From Amazon Prime, and featuring a favorite star of Millennials and a rising one, The Idea of You, is a film adapted from a novel of the same name. Mature, and not exactly “cute,” the story plays with trust.

The Idea of You (2024) Amazon Film Review

Leaving on a solo camping trip is the plan for Solène (Anne Hathaway), the almost 40-year-old mother who has dropped her daughter and friends off with her daughter’s father. Their plan is to head off to Coachella. Just as she’s about to leave, her ex leaves the kids with Solène in favor of trying to pull together a business deal. Frustrated but doing the right thing, she takes the kids to the event where they have backstage passes to see the band her daughter loved but is now “so seventh grade.”

August Moon is one of the headlining bands, and when one of its lead singers, Hayes Campbell (Nicholas Galitzine) serendipitously meets Solène, there’s a spark. But with the many factors against them, she fights against the possibility of seeing Hayes again… but the question still remains what if?


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Based on user ratings, The Idea of You is a popular film. It has that “thing” some viewers were missing in this genre. People loved this and the recent, more comedic, Anyone But You, and there’s excitement about the romance genre again. Sadly, neither one quite work and I’m more excited about the movies no one is talking about.

This film is interesting. I think it’s nice that it’s a story tackling a “controversial” concept, but its big flaw is, it doesn’t need to do this with this much R rating content. It’s just sad that moviegoers see this and think it cannot be just as good without some of the nonsense requiring its rating. The rating isn’t what I object too, just that some of the movies don’t need all of this. A film absolutely can be better, and we should see that better. But then I also realize I’m in the minority with this mindset.


The cast is really good and I always like Anne Hathaway. She plays the role well, and I think the balance she plays Solène with, pursue this relationship and being a good mom, is solid. Additionally, the film is just good in that it’s about living life, and since the heroine is a full-fledged adult, we don’t have quite the same reaction to her choices as that of a teen adult. The script is good, and while the film isn’t always so, the influx of calm makes for a nice breather before the really big stuff for the characters all tumbles out.

I also appreciate that both characters have stuff going on. I appreciate that they have emotion, and both are real things. What else is nice is seeing the damning way people use social media, which I would apply to far beyond this script’s limiting message. If you didn’t like the book’s ending, from what I read, this ends differently though something I take exception with in these articles is pinning this as a rom-com. This isn’t that. It’s not that I dislike this because mislabels bother me, but rather because this film is so much more than a rom-com, and in fact, there is very little funny about the story.

Anyone who enjoys a romance that isn’t lighthearted, will likely enjoy this. It has solid acting and unique complexities. Plus, who doesn’t love the jet setting themes in movies?

You can stream The Idea of You on Amazon Prime


‘THE IDEA OF YOU’ ADAPTS A MATURE LOVE STORY. Anne Hathaway stars in this 2024 drama. Text © RissiWrites.com

Content: the film rates R for adult content including a whole sequence of a couple having sex. They run their hands up and down their bodies and hands go inside clothing as foreplay. We see a woman’s face while someone “pleasures” her and see half naked, and frontal nude (woman) bodies. There is undressing and heavy making out. The film has conversation about sex and sexual terms. There’s several F-words and the lesser profanity use of sh*t.

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  1. I agree, it was a different romcom, starting with the inverted trope, lovely and a little more dramatic than I expected, I love the HEA and for a moment I was afraid it wouldn’t happen

    1. I think the book is different since I saw some headlines saying the movie changed the ending. I didn’t read the novel, but it’s fun for those who did to be able to watch this and see something slightly different if they weren’t a fan of the ending. I was impressed with the film as a production even if I was annoyed by some of the plot. ;) Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!

  2. Thanks for your review of The Idea of You, Rissi! I also like Anne Hathaway, and am excited to see her in this new movie. I was wondering about the R rating. It bothers me too that a good storyline has to be digressed with unneeded sex scenes and avenues that are just not necessary to make a good movie/story. Thank goodness I have a remote to fast forward through that stuff! I’m glad to hear the movie has a good plot in spite of that unnecessary stuff. I’m looking forward to watching it. 😊

    1. I did enjoy it despite the R-rating. I think it’s one of the better movies even with this rating because it looks at some really interesting things and themes. :) Hope if you see it, you enjoy. Anne is always great in any role I see her in.

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