Returning for her second Netflix film (with a third on the way), Lindsay Lohan does the thing she does best in Irish Wish, which is lighthearted fun.

Irish Wish (2024) Netflix Film Review

Small town Iowa girl turned big city editor, Maddie Kelly (Lohan) is living a good life. She just completed editing the latest bestseller from the pen of popular author Andrew Kennedy (Alexander Vlahos) and now she has a kind of thing for the cute Irish scribe. The thing is before she can say how much she likes him, Maddie’s best friend Emma (Elizabeth Tan) ends up falling for Andrew. Then a few months later, the pair, along with their wedding party, are on the way to Ireland to say, ‘I do.’

Once in Ireland, surrounded by gorgeous landscapes, Maddie makes a wish that she would be the bride only to discover that maybe she can have exactly what she wants.


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‘IRISH WISH’: LINDSAY LOHAN WISHES FOR DREAM LIFE. Review of the 2024 Netflix comedy with Lindsay Lohan. All text © Rissi JC

Like her Christmas flick Falling for Christmas, this is something you’ll find imitates its vibe and charm. The settings are gorgeous and put me in mind of Leap Year during one scene. Everything is so lovely, even if some is enhanced by digital trickery. What is also fun to see is Lindsay Lohan playing in something again. She’s the girl one generation knew from The Parent Trap and Freaky Friday. Lohan does a nice job with these roles, and this film has some echoes of her 2006 comedy Just My Luck. Also in this cast list is Ayesha Curry, Jane Seymour and Ed Speleers. irish wish

Not likely something you’ll want to watch if you want something to have a more serious approach. If you don’t mind Hallmark-esque stories or you like anything from Janeen Damian, well then, you’ll like this. Damian directed Lohan’s last project and is also known, along with husband Michael, for productions like Paris Christmas Waltz and A Princess for Christmas. If any of these are favorites, then this too will charm.

What I like, aside from seeing Lohan step back into these roles, is that it’s not only cute, but also something that’s just a little bit different than most movies of this genre. It isn’t a new concept, but it’s rarer and ends in one of those “begin again” kind of promises; this is both charming and suits a romance that first needs time before declarations. If user ratings are any indication, Irish Wish isn’t well liked, but it’s just the kind of flick I need right now.


‘IRISH WISH’: LINDSAY LOHAN WISHES FOR DREAM LIFE. Review of the 2024 Netflix comedy with Lindsay Lohan. All text © Rissi JC

Content Note: There is some minor sexual innuendo. A woman, much to her confusion, finds a guy in her shower, naked (we only see him waist up). There’s really nothing terrible to make a note of in Irish Wish‘s TV-PG film unless you have strict opinions about the whole “cheating” thing in movies. I don’t really see that as being something serious in this script because of how it all goes down, plus, this film while modern is kind of a fantasy picture because of the wish element.

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  1. I saw it yesterday, for St. Patrick’s Day, I thought it was fun, my favorite part was the landscape, and it’s great to see Lindays again, her style is fun but at the same time likable, she acts as if she were your friend and you can empathize with her

    1. I thought this one was cute, too. Just fun and entertaining and well suited for Lindsay. And I agree! She has this easy-going personality on screen that makes her characters (and hopefully she’s like this in life, too!) likable. :)

  2. I really enjoyed this movie! The Irish landscape was so pretty. I thought the actors did a great job. Such a fun story! It’s nice to see Lindsay back to acting. I also enjoyed her new Christmas movie on Netflix! Hopefully, she’ll keep coming out with more movies like these! 😊

    1. Same, Alison. I too enjoyed this one. It was fun and silly, and precisely the kind of movie I “need” sometimes. :) Lindsay does have another Christmas movie coming but I cannot remember if it has a target release of 2024 or not until next year. Either way, it’s sure to be cute, too. :)

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