Though familiar in many ways, A Picture of Her is also oddly unique.

A Picture of Her (2023) Hallmark TV Film Review

Despite doing the city life and career once upon a time, Beth (Rhiannon Fish) is now happy working with her dad on his fishing boat. When her aunt is laid up after a minor injury, Beth makes the trip to LA to stay with her for a while and becomes the Internet’s latest sensation. She becomes the subject of a photo and cover publication of a magazine, which skyrockets her to the top of trends as the “Flower Girl,” only Beth wants to know who took her photo?

Jake Driver (Tyler Hynes) wants his art to be more than simple tabloid style photos. But his one publication didn’t go well and so he pays the bills with freelance work. Things change when his photo gets unexpected national attention, only it may come at the expense of something that could have been great.


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Though many aspects of this film are familiar and fall into that “comfort” category, A Picture of Her is still somehow unique. Part of this is owing to the concept which I think is cool. Though if you fall into the fanbase who doesn’t care for Tyler Hynes, then this probably won’t be one you’ll enjoy. I tend to like him so him playing the lead in this doesn’t bother me. Though normally I am a fan of Rhiannon Fish, I don’t like her quite as well in this role. She plays a similar character in that she talks about the environment (to a lesser degree) as Beth, which makes me think, this is likely a topic the actress is an activist for.

If I do have a complaint about the film, it’s the miscommunication (or not telling the truth) trope. Ugh. It’s always old when the characters don’t say the thing. They need to, especially when this script isn’t some dramatic wishy-washy teen drama. But the opening credits are cool (for this type of film) and I like the creative aspect, and think Hynes plays that role well. While I have some things I don’t love, overall, A Picture of Her is a fun movie.


‘A PICTURE OF HER’: A SWEET ROMANCE. Tyler Hynes stars in this 2023 Hallmark flick. All text is © RissiWrites.com

Content: the film is the normal old school TV-G rating. There is mention made of affairs (not with any main character).

Photos: Hallmark Channel / Crown Media

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