With new and familiar faces leading the cast, Garry Marshall and Disney brought back one of the beloved favorite characters in Princess Diaries 2: A Royal Engagement.

The Princess Diaries 2: A Royal Engagement (2004) Film Review

Graduating college is a big day for Mia Thermopalis (Anne Hathaway). But with this milestone also comes another big one for the twenty-one-year-old who is now on her way back to Genovia. She’s about to assume the throne in the place she will rule as Queen. The plans hit a snag when parliament decides to enforce a rule that says no woman can rule without a man by her side.

This sends Mia, her grandmother, the queen (Julie Andrews) and best friend, Lilly (Heather Matarazzo) to go hunting for the best husband candidates. When Mia meets Nicholas (Chris Pine), she wonders if there’s a spark there, but then Andrew (Callum Blue) is also the best kind of noble guy who could be the best partner…


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‘THE PRINCESS DIARIES 2: A ROYAL ENGAGEMENT.’ Review of the popular Disney sequel with Anne Hathaway. Text © Rissi JC

I don’t really know if this sequel did as well by the numbers at the theater or was as well received, but no matter what, this still has plenty of nostalgia. Even with the missing favorites and new additions, the film has callbacks to the original movie that many will recognize and enjoy just because it’s a nod to where it all started. Best of all, even missing some characters for 90+ percent of the movie and others entirely, we get Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews back. These two bring more of the same bond and love and charm as we originally grew to love so much. It’s also fun to catch up with the sass of Lilly (albeit the girl isn’t in the film enough) and devotion of Joe (Hector Elizondo), and meet Andrew and Nicholas, too.

The same antics play up to cause Mia some embarrassment, but while she still acutely feels the shame, I think Hathaway also, appropriately so, plays it more mature and grown up than the fifteen-year-old version of this character. We still adore Mia and want the best for her. The film is kind of like a mix of ideas that still is cohesive and as one expects, quite charming.

With rumors that a third installment could be in the future, I will say, that while I like where the story leaves the characters, if there is a to a third movie, as long as they follow this one’s playbook, it could be cute. The story and characters are impossible not to like.


‘THE PRINCESS DIARIES 2: A ROYAL ENGAGEMENT.’ Review of the popular Disney sequel with Anne Hathaway. Text © Rissi JC

Content: nothing much to note. There’s a few kisses and a gossip site tries to make a night together into something tawdry (it wasn’t). The film is the same level of content as any G rating from Disney.

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