Book review of Carmen Schober's debut. All text is © Rissi JC

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Author: Carmen Schober
Publisher: Bethany House
Source: Bought
Publication Date: 2021
Genre: Fiction; Contemporary Adult, Christian Fiction
Rating: ★★★★
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Content: in full transparency, I didn’t read this all at once so I cannot remember all the possibly bothersome content. If you’re bothered by blood or “fights,” there is several, intense scenes with MMA fighting and descriptions like “crack” when a punch lands. One scene describes abuse as it happens during the story.

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