The Christmas Contract: The Lifetime Romance Everyone Loves


Sometimes when you immerse yourself into the world that is seasonal TV movies, you discover there’s one that everyone loves. This is the trap Lifetime TV’s The Christmas Contract falls into. Finally I’m adding all my thoughts to the conversation.

The Christmas Contract (2018) Lifetime TV Review

Christmas for Southern girl Jolie Guidry (Hilarie Buron) is going to be anything but merry. About to head home to celebrate the season with her family, and her a ceremony for her father, Jolie is miffed to learn her ex (the son of her father’s best friend) will also be there. To make things worse, he’ll also be there with a new girlfriend. This inspires Jolie’s best friend to pair her with her brother, Jack (Robert Buckley). All they have to do is fake date for the holiday. Only trouble is, Jack and Jolie don’t exactly have warm feelings for each other.

Jack is an author struggling not only to publish his work-in-progress novel, but to write the ghost novel his publisher has handed him. Will his unexpected Louisiana visit inspire him, or will his creative plans go array?

As usual, this is another sweetheart of a seasonal romance full of charming moments and all the things we long for in a good romance novel. To be honest, I still don’t think this one is “all that.” Will I re-watch it again? Sure! It’s just not the one I’d coin as my most favorite of 2018. Is this because I’d seen so many things about it leading to my watching it? Perhaps. But whatever the case, it’s still cute.

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Part of the buzz surrounding this one is the One Tree Hill reunion. Since I never watched the show, I don’t care about this, but it’s fun for fans of something to see favorite characters reunite. Hilarie Burton is no stranger to the genre, and in this role, she’s again fabulous. Whether she’s playing a cool and sophisticated insurance investigator (White Collar) or Southern girl who returns home, I enjoy each of her characters. Everyone else is fabulous as well, though I’ll admit it’s most fun to see Robert Buckley in another TV romance. It’s also lovely to see Cheryl Ladd (Charlie’s Angels) and her real-life daughter, Jordan together.

I do like some of the story cues of this one. Like the genuine “feeling” we get from this friendship or the adorable awkward-less moments between Jolie and Jack. Still, there are plenty of common tropes that creep in, and some are over the top silly. In the end, I did really enjoy The Christmas Contract. I simply didn’t find it as good as the hype. That said, if ever I found it on DVD, I’d be likely to add it to my shelf. Until then, I can honestly say I enjoyed its seasonal romantic story.

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  1. This was my favorite new Christmas movie! I watched it when it premiered (so the hype hadn’t built as much yet), and I made my little sister watch with me. She does not like Hallmark (or Hallmark-type) movies at all, but when the movie ended, she said, “You’d better give this one 5 stars!” And I did :-)

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Becky! I think my favorite title would go to a Hallmark or maybe Lifetime’s Every Other Holiday. I thought it was really unique and swoony! :)

      I too enjoyed this one just not quite as much as I thought I would. Either way, it’s darling, and certainly one I’d like to watch again next year. I look forward to reading your Christmas post!

  2. I loved The Christmas Contract! I think the chemistry between the leads was one of the best I’ve seen this year in the Christmas TV movie season. So cute! I’m curious to know what your favorite Hallmark movie this year was. Aside from The Christmas Contract, other holiday Lifetime movies I enjoyed were Christmas Lost and Found and Hometown Christmas.

    1. I thought the leads were fabulous as well, Chanel. They had an easy-going banter and the moments between them “feel” real.

      I saw Hometown Christmas and enjoyed it. As for a favorite Hallmark!? Gosh… I’m not sure. Back before I saw a few more in December, my favorites were A Shoe Addict’s Christmas, Once Upon a Christmas Miracle and Welcome to Christmas (because Eric Mabius co-stars from Hallmark’s SSD). I also really like Small Town Christmas and thought Jingle Around the Clock was cute. Basically… SO MANY! :)

  3. I really enjoyed this one, although it reminded me a quite a bit of another Burton/Lifetime Christmas movie, Christmas on the Bayou. Lifetime has really upped their game with their holiday movies.

    1. I AGREE, Brittaney; this one does feel similar to Christmas on the Bayou which I think I may (overall) enjoy better than this one. That said, I’d still re-watch this one and really like it.

      Ditto x two. Lifetime has upped their productions, and it’s so fun to watch. :)

  4. I’ve never heard of this one before but I’m definitely curious now! I really liked Hilarie Burton in OTH but actually don’t think I’ve seen her in anything else since, so it’d be great to see her on screen again. I hope Netflix has this on their roster ?

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