It’s Christmas, Eve: Celebrate the Holiday Spirit in Song!


Though we’re only three weeks into Hallmark’s 2018 Countdown to Christmas, it seems as though the premieres are passing quickly. Their latest is It’s Christmas, Eve, a story that country singer LeAnn Rimes is heavily involved in.

It’s Christmas, Eve (2018) Hallmark Review

Eve Morgan (Rimes) is a woman who travels the country. Her job as an interim superintendent allows her to do this without forming attachments. Her latest job sends her home to her small town where her mother and step-father await. What she doesn’t expect is the next door neighbor.  

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Liam Baily (Tyler Hynes) is a single father who loves his daughter, and work as a teacher. What worries him most about the impending arrival of this interim superintendent is the departments she’ll likely cut: his. In charge of this year’s Christmas program, Liam finds himself on guard with his neighbor’s daughter. But what neither one of them realize is Eve might have solutions rather than suggestions.

Though I’ve seen her in a few TV movies, I don’t think I’ve ever seen LeAnn Rimes in a Hallmark movie. Known best for her country music and beautiful vocal talent, LeAnn also can stand on her own on a movie set. In It’s Christmas, Eve, she’s involved in multiple faucets of the production. From behind-the-scenes producing to songwriting, and acting, she’s got a lot of creative control over the film.

LeAnn Rimes co-stars in It's Christmas, Eve

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Mark Amato is who the story is by, and he’s also a name some of you may recognize from many other movies on this network. His co-writer is also a familiar name, which suggests Hallmark’s trademark of using familiar talent works off and on screen. Though the cast is good, the story is really what works best for me. It’s smart and does perfectly well without final-minutes-secrets or a kind of “break up” scene. Instead it tells its story in a nice manner, and it’s better for it. Plus, the whole meet-cute scenario thing? It’s adorable.

LeAnn and Tyler are well cast in these roles, and of course, it’s fun to see Tyler in something so soon after Falling for You. Everyone’s vocals and musical talent sound amazing. Something else this film does well is put familiar moments or sounds of Christmas into the story without use of typical moments. For example, there’s an ice skating scene, but it’s not the norm.

Every year, there are always one or two Hallmark movies I go into with low expectations. One of them this year was It’s Christmas, Eve. Happily, the cast and writers turn my so-so first impression into a last impression smile.

Content: keeping on track with its brand, this film is TVG, and is appropriate for family viewing.

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