‘Downton Abbey’ Anticipation: The Five Things I Hope to See


The wait is nearly over. After months of anticipation – or has it been years? – a return to the beloved halls of Downton Abbey is almost here. Upon the return to the Crawley family estate, there’s a special guest that sends the household into an excited flurry. In celebration of this new motion picture, today we discuss some of the Downton Abbey anticipation I have – and I want to know, what are you anticipating?

If you don’t know anything about Downton Abbey, briefly, it’s an ITV British series that follows the wealthy Crawley family just on the brink of WWI. The family consists of Lord Grantham, his wife Cora; and their three daughters, Mary, Edith and Sybil. Since daughters cannot inherit the estate upon the death of their father, a distant male relative is who it will pass to. Sadly, he’s just died in the Titanic which sets into motion the search for the next in line, and there is where the saga really begins…

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(If you’re new to the series or you just want to fangirl some more, you can check out my lengthy review of series one, and beyond.)

When we left the Crawley family on the sixth and final season finale, the cast, crew and writers knew ahead of time that this was to be their epilogue. This means, the talented writers were able to pen stories that the cast brought to life beautifully. Most of the characters we find in a happy state, a merited place considering all the heartbreak they’ve collectively and individually went through.

Without further ado, let’s get started on the things I anticipate seeing in this much anticipated full-length movie.

*if you haven’t seen anything of this series, there will be spoiler-y things from here on out

Downton Abbey Anticipation: Five Things I Hope To See

1: Branson

Ah, Branson. I feel like his character is one of those “hate-t0-love” people. It’s not that I really see him as a “hated” character, more that I didn’t think he was “right” for Sybil simply because he didn’t always have the best judgement. But the further in the series went, the more I grew to love his character. I love how he was able to assimilate into the lives of the Crawely family despite the rocky start and the divide of class. I love that he became a trusted confidant. I love the friendship between he and Mary. Mostly I love that he finally finds peace by series close.

downton abbey anticipation

To say I’m anxious to see what’s next for Tom Branson is an understatement. Mayhap there’s even a bit of romance in his future, but either way, after all the restlessness I just hope he’s still happy, and all indication (please don’t be wrong, trailer!) is that he is.

2: The Dowager Countess’ Wit

I mean… is there really a need to explain this? I didn’t think so. So long as we have more of Maggie Smith’s dry wit and wonderful one-liners (including her pretend dislike of Isobel), I’m here for this. What will she say about their royal guest?

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3: Downstairs

I’m always glad to play catch up with most of the downstairs staff. Who doesn’t love the adorable Daisy? I have quite a soft spot for Mosely (he deserves all the things!), and of course, Mrs. Patmore is a bit of a sass we cannot help but love. Naturally the promise of the one who keeps them all together, Mr. Carson, is a very important “hopeful.” Also, who doesn’t love that scene between he and Lady Mary (in the trailer)? I mean…

4: Mary and Edith

Downton Abbey Movie

Sisters. It’s a complicated and wonderful relationship, isn’t it? When last we saw these two, I feel as though they were genuinely in a better place. Were they best friends? Most certainly not, but they became more accepting of one another’s flaws, and I think through their many fights, they grow up. Here’s my wish that this relationship will continue to build in the movie because Mary and Edith, you are both better than that.

5: [The] Love Stories

Given where we last left everyone, it might be hard to have an epic new love story like the seasons tell. But if there is a character left who needs to find their person, I’m not going to object to a beautiful new romance – so long as it doesn’t come at the cost of the death of another spouse. That I don’t think we fans could take.

6: Downton Abbey Anticipation BONUS! [The] New Characters

In all likelihood there will be some new characters brought into the fold. But who might they be? Upstairs family members we haven’t seen in a while – or never? New downstairs staff with a secret? No matter who they may be, I’m excited at the prospect of meeting some new faces.

Downton Abbey opens in theaters this Friday, the 20th.

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Return to where it all began with season one of Downton Abbey available on Amazon video!

The comments are now yours, and I’m curious. What is your Downton Abbey anticipation? Is there one particular thing you hope to see? Is there something you weren’t happy with in the finale that you hope changes or is tied up? Will you see this one at the box office? Comment down below with all of your thoughts.

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‘Downton Abbey’ Anticipation: The Five Things I Hope to See. Talking about my fangirl obsession about the return of this ITV favorite. Text © Rissi JC

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  1. Granny/The Dowager Countess is absolutely my favorite character, Maggie Smith plays her to perfection! I can’t wait for some witty one-liners from her.

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