20 of the Happytime Summer Movies to Enjoy!


When summer rolls around, many of us may not indulge in movies – I am not a person who forgoes, but no matter what our idea of summer fun is, there are still those rare days where only a stay-in-movie-kind-of-stay-cation day will do. For those days, I share this collection of summer movies to enjoy.

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As is true of any list I seem to curate, this is an eclectic collection of options. But I assure you, this is intentional. We all like something different and even if we tend to enjoy the same genre, sometimes it’s fun to see something new and have options. Here are a few summer romance (or comedy) movies to enjoy.

*NOTE: Despite the many titles that would fit on this list, I’m omitting anything by Hallmark as I often feature those titles in a separate list format. You can see my recent “summer picks from Netflix” or How I Rank the Summer Nights Hallmark movies from last year, if you’re curious.

20 Happytime Summer Movies to Enjoy!

1: (500) Days of Summer

Haven’t seen this one, but it has critical acclaim, and Zooey Deschenal is in it too, so it might be fun albeit (from what I understand) bittersweet. PG-13 for sexual content, profanity

2: Ant-Man

Don’t know why, but something about Ant-Man and probably the Spider-Man movies too, make them seem the “most summer” of the Marvel films. I think it’s perhaps because they have the most humor. Well, so do the Thor movies I suppose, in which case, should we just say any Marvel movie is a summer must? PG-13 for suggestive content, action violence

3: Aquamarine

Ok, yes, I know this one might cause some eyerolls, but it’s really a sweet little movie. Do I watch it often? No. But given its plot revolves around mermaids, it’s perfect if you have little sisters, young daughters or just enjoy a don’t-ask-me-to-think movie now and again. PG

4: Barefoot


This is an unknown indie romance that is really quite sweet. It’s also a kind of re-telling of Rapunzel which makes it endlessly more endearing. PG-13 for suggestive content (talk of sex), thematic elements (non-graphic almost assault) and some profanity

5: Blended

Pretty sure this one is going to be a lot of lists around here. It just works as a fun summer-y type film even though I’m pretty sure it’s actually a vacation that takes place over spring break. Still, I get more of a summer-time vibe. It follows two single-parent families (with parents who cannot stand each other) who end up on a shared vacation – cue awkward moments! PG-13 rating for crude humor and profanity

6: Crazy Rich Asians

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This film is all kinds of fun. The bright and colorful costumes and set design give it a summer-y look, and the story (of a woman who learns her boyfriend is like the “Prince William of Asia”) is impossible not to enjoy. PG-13 for sexual content and language

7: Dog Days

This one is silly, yes, but also really sweet. It’s a multi-story arc about difference people in different walks of life that looks at the loves in a new family and new would-be relationship along with other sweet stories. PG is the rating

8: Dirty Dancing

It’s set during the summer and while I quite enjoyed the new live TV version (though quite disliked by viewers), the older version is thought a classic. PG-13 is the rating for sexual content

9: Grease

I mean, this one is all about those summer-time fun-lovin’ times, right? Plus, there’s the classic version with Olivia Newton-John and the live TV remake with Julianne Hough. PG for suggestive content/conversation, some profanity

10: Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Haven’t seen the sequel to this yet, but this re-make with Jack Black, Amy Gillan and Dwayne Johnson is way too much fun! I remember enjoying it, but also that I was getting really sick when I watched it. Needless to say, that clouds the enjoyment… just a teeny bit. PG-13 for action violence, crude humor summer movies to enjoy

11: Knight and Day

knight and day

This is one my dad always likes for the sheer silliness of it – meaning, it’s so crazy you laugh through the entire thing. It’s a breezy spy comedy about a man with a license to “kill” on a job, only this time, he’s forced to take on a tagalong when he has to protect the woman who shouldn’t have been on the same flight as him. PG-13 for suggestive content, violence and language

12: The Last Song

summer movies to enjoy

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth co-star in this Nicholas Sparks drama, which isn’t “happy” in the same way as some of these comedies, but it ends nicely. PG is the rating

13: Letters to Juliet

Something about travelling to Italy in this one makes this seem like a good summer evening watch. Plus, there’s lots of Italian cooking, too! PG for suggestive content  

14: Mamma Mia!

Again, this one is like the perfect film to watch over the summer. Beautiful scenery and toe-tapping music, the only thing some may not like is the morally ambiguous plot. Still, it’s a really good time, and one I’m reminded I haven’t seen in way too long. PG-13 for sexual/suggestive content, language summer movies to enjoy

15: Monte Carlo

This Selena Gomez-led comedy is all about teen angst tropes, but it’s also super cute. This reminds me, it’s been a minute since I’ve seen this mistake identity movie. PG

16: Pirates of the Caribbean

pirates of the caribbean, curse of the black pearl

Something about this one (likely that it takes place on a pirate ship!) screams summer. Plus the whole kidnap and romance tropes make it the kind of good time only a good old-fashioned swashbuckler can cure. PG-13 for innuendo, frightening images and violence

17: Showboat (1951)

It’s been quite some time since I’ve seen this one, but I remember being really fond of it. Not sure what it is I like so well, but it’s just a fun little musical that is set, as the title suggests, on a showboat! I think in part it’s this setting which gives the production a different “feel” when so many movies of this era are set in the world of show business.

18: Sing

Don’t remember the vivid details of this animated film, but do remember there’s a family of adorable pigs and with all of the cute pop songs, it’s just a darn good time. PG

19: Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants

Had to include this one because, it’s the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. Based on the novel of the same name, we follow four best friends who spend their summer apart, and all encounter various new experiences and adventure. PG-13 for sexual content, thematic elements [death], and language

20: State Fair (1945)

Looking at some summer movie to enjoy including Rogers and Hammerstein's State Fair

Growing up I watched quite a few Rogers and Hammerstein musicals. I re-watched this one as an adult, and find it to be cute. The romance story is implausible, yes, but still, really fun.

21: Summer Catch

Just watched this one which features a young Jessica Biel with Freddie Prinze Jr., a man who has a lot of rom-coms from the 90s. Plus with its title (plot follows a rising baseball star), how can one not add it in? PS; It’s cute. PG-13, crude humor

22: This Beautiful Fantastic

With its beautiful outdoor scenery, this one is lovely, though the plot and characters are a bit “quirkier” than most I feature here meaning not everyone will enjoy this. Downton Abbey’s Jessica Brown-Findlay stars as a young woman of strict routines who strikes up a very unlikely friendship with her neighbor. PG-13

23: This Means War

This one is all kinds of silly, but if you like a fun action-er with some rom-com fun, this 2012 Reese Witherspoon comedy is perfect. PG-13 for sexual content, action violence and language

24: What a Girl Wants

summer movies to enjoy

This one is another that’s fun. Colin Firth stars as a rising parliament star whose American daughter (who he never knew he had) arrives just in time to unknowingly create a threat to his political ambitions. PG for suggestive content, language

Turning things over to you now; which of these summer movies list titles have you seen? Do you want to see any of these? What do you recommend as a great summer-y movie? Comment all of your thoughts below.


20 of the Happytime Summer Movies to Enjoy! What are some of the summer-y movies you enjoy watching - or would recommend? Text © Rissi JC
20 of the Happytime Summer Movies to Enjoy! What are some of the summer-y movies you enjoy watching – or would recommend? #SummerMovies #Movies #WhattoWatch Click To Tweet

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  1. I just watched This Beautiful Fantastic and loved it!!! The second Jumanji is funny and has some creative twists, definitely recommend if you liked the first one. Adding several to my watchlist, thanks for the recommendations!

    1. YES! “Jumanji” is just cute and fun – and sometimes that’s precisely all I want from entertainment. :D Glad you enjoyed “This Beautiful Fantastic.” I need to re-watch it again as I think I’ve only seen it once. :)

  2. My sister had a very small part in Barefoot.
    Also, you reminded me that I need to re-watch Grease. It’s been waaay too long.

  3. Ahhh so much summer vibe here, I am surprised I’ve only watched a few on this list.. want to watch 500 days of summer so bad. I loved the first pirates of the carribean!!

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