What’s Playing on my iPod? | Edition One


A long (long) time ago, on a semi regular basis I wrote a blog post about music. More specifically a post about the songs that were currently on repeat on my iPod. Today I thought it’d be fun to revisit this format, especially in light of today’s Top Ten Tuesday post [March 26: Audio Freebie (Any audio goes: audiobooks, music, podcasts, you name it.)]. While this isn’t an “official” list for the popular meme, I’m using it to fit because I’m not really an audio book person (plus music is a kind of form of audio storytelling).

As the opening line attests to, the last one I wrote is in the distant past. While sitting here, prepping to go one of my late night writing sessions (currently about to happen as I sit here typing this random post), here’s how this post came to be. I click my trusty Microsoft Word icon (because any Word user who’s a writer probably cannot live without this program), then just as rapidly, I open my media player (because I’m old-fashioned nerdy like this). As I scroll through my almost 600 songs, I put in the pale pink earbuds attached to my old (but so trusty) HP laptop, and have the thought:

Why don’t I write another iPod post? 

Thus, this post was inspired and I share with you a boring behind the scenes peek into my blog-writing mind.

What’s Playing on my iPod? | Edition One

A long intro that could have been conveyed by a simpler, following introduction. Hello, readers, friends and fellow music lovers, today we’re talking about songs that I’ve been loving. For new readers who might not know, in addition to being a bookworm and TV addict, music is also a big part of my creative personality. I cannot play the piano well nor do I have any musical talent, but I do love to listen to amazing music, and sing along while taking bookstagram photos. Oh, and those late night writing sessions I mention above? Yeah, those cannot happen without music.

Inspired by this love of music, I decided to revamp this mini “series,” and share a 2018 (*ahem* now 2019) first with a new “What’s Playing on my iPod?” write up.

Let’s find out what songs I love these days.

What’s Playing on my iPod? | Edition One

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1: Babe, Sugarland (feat. Taylor Swift)

Don’t know why, but I kinda’ still love this song. Pretty sure it’s the vocals and the composition of the song; it all comes together so darn well.

2: Backsliding, Carrie Underwood

This song is all about returning to a relationship that might not be the best, but there’s something about the construction of the song that I really like. I also like a: Carrie’s vocals on the song and b: really most of her recent Cry Pretty album.

3: Blessings, Laura Story

A friend of my mother’s mentioned this song, and since then, I added it to my library. It wasn’t until recently that I began really listening to it, and what a beautiful message. It’s also one I know I need to be reminded of because life is tough, but we only need look around us to be reminded of the many gifts that same life is full of.

4 & 5: Call it What You Want and Delicate, Taylor Swift

I love ‘Call It What You Want.’ Not sure I can explain why, but it’s a T-Swift song, and somehow it’s become one of my favorites off Reputation. (Also because of this song, the new YA book of the same name has caught my eye. Who’s read it?) Something about ‘Delicate’ is perfectly fitted to its title. It’s delicate in the most beautiful of ways, and I still love it.

6: All the Cover Artists

I still enjoy listening to all the cover artists. From Madilyn Bailey to Maddie Wilson (‘Better Man’), I’ve found many who’s arrangements of popular songs are just as good or sometimes better than the original.

What’s Playing on my iPod? | Edition One

7: Evermore, Dan Stevens (from Beauty and the Beast)

Not only have I been listening to the titular track from this famous fairy tale, but I’ve also had a renewed appreciation for this song. It’s so romantic, and Dan’s vocals are really, quite good.

8: From the Ground Up, Dan + Shay

Another really pretty ballad that I really enjoy. Enough said.

9: In Between, Kelsea Ballerini

This song is so touching, and also accurate. It’s the kind of song anyone who’s already been here can relate to while also being a really pretty ballad that isn’t depressing.

10: Love’s Just a Feeling, Lindsey Stirling (feat. Rooty)

Ran across this song post “meeting” Lindsey on the reality show Dancing with the Stars. It’s an upbeat tune that I’ve started to really enjoy.

There are some of my current (and by “current,” I mean these past several months) and oldie favorites. What I realize is most of these are oldie songs because, let’s be honest, I don’t really keep up with music anymore. Why I don’t know since I still love music. What songs or artists are repeating on your iPod? Tell me which of these you enjoy or put on repeat, or share some of your current favorites down below (clearly my playlist needs a few updates)! I look forward to chatting with you all.

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  1. Although I haven’t been a fan of Swift’s newer music, I do quite like Delicate. And yes, yes, 1000 times yes to Evermore! I think Dan does a really great job here, and I think it’s a beautiful song. I bought it right away after seeing the movie because it was constantly stuck in my head.
    You might like my list this week because it’s all about songs that tell a story – and several of the artists you listened to have songs like that. Here’s mine: https://clockworkbibliotheca.blogspot.com/2019/03/ttt-songs-that-tell-incredible-stories.html

    Shayna recently posted: The Child in Time
  2. I really love Evermore, definitely my favourite of the new songs they added in to the live action Beauty and The Beast! I also obviously love the Taylor Swift tracks, Taylor is a pretty regular part of my reading playlist. I haven’t really heard of any of the others though.

    Jo recently posted: Top Ten Tuesday #204
  3. I love your topic choice this week. Music is often one of the most indescribably intimate looks into the artist and the listeners minds so I’m always keen on hearing more about people tastes and thoughts when it comes to it. Music is my number one. SO, I’m super hyped to listen to a few of these. I spotted a couple of favourites of mine (the Taylor Swift, namely) and then some songs that my best friend loves and another that my mom does. Cheers for the new additions to my work playlist! Haha. Thank you for sharing.

    Jessica at Booked J recently posted: Top Ten Tuesday: Audio Freebie (#33)

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