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As it inches closer to the official start of fall (hours away at this point), let’s get our search feature going to see what made these headlines today.



After announcing she’d return to work on her daytime show The Drew Barrymore Show and “owning” the decision even with some pushback, Barrymore has opted not to return after having “listened” to everyone. The decision received a lot of backlash and attention even after she posted a video apologizing to WGA members on Instagram. Honestly, I’m tired of public figures, no matter who they are, backing down when it comes to something like this. Like if you were going to return and you own the decision, then gosh darn it follow through! It’s so wearisome to see a statement from someone only to be cynical (at least I am!) because you “know” they’ll put out an opposing one in a matter of days.

Also in strike news, comedian Matt Walsh is pausing “involvement” with Dancing with the Stars after picketers protested stars like him, Alyson Hannigan and outside the ABC DWTS studios. This also means ABC is looking to delay the premiere of this season amid the WGA strikes until a deal is reached with all parties. Do you find some of these stories a little “too much” or do you think this kind of thing is the right move?


Media company The Daily Wire is currently filming its acquired TV adaptation of The Pendragon Cycle in Europe. The company also announced its lead in “newcomer,” Tom Sharp. The article goes on to describe the series as so: “The seven-episode drama is a reimagining of the myth of King Arthur, set at the end of Roman Britain when pagan tribes warred with Saxon and Pict invaders, and with each other. Sharp will play Merlin, the son of an Atlantean princess and the bard, Taliesen, who pursues his father’s vision of a ‘Kingdom of Summer’ — a Briton unified in peace. To achieve this dream, Merlin will have to overcome ancient evils […] and the rise of Christianity in search of a king who can unite the Island of the Mighty.” Additionally, the cast will include Brett Cooper (Heathers), Rose Reid (Finding You), and newcomer James Arden.


We’re going to pay more for streaming in 2024. This time it’s Amazon Prime upping their prices. You’ll pay an extra $2.99 a month on top of the annual $139 for Prime to stay free of ads.

Following the how-dare-you-drink-dairy drama, Emma Roberts is again being called out on social media. This time by an American Horror Story co-star who is accusing her of a phobic action or comment or something. Additionally, the same co-star is accusing the set of racism. After posting the video with these accusations, the same co-star revealed that Roberts did call with an apology. All I have to say is, aren’t these constant accusations against people wearisome? Like, yes, some of them are true. But some of them aren’t. Some of them are wrong. Some of them are just public figures throwing a temper tantrum. Either way, gosh, it’s exhausting to read about them. I wouldn’t want to be the person slinging or receiving them.

💍‘MAYBE I DO’: A FILM THAT EXPLAINS STORY LIKE A STAGE PLAY💍 Emma Roberts stars with Richard Gere in this 2022 dramedy. © Rissi JC

Taylor Swift announced her 1989 Taylor’s Version (releasing October 27) vault tracks. They are ‘Slut!’; ‘Is It Over Now’; ‘Now That We Don’t Talk’; ‘Say Don’t Go’; ‘Suburban Legends.’ Which one are you excited for?

Speaking of Taylor Swift, she was spotted having dinner twice with Sophie Turner, who is the wife of Joe Jonas, in the past week. Currently Turner and Jonas are in a, according to headlines, contentious divorce battle which includes their kids. Everyone on social media is freaking out saying this is a big move for Swift. Honestly, I don’t care. Like, yes, there’s a consensus that Swift and Jonas did date back in the day. Yes, Swift’s songs are supposedly about him (during their breakup period), but also… who cares. Sometimes friends just have dinner together… and yes, I also know Swift is the kind of celebrity who is supposedly only seen when she wants to be seen.

We ask you to share now! Which of these stories did you follow? Which ones annoyed you? Did any make you laugh? Comment all of your thoughts below. Let’s chat.


✨POP CULTURE NEWS ONE HUNDRED and FOUR: SOCIAL MEDIA ACCUSATIONS REIGN✨ Looking at the weekly Pop Culture news! © Rissi JC

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