It’s been a long time coming for the re-recording and release of Swift’s 2010 album, Speak Now. Earlier this summer during one of her Eras tour performances, she announced that she’d be releasing her version of the album on July 7. That day is here and now it’s time to reminisce and rediscover all twenty-two tracks consisting of the original and new vault tracks. Today we’re getting our ranking Speak Now Taylor’s Version vault songs game face on.

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A while ago in another publication, I mentioned that the excitement for this re-recording, the third of Swift’s six albums in contention over ownership, is off the charts. Yet I didn’t really get it. This is probably the one album that I think of least. Her announcement post though broke the record of her prior “best” Instagram post and everywhere people were giddy. I still don’t think this album is her best. The writing isn’t her at the top of  her game however, the first strains of ‘Mine,’ which is track one, and I will confess, I was all kinds of nostalgic.

It’s songs like ‘Mine’ or ‘Enchanted,’ or even a few others here and there that I miss from Taylor Swift records. I understand an artist’s need to “grow up” in their art, and even respect this. Still, I miss charming stories far and away and want this storytelling any day over “dressing for revenge,” murder or being the sole reason a place shimmers. I think there’s a way for Swift to revisit some of this type of storytelling without sacrificing her maturity and being able to show the strengths that come with this.

If I had to pick favorites from this album, it would be for songs like ‘Enchanted,’ ‘Haunted,’ ‘Mine’ or ‘Ours.’ And yes, I realize that puts me squarely in the happier-song phase. Regardless of where we fall or what we like, and after repeat listens this weekend, it’s time to rank the songs from this re-release of Speak Now, specifically the vault tracks.


listing from least to most favorite


Don’t really have an opinion on this one. It’s find but not a favorite.


This one is supposed to be about Swift’s life growing up in the spotlight and her having an entire kingdom that crumbles and people start to “hate” her, which she laments never wanting. I don’t love the song, but the title is good. It’s a song about wanting to be loved and having it all. It is sad that people obsess over celebrities, but at the same time, I think many celebs “need” that in order to function so it’s hard to know whether they are being passive aggressive or they really want to fade away and live quietly. I get the impression Swift has some passive aggressive-ness about this topic given some of the interviews she’s given through the years, and yet her obsession with have a stage or being shown off (this based on lyrics and assuming they’re about her), seems counter to some of her previous songs or quotes. This may be an earlier version of ‘Call it What you Want,’ too.


This is kind of a mash up song. I hear notes of ‘Better Than Revenge’ and even ‘Mine’ (meaning from an instrumental point of view).


This is about a bad relationship and realizing you’re being foolish for going back and allowing it. It’s about being foolish for staying when the relationship isn’t good.


This is a nice storytelling song that fits in well with the Speak Now album. At a show, Swift says she wrote it about one of her friends, and many are assuming it’s Emma Stone. The story is charming and cute and really sweet.


This is another story song that in some ways reminds me of the opening track, ‘Mine.’ It tells a story about falling in love and even if they met in a different time or era, they’re still meant to be. It’s a charming song that rumor has it is partially inspired by Swift’s grandparents.

One final notable difference is that Swift changing lyrics on what many are calling her most cutting revenge track, ‘Better Than Revenge.’ She softens the lyrics, likely to be more in sync with current culture and keeping to her trends of today to bash dudes. Here’s the thing, GUYS can be stupid and yes, they do stupid and hurtful things. However, newsflash, GIRLS can also be hurtful and mean and stupid. Difference is, as Swift alludes to in her music, they can also be equally conniving and scheme. Just because men and women view things differently, doesn’t mean one or the other is less wrong (morally speaking) in carrying out these actions.

Your turn! Which of these songs, old or vault tracks, do you love best? Do you think these really were written at the time of Speak Now or new tracks she wrote to fit? (I always wonder this!) Which ones seem duds to you? What do you like about this re-recoding? What do you loathe? Let’s talk about all of the things. Comment below.


🎶RANKING THE VAULT SONGS FROM ‘SPEAK NOW: TAYLOR’S VERSION’🎶 Talking about the highly anticipated release that is Speak Now. © Rissi JC

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  1. I’m not the biggest fan of I Can See You, I get that the beat is quite fun but I don’t think it’s lyrically her best. I loved Timeless and When Emma Falls In Love, I think they’re both great story songs which is what she still really excels in. I also really enjoyed Castles Crumbling, it’s got some great lyrics: I think in terms of her desire for fame or not, I don’t think she’s necessarily not genuine about it, I think it’s just complicated: I think she loves her fans and does really enjoy performing for a crowd, but just doesn’t really like the intrusive media attention which makes a lot of sense, and I think back in 2010 when she wrote that, she was starting to get a lot of press backlash so it kind of makes sense in that context. Foolish One and Electric Touch were both fun listens for me, and I’ve had the chorus of Foolish One stuck in my head so that has to mean something!
    I think the vault songs really were written at the time of Speak Now but I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the lyrics/original arrangements had been updated for now.

    1. I’m not the biggest fan of ‘I Can See You.’ I didn’t watch the music video but the stills don’t seem to really fit with the song. *shrugs* Maybe it all makes sense if you watch it. ;) “Timeless” and “When Emma Falls in Love” fit nicely with this era, too. I agree. I do think Swift LOVES her fans and performing. She always has that type of reaction to them whether its in social media posts or at her shows (via videos). That said, I don’t really get celebs who have this kind of passive aggressive reaction about this subject. Just as I don’t get fans having SUCH an obsession with ANY celeb that they literally *fight* online about what the celeb really wants/means/is doing, etc. It’s kind of out of hand sometimes. ;) Well said. I would surmise this too; the concept/song was updated. So glad you stopped by and shared your thoughts, Jo!

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