Memorable TV Ships | 2016 Edition


Once upon a time there was a blogger who loved to fangirl about her favorite TV couples. Many months ago, this blogger claimed she was going to put together a list of favorite TV couples, and then, never did.

That’s my story… and I’m sticking by it.

But, fortunately (because it’s too much fun to not put this together), that’s not how said story ends. Finally I am putting together a list of favorite TV couples who I either only just “met” in the past year or weren’t featured in my list from a prior year (way back in 2013!). Well, with exception to one couple who I couldn’t resist adding. Either way, putting this list together was long overdue. The first I mentioned it was way back in August when I threw together a favorite “book ships” list.

BLOG POST | Lovebirds of 2013

Since it’s Valentine’s Day weekend, it really works out perfectly that I’m only just now putting this together. The list below isn’t totally complete as I removed some couples in the final “editing” stages, but still… I do love those I am featuring for a variety of reasons and the list “felt” complete for the time being. With all that rambling rattled off, let’s take a look at some of the couples (on television) I’m shipping and perhaps, more importantly, why.

Memorable TV Ships | 2016 Edition

#1: Felicity and Oliver (Arrow)

Don’t ask me to say that I don’t love you…”

I know, I talk about these two way too much not to mention the fact that they got a spot on my original TV couples list. But to be fair, their official coupling was only an inkling (a dream) in those days. Since then, they’ve actually become a couple (squee!) and I have to add my petty little threat: DON’T MESS THEM UP, ARROW WRITERS!

For me, Felicity and Oliver are the best pairing on this show in terms of who I’ve seen Oliver with.

Laurel doesn’t suit Oliver anymore, and much as I adored Felicity and Ray, I’d already fallen head over heels for “Olicity.” They’re just… good for each other, though perhaps her more so for him because she keeps him sane. The one thing Felicity does need to do is stop harping on Oliver all the time. Sometimes he does deserve it, but other times he needs her faith in him similarly to the fiasco that was the season three finale.


#2: Fitz and Simmons (Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D.)

I couldn’t find the courage to tell you… so please, let me show you.”

Adding this couple feels strange simply because I’m not even through season one yet (spoilers welcome!). However even now, I “feel” a spark between these two, plus, I mean really, they’re just darn cute!


#3; Harvey and Donna (Suits)

You know I love you.”

Ah, yes! The arrogant Harvey and his loyal secretary (who, by the way, knows everything), Donna. The teasing of this pairing will be the death of Suit fans. Especially given the fact that Harvey finally said the three little words (for him, this was not a simple thing, this was an event) in one of THE sweetest scenes on Suits ever.

But since I already gushed over this scene on a Romantic Moment on Silver Petticoat, I’ll restrict further comments.

#4: Jane and Weller (Blindspot)

I don’t know how to be this person that you lost.”

I’ve seen it written before that there is an uncanny good chemistry between the leads on this show, and while I try not to make it a habit to repeat things (meaning, I try not to read much prior to writing my own review/conclusions on something), this is definitely true. Not only are the lead actors excellent together, the writing creates a situation so unusual that links these two as to capture a rare kind of “spark” between a would-be couple.

Weller’s protective nature towards Jane is genuinely sweet and Jane’s lost, dependence that isn’t quite dependence, is a complex characteristic.


#5: Kitty and Tom (The Crimson Field)

I’ve been alarmed since the moment you arrived.”

Short-lived though this ITV series was, I adored this couple. Throughout the entire six episodes, Tom attempted to figure out the puzzle that was Kitty, and until these final moments, he consistently failed. Their ending is decent despite the short run (one you can write yourself), and I like that by being who she needed, Tom finally broke Kitty’s protective barriers to open her heart to trust again.

This was another moment I shared in the Romantic Moment series on Silver Petticoat.

#6: Luke and Lorelai (Gilmore Girls)

You want to dance?”

Not going to say much about these two because, again, I’m going to be writing about them on Silver Petticoat (this weekend), but I will just say, #LukeAndLorelaiForever. If the Netflix revival has them broken up (again), I’m not going to be happy. Do with Rory’s love life what you will, but leave Luke and Lorelai alone – preferably happily alone!

#7: Nikita and Michael (Nikita)

You have me.”

Despite the persistent “sexy” promotional material for this show, there’s a LOT more to it than a killer wardrobe. As I was looking for something new to try on iTunes (because I *really* needed a new addiction), I decided to buy an episode of Nikita and was hooked immediately. (Think something akin to Alias.) The relationship between rogue spy Nikita and her former trainer, Michael is just one of the reasons this show is addicting.

#8: Patty and Barry (The Flash)

Do you think we’ve reached the goodnight kiss stage?”

I know I’m odd. Everyone wants Iris and Barry to get together, but… something about Iris as a love interest bugs me. Joe is one of my most favorite characters on this show, but Iris… she just doesn’t suit Barry as a potential mate. Her function is better as a reporter and best friend.

Now, I’m not saying Patty should become “end game” as a soul mate for Barry, but while she was on the show (isn’t she MIA now?), their scenes sure were fun, and in my opinion the writer’s dismissed her before they were even given a fair chance.

#9: Ross and Demelza (Poldark)

You’ve redeemed me. I am your humble servant and I love you.”

Need there be any explanation for this couple?

#10: Walter and Paige (Scorpion)

I would not let anything happen to you.”

I’m behind on this show (I was consistent right up until the two-part season one finale, where I understand THINGS happen!), however I did love the subtle teasers between these two. Because Walter is, well, Walter, he needs Paige in his corner. She’s good for him, and in turn though in a different way, he’s perfect for her.

Who would make your list? Do you like, dislike or feel so-so about the couples I’ve featured? Comment down below with any of your thoughts, and share why you like or don’t like certain couple. I welcome and would enjoy reading your thoughts.
Happy Friday, readers. As always, thank you for reading.

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  1. Now I want to make one of these posts! This was such a fun post to read and I loved it! I love all of these couples (except 5,7, & 9 since I haven't seen those) and I totally agree with your thoughts! So many great romances!

    1. Oh goodness! You must meet Ross and Demelza, Abbi! (As well as Kitty/Tom and Nikita/Michael). They are amazing. And I hope you do put something like this together. It's just as fun to put together as it is to read, and I know I'd sure enjoy reading yours. :)

  2. Thanks for putting together such an enjoyable list, and one I agree with whole-heartedly, especially the Patty and Barry pairing; they were just the cutest thing on TV ever, and I REALLY hope she comes back. In regards to Arrow, we have waited through three long seasons and so many emotions for Olicity to become official, and now that it has, Oliver has definitely succeeded in proving himself to be one of the best boyfriends a girl could ask for; their dynamic is more amazing than ever, though I also agree with you about Felicity needing to stop harping on him.

    Although I too adore the potential between Paige and Walter (and LOVE the bond he has with Ralph) I've actually enjoyed watching the evolving relationship between Toby and Happy a lot more; he is all kinds of sweet and determined and cute, and she really needs to let him in! As for Luke & Lorelai, they are the one couple who have long been the standard for me on what constitutes a fantastic ship.

    When it comes to my own most recent list, at the top would definitely have to be Richard & Kahlan (Legend of the Seeker), followed closely by Emma & Hook/Killian (OUAT), Sydney & Vaughn (Alias), Max & Logan (Dark Angel), April & Leo (Chasing Life), D’Artagnan & Constance (The Musketeers), Ross & Demelza, Melissa & Joey, Fitz & Simmons, and Claude & Leith (Reign). And that's just scratching the surface!

    God Bless,
    Eleanor Rose

    1. *Happy sigh*

      I'm behind on The Flash but did read Patty is MIA right now. I'd love to see her return because for the here and now they ARE darling. I don't know if I'd see them developing into an "endgame" kind of relationship, but I enjoyed them together and that first date? Can we say CUTEST EVER!?

      As for Olicity, I'm so pleased they are better than ever. I did read that there is bad coming for them (boo!). For now I'm just happy KNOWING they're together and I loved seeing them as a couple in the one Flash crossover episode I watched.

      OhMyGosh! I think I meant to put Toby/Happy on this list and forgot! You are so right – they are adorbs. Oh well. I'll put them on my mental list for "edition 3." :D

      Funny, I had D'Artagnan and Constance on my list originally too. Never watched Reign though I am tempted considering "Anne of Green Gables" co-stars, and I adore Sydney and Vaughn too. You've reminded me that I started Legend of the Seeker and haven't revisited it. Oops! I'll have to return soon. :)

      Thanks so much (as always) for the visit, Eleanor. Always glad to chat with you.

  3. YES yes yes, to Kitty and Tom!!! I loved those two so, so much. *happy sigh* I was never so glad that they got a happy-ish ending! Especially when I knew I wouldn't get anything more on them. :)

    Also Michael and Nikita! I've only watched a few episodes of that show, but I loved their dynamic tremendously!

    1. I loved Kitty and Tom too. No matter how subtle they were perfect for each other – and that "alarmed" quote?! For some reason I simply loved it! :) (I too am glad they got a decent ending despite the show being cut short. We can dream the future with the sweet and pretty visual ending we were left with.)

      Michael and Nikita are amazing together. I'm nearly done with season one, and from all I've read of the show, I'm going to continue liking them together. :)

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