Putting together a Hallmark veteran with a newbie (at least comparatively), Come Fly with Me is a unique romance for the network.

Come Fly with Me (2023) Hallmark TV Film Review

New to a place where they know no one, Lucy (Pietra Castro) is lacking in friendships. But with her mother being an Air Force Captain, she’s no stranger to being the new kid and without lasting relationships. When she meets Alice (Georgia Acken), the daughter of the hardware store owner, Paul (Niall Matter), the two form a fast friendship. With Alice dreaming of being a pilot someday, she sees Emma (Heather Hemmens) as something of a hero. Trouble is, if the track record holds, Lucy and her mom will only be here for two years, which means the girl’s may get up to some mischievous behavior.


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Cute and fun, Come Fly With Me is a recent favorite from the 2023 network year. Likely produced in part to get in on the fan base that made Top Gun a success, it’s a plot I wish we see more from TV films. The military films I’ve seen from them in the past are fabulous, and while this one leans into some romance, it too has good themes and is a solid plot. Making it more fun is Emma’s occupation, which is one we don’t see often so it seems unique.

The cast is memorable and really good. I enjoyed seeing Heather in another film and at this point, Niall Matter is always a favorite leading man. The supporting cast is entertaining as well, and gives the audience and Emma some fun camaraderie. The plot also uses another common trope which is the “set up” by kids, and it too ends up being a cute aspect of the story.

Though the ratings don’t reflect this as being extremely popular, the film does have high “user” ratings on various film databases, proving I’m not the only one who thinks this deserves more recognition. All in all, I really don’t have anything bad to say about the film. It’s good even with the usual drama that upsets the bonds before, of course, things end with a happier outcome.

At publication, Come Fly with Me isn’t available to stream.


‘COME FLY WITH ME’: HALLMARK TAKES ON THE POPULAR PILOT PHASE. Review of the 2023 Niall Matter Hallmark drama. Text © Rissi JC

Content: nothing to note. The film is TV-PG and has some of the typical “Hallmark content” like a kiss or two. Since this is on the sister network, it also discusses loss and death. There’s some health scares, too.

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