Revisiting the oldies in movies that I never did make time for when they were new. Hope Floats is one of these. Let’s see what I think of this dramedy.

Hope Floats (1998) Film Review

Going on a talk show is supposed to be fun and a once in a lifetime experience for Birdee Pruitt (Sandra Bullock). Instead she discovers that this national TV appearance is all about revealing she’s the woman in the middle of an affair when her best friend and husband admit to this on TV. Packing up her bags and her young daughter Bernice (Mae Whitman), Bridee leaves Chicago for home… small town Texas.

Once back, Birdee movies in with her mother Ramona (Gene Rowlands). Here she has to face her past which includes memories and returning to the place where she married her high school sweetheart and was once the popular girl.


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Touching and moving, this 90s film is one part I did expect and one part I didn’t. The latter resulting in tears and sorrow. But there is happiness to end the story which makes the viewer smile. There’s so many good things about Hope Floats. Something that perhaps did surprise me but then given the leading lady, perhaps I shouldn’t.

Sandra Bullock is fabulous as she always is. She puts on a good southern accent and has a range of emotions through the film, which again she does well. Gena Rowlands is good too and it’s a delight to see Mae Whitman in her early acting days. However Harry Connick Jr. who co-stars just isn’t my favorite. I’m not sure if it’s how the character is written or the actor, but I just don’t love his role. It’s not enough to “ruin” anything but his character isn’t a favorite.

I do wish we would see Birdee be present as a mother better. However we do “know” that she does and the ending helps to make this sweeter.

You can find Hope Floats digitally on Amazon Video; at publication, it’s with Hulu.


‘HOPE FLOATS’: A WOMAN ESCAPES LIFE TO RETURN HOME. Sandra Bullock stars as a woman starting over in this 90s drama. Text © RissiWrites.com

Content: there is implication a couple spends the night together. There is kissing and removal of clothing but it cuts pretty quick to the next morning. There is some profanity like h*ll. A girl is beat up by peers. The film is PG-13.

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  1. Hope Floats is one of my favorite 90s movies! I’m a sucker for the emotional ones. Sandra Bullock really outdid herself with this one, I also loved her in Forces of Nature and Practical Magic.I haven’t thought about this movie in so long. Looks like I picked my next ‘Date Night In’ movie with my beau! Thank you for bringing this one back to my attention.

    1. How fun! I hope you enjoy “Hope Floats” on your next movie night in. :) It’s always fun to revisit these old favorites and relive what it is we love so much. I always loved “While You Were Sleeping,” but don’t think I’ve seen “Forces of Nature.” Or not all the way through. May be one I need to watch yet because Sandra is always a cinematic favorite. :)

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