Fathers and Daughters: Because Dad’s are the Best!


There is a song, recorded by Kristin Chenoweth called, “Fathers & Daughters,” and another song titled “King of the World” recorded by Point of Grace. Both songs “get me” every time I hear them. The reasons being twofold; first reason being, there is a sincere, genuine truth embedded in them as the people in any father/daughter relationship will tell you, and secondly, because I can relate to the honest portraits the songwriter’s present of the father/daughter bond. Then there is the song “Butterfly Kisses,” one that holds particular meaning in my life.

Fathers Daughters

Of late, I have wanted to get back to blogging about more than just reviews, and since it was fun to put together a list of favorite television love birds (plus I think my dad is pretty nifty), it seemed that on this Father’s Day eve, it’d be appropriate to list some of my favorite father/daughter relationships.

Fathers and Daughters: Because Dad’s are the Best!

  • George and Annie Banks | Is any such list complete without this darling father/daughter duo? When I first saw this film years ago, it didn’t mean anything to me in terms of its more poignant themes, though now I can appreciate it better, it’s certainly one of the films that has become a “classic.”
  • Mr. Bennet and Lizzy | While I appreciate Mr. Bennet’s parenting with all of his daughters (save for his error with Lydia, that was a grave mistake), it’s his connection with Lizzy that really stands out.
  • Jack and Sydney Bristow | A father/daughter who spies together? Hmm, this one is interesting, and indeed it had more dynamics than any of these other relationships! (From Alias.)
  • Rick and Alexis Castle | When Castle opens there is a misleading image presented of its titular character – or at the very list one that isn’t totally true, we watch megastar Rick Castle attempt to sway his young teenage daughter to “live” and have a drink. Contrast this with a later scene of them sliding down the hall in pajamas and stocking feet, and pretty much, I melted. Maybe it was because the silly part of their
    relationship (in pieces) reminds me of my own. Yes, my dad is one who did anything with his girls from playing paper dolls to indulging our idea of “ice skating” on the kitchen floor – or perhaps it was just my first encounter of a television relationship that worked better than I ever expected. Plus, as I once read, it’s a cute twist for the daughter to – seemingly – be the more responsible.
  • Robert Crawley and his Daughters | The most recent season of Downton Abbey explores a bit more of the emotions of middle daughter, Edith feeling like the “odd one out,” and in a lovely scene, there’s a telling moment between she and her father. Edith has grown up a lot but when she’s hurting most, she doesn’t trust enough to know her parent’s care about her. By recognizing his daughter’s distress, it was sad to see Robert reach out only for her to turn it away.
  • Dan (in Real Life) and his Daughters | Honestly, I don’t remember much about this film, however I do recall it being entertaining – and the picture was cute. *smile*
  • Will and Maya Hayes | The film – Definitely, Maybe, that features this father/daughter duo is seriously flawed. But I do adore the “main” sequence that highlights their relationship.

Fathers and Daughters

  • Cal and Emily Lightman | From Lie to Me.
  • Keith and Veronica Mars | How to describe these two? Aside from Castle, this was probably my first look at what a good relationship a TV father-daughter could enjoy. No matter how she disappoints him – and oy, does Veronica disappoint her father, Keith is the one person who never lets her down – and he’s the one person Veronica hates the thought of letting down. If anything, these two are glaringly honest with each other, which could sometimes be a detriment to their relationship.
  • Robert and Morgan Philip | Recently rewatched the charming film, Enchanted and awww… how cute is this sweet movie??
  • Ty and Addie Porter | This was the only book father/daughter relationship I could think of. Not sure why as there are probably lots more to gush over. But if not, then GO read Becky Wade’s latest Meant to Be Mine. Oh my, goodness. Preciousness personified. (Review and giveaway coming next week, I promise.)
  • Frank and Erin Reagan | From the CBS show Blue Bloods.
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Thanks to my dad who is the best ever. Thanks for being an example to look up to, and for being you.
Happy father’s day, Dad!
What about all of you? Who are some of your favorite fathers and daughters in fiction form?
Share your favorites.

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  1. This is such a lovely post, Rissi. Beautifully done! My favorite mentions are: Father of the Bride, Pride & Prejudice, and Enchanted. So sweet! And, it's nice to see the Father/Daughter relationship at various ages. Some of them little girls and others young women.

    Another big favorite of mine is Little House on the Prairie's Charles Ingalls with Mary, Laura, Carrie, and Grace. I was going to say just Laura, at first, but he really had a wonderful bond, with all his girls!

    Thank you, again! I enjoyed it so much!
    Happy Fathers Day to all the Daddies out there! : )

    God bless, Net

    1. *Waves* Hi, Net! Thank you for stopping by reading. And for the kind words; I confess, this was one of my favorites to put together.

      Oh my, yes! You know Charles and Laura (and all his girls, though I would agree with your initial thought, like Mr. Bennet and Lizzy, the two of them always seemed to have a stronger – or maybe just "different," bond) flitted through my mind early on, then when I was actually putting everything together, they were gone. *sigh* They are definitely an honorary mention. :))

      Enjoyed reading your comment – thanks for sharing. :)

  2. #2,4,9, and 10 I can absolutely agree with! Father/daughter relationships are interesting. Speaking as a daughter, I don't think they'd be easy to write about or portray. There are so many facets to them! But no matter the age, the relationship between a dad and his daughter is a precious thing. I'm so grateful I have mine to rely on no matter what! :)

    This is such a great post, Rissi. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hooray for shared fandoms. :) Your picks are some of my absolute favorites, and 10 is super cute. :)

      You're right, these relationships aren't easy to write which is why I fell quickly for TV examples like Castle or Veronica Mars. The former is unique in how it "hides" behind Castle's celebrity image and the latter is so imperfect yet remains loving through all of the highs and lows.

      Father/daughter relationships are precious and as you say, I'm beyond grateful for mine. I think I'll keep him. :)

      Thank you for reading/commenting, Kara. Always welcome your thoughts.

  3. I adore Dan in Real Life. The music by Sondre Lerche is one of my favorite soundtracks! It's one I can watch again and again. Great post, and I love the graphics!

    1. Thanks for reading, Heidi! Now that there have been some fun chats around her about Dan in Real Life, I'm pretty sure, I *must* rent it again. :)

    1. Thanks for visiting, Juju. Had a blast putting this one together – and it's one of my favorites yet because it was fun to find/remember all of these father/daughter duos. :)

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