Booktube Talk | Books on my Shelf to Unhaul, Part 1


It’s ‘booktube Thursday’ (is this a thing?!) again here on Finding Wonderland – where do these days go!? Our topic today is a kind of ‘part 1’ of a series of videos that I’ve either a: filmed or b: plan to film.

For a bit of a behind the scenes mindset, my initial idea for this video is more of a “Bookshelf TBR.” Basically, this is just a list of books that have been on my shelf for eons and I either need to read or let go. It’s that latter mindset that made this (a realization I had while filming) video into more of an Unhaul, Part 1 kind of subject. I’d already planned to film some videos like this while I overhauled and disassembled my shelf. This one was just surprising and unexpected, but I’m glad it works out as such.

Booktube Talk | Book-to-Movie Adaptations I’m Excited For

On the blog’s Youtube channel, the new video is me rambling about 5 or 6 books that have been on my shelf (or as I like to say, the dust-collectors) for an embarrassingly long amount of time. There you can see my unhaul part 1 video, and of course, share some of your books that fit this topic. This brings us to a conclusion, and all I can now say is:

Tell me I’m not alone in this struggle! Comment below (or on YT) with all of the books (or a few) that you have yet to read. Have you outgrown them or do you plan to still give them a chance. I’m curious.

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