‘Snowed Inn Christmas’: A Really Cute Lifetime Romance


Though this is number, what, ten… fifteen… on the list of 2017-Christmas-movie-reviews, I saw this one post-Christmas and couldn’t help write a little review of it. The reasons for which I shall attempt to convey below. snowed inn christmas

Snowed Inn Christmas (2017) Lifetime Review

They may work in the same office for the same publication – Epiphany, but Jenna (Bethany Joy Lenz) and Kevin Jenner (Andrew Walker) couldn’t be more different. She’s type-A responsible and organized. He runs on a ten minute late time table, and thinks a slice of cold pizza a healthy way to start his day. Both are also competing for an assignment their boss is about ready to hand out. Only much to their surprise, she jointly assigns the piece as a way of determining which of them is the better journalist.

Snowed Inn Christmas

On their way to the Aspen resort their subject is on, a freak snowstorm grounds their plane in the little town of Santa Clause Indiana. While there, the polar opposites are whisked away to a quaint little inn where they not only find new inspiration, they also rediscover Christmas.

Christmas movies may generally follow the same recipe as modern scripts lay out, but sometimes there’s an extra spark of “magic” that makes them special. The secret ingredient of Snowed Inn Christmas is its cast. From their first lines of witty banter, to the last kiss (and that cookie making scene… awww!), it’s clear these lead stars were going to play off each other with ease.

Familiar though he’ll look, the leading man is actually “stepping out” on the network he usually appears on. Instead of Hallmark Channel, Andrew Walker switched Christmas cards. In this case, it’s not a bad thing because Snowed Inn Christmas is delightful. The banter he and his leading lady share is ideal, hilarious and eventually forms something much more important. If you wonder why I talk (so much) about the “need” for or “like” of good dialogue and banter between the leads, trust me it’s important.

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Snowed Inn Christmas

This is especially true of a telescript that has 85-90 minutes (sans commercials) to convince us they fall head over heels in love. Fortunately for this story, the back-and-forth cute meter is off the charts perfect. From their fun love-hate banter to the eventual romance, it’s a charming way to build a story and their respective characters. If there is one thing I wish had been written differently, it would be the whole “declaration” thing. Because of the restrictive time frame, when a script adds those three little words, I do wish they’d take a more realistic approach. This is why, harping back to that time frame, so many scripts (wisely) stray away from that kind of admission by final scene.

Instead of banking on all of the clichés of its cousin scripts, this one steps away from the overt ones. It “throws away” or twists upside down the most common tropes but keeps the familiar comfort of the seasonal story telling. With its sparkling characters and hometown setting, Snowed Inn Christmas evokes a warm feeling and invites its viewer in for a warm cup of hot chocolate.

Christmas may have come and gone, but winter’s here, an invitation to stay bundled up and enjoy another season charmer. ♡

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  1. My family and I really enjoyed this one. Of course, that could be because we love the two lead actors. But as you said, it also has great dialogue and charm.

    1. Same here, Brittaney – I like both of these actors, too, which I think does always help in a viewers enjoyment. Plus, yes, that witty banter between them is so cute. :)

      Glad you also enjoyed this one.

  2. Oh, goodness. I loved this one! I think I saw at least parts of all of Lifetime's new Christmas movies this time around, and I was disappointed by all of the other ones. Also, I read an interview w/ Andrew Walker where he said he thought this WAS a Hallmark production until he got to the set. It certainly felt like it could be a Hallmark film–so cute and sweet!

    1. Yes this one does feel like it could have been a Hallmark production, Becky – I agree. And I think it would have worked on Hallmark nicely too. :) Alls well though because a. this one is darling (even though it's Lifetime) and b. Andrew is back on Hallmark this Valentine's Day.

      For Lifetime's, this is probably my favorite. I didn't see the 'Prince' one and I think there was one other… but the name escapes me. Although I did enjoy the one with Jana Kramer, too.

      Glad you also like this one! :)

  3. I loved this movie, too. I was thoroughly impressed by this Lifetime movie since majority of the network's holiday movies can be misses rather than hits. I thought it was charming and so sweet.

    1. This one IS indeed charming, Chanel. Definitely one of the best. Although I will admit I did like the one with Jana Kramer too… sadly I haven't written a review on that one, but maybe I'll get it written yet this month. :)

      Glad to chat with another fan.

  4. Lifetime really impressed me this year with two fantastic offerings! Although I am still eagerly anticipating watching this one (your wonderful review getting me even more excited about it!), Christmas in Mississippi's Jana Kramer and Wes Brown charmed me from the get go. Along with Faith Ford and the truly smart and enjoyable script, they landed that film at the top of my list of Classic Christmas movies I will always love and watch many more times than just once. I can't wait to add Snowed Inn Christmas to that list as well!

    God Bless
    Eleanor Rose

    1. Hope you enjoy this one if/when you see it, Eleanor. :)

      Aw, I adored 'Mississippi' too! Probably, again, because of the chemistry between its leads. :) Jana and Wes have that "it" factor needed to make a story better, and of course, as you say, the script it VERY important too. Like you, I see myself re-watching it each year along with 'Snowed' too. Let me know what you think if you see this one.

      Glad to have you stop by, as always, Eleanor. :)

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