CW offers a new starring role for one of their longtime actors, and this time, it takes on the iconic role of Cordell Walker. walker season one

Walker, Season One (2021) CW TV Review

One year ago Walker family’s entire world fell apart. Cordell lost the love of his wife, and his two teenage children, their mother. The only thing he could face was work and so he throws himself into a nearly year-long job. Now, he’s ready to return home after being undercover in a Texas Ranger operation. Trouble is, once he’s back, there’s more than just himself in need of healing.

Cordell (Jared Paladecki) discovers his daughter has a rebellious streak while his son seems more receptive to his return, but expects his father will leave again. Walker must also deal with his parents who each have their own opinions on how he’s raising his kids, and a change at the office. His partner James (Coby Bell) is no longer his partner, but now Captain James and Walker’s boss. This means Walker must work with a new partner, the feisty but dedicated Micki (Lindsey Morgan) all while believing something in his wife’s death doesn’t look right.


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‘WALKER,’ SEASON ONE IS ALL ABOUT  EMOTIONAL DRAMA. CW star Jared Paladecki stars in this re-boot of 'Walker.' Text © RissiWrites.com

Television re-boots seem to go one of two ways. They either fail miserably and don’t make it beyond their short first season run. Or they do well and get multiple season renewals. There doesn’t seem to be an in-between. Time tells us which category Walker, season one falls into, but the first season is pretty dang good. Inspired by the 90s TV series with Chuck Norris, this one makes many changes, but even in those, some of the minor things seem to be a nod to the original.

There’s still the Texas setting (obviously) and on occasion, more of a cowboy persona, but there’s also some missing things that made the 90s version, well, Walker. On one hand, I feel a bit lost and sad they didn’t go for more of the traditional re-boot (because yes, I did once watch the entire run of the show), but as someone who enjoys creativity, I also understand them wanting to carve out a niche all their own. I also don’t think the writing is consistently great.

This one goes for hot topic issues which I am not into, but the deeper more emotional elements keep things interesting. The emotions running through the show may mainly be between Walker and his kids, but is also true of the dynamic between Walker and his new partner, Micki and her boyfriend, as well as the shadow of Walker’s wife. Depending on where the writers take the show and its characters, I can see myself keeping up with Walker. However I can also see myself giving it up depending on the direction it ultimately takes.

You can stream Walker season one on HBO Max


‘WALKER,’ SEASON ONE IS ALL ABOUT  EMOTIONAL DRAMA. CW star Jared Paladecki stars in this re-boot of 'Walker.' Text © RissiWrites.com

Content: There is some profanity, and violence, but mainly the show is pretty clean (so far) for a TV-14 rating. There is a character who is attracted to the same sex. Some sex scenes may crop up, it’s only about one time or so and usually it cuts to the after scene.

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