Bookish and Life Things I’m the Most Grateful For


Hello, readers and friends. Welcome to Finding Wonderland, and a little list of bookish life things I’m grateful for.

As we rush towards Thanksgiving, like I do each year, I think about all of the many things I have to be grateful for. But in the hustle of our daily lives, I think we tend to forget about the things we do have to be thankful for; and golly, we have a lot.

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From the places we love, to the books we read, and the people in our lives who never give up, the list seems endless, and yet, these are the important things we so often misplace or forget. Today, on this eve (of an eve) of Thanksgiving, a time of reflection and to remember these many things, we share a small (but sincere) list of the people and things I’m grateful for.

Bookish and Life Things I’m the Most Grateful For

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1: [The Talents of] Authors

As a bookworm, it should come as no surprise that authors would be on a reader’s list. Without their creativity, hard work and patience, would we have as much fun as we do? I think not.

2: [Bookshelves of] Books

I mean, really, as a reader, is the addition of books (which really could go under ‘authors’) this really a surprise? Whether I have ten or 100, I’m grateful to have a collection of books in which to adventure.

3: Community of Book Bloggers

This community is amazing. I know I’ve read that there’s drama sometimes, but I feel fortunate that the people who share their bookish excitement or comment on a discussion post published here don’t seem interested in that scene. Instead, we’re all just a group of readers who love to talk all the bookish and fangirl things. Even if it sounds odd, I’ve learned so very much from this blogging journey, and best of all, “met” so many amazing people. bookish life things i’m grateful for

4: [Here’s to] You

This ties into the third thing on the list, but really, I am so very thankful for everyone who reads this little space, and takes the time to visit, comment and share their thoughts – thank you for hanging out here.

Talking about Bookish Life Things I'm Grateful for. Book and Life Things I’m the Most Grateful For: Top Ten Tuesday November 26. Talking about a FEW of the things I’m most thankful for. Text © Rissi JC
Book and Life Things I'm the Most Grateful For: Top Ten Tuesday November 26. Talking about a FEW of the things I'm most thankful for. #BookLove #Bookish #BookNerd #TopTenTuesday #Grateful Click To Tweet
5: [It’s all in the] Simple Things

I’m not sure if it’s silly or not, but it’s the everyday, simple – and yes, silly, things that I sometimes find the best smiles in, though to say I’m thankful for them is perhaps not the best use of the word. Either way, after a day (you know we all have them), I love things like Hallmark movies, my favorite cup of mocha (using this term lightly since I kind of make up my own thing), a favorite song (I have a thing for music recently), a good laugh, feeling happy with a writing project, new nails, or just a Netflix binge, I’m learning and enjoying the joys that is in the everyday, simple things.

6: [Land of] Freedom

I’m so grateful for my home. I’m so grateful to live where I can make a choices, even ones like . And most of all for the people who fight to keep this land safe.

7: [Last but Not Least] Family

I know I don’t tell them often, but I cannot express how thankful I am for my family. They put up with my quirks and love me unconditionally. It’s something I never have to question because of the values they instilled in me as a child, and now the ways they love me through good, and bad days; encourage creative pursuits; offer advice; and in general, just put up with me. *grin*

That Artsy Reader GirlNovember 26: Thankful Freebie (Linking up with Top Ten Tuesday)

YOUR TURN! What things or which people in your life are you most grateful for? Did you create a list? If so, how did you create it; books that you’re thankful for? People? Or the places, people and things that you’re grateful for? I want to read all the thoughts! If you have a blog or joined in the Top Ten Tuesday meme, leave your links below. It may take me an entire week, but I’d love to come by and visit your bookish spaces.

Book and Life Things I'm the Most Grateful For: Top Ten Tuesday November 26. Talking about a FEW of the things I'm most thankful for. Text © Rissi JC

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  1. Family, freedom, books, and the blogging community… all your picks though are fantastic. So true! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

  2. We really do have so much to be thankful for!! But like you said, we need to be thankful of the little things too. I think sometimes I forget.

    PS – I love Hallmark movies too, but I don’t think my daughter is thankful for them ;)

    1. YES! SO much. I think in our day to day lives we forget this, so it’s always nice to reflect. :)

      YAY for Hallmark. ;) They’re just so much fun. Appreciate the visit, Jessica.

  3. When you really take time to evaluate the goodness in your life, it’s amazing how many blessings you can find! All of the “little” things – family, friends, community, health, freedom, etc. – are really so BIG when you think about it :)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  4. This is an amazing list. Especially #5. Someone once asked me what the most romantic thing my husband ever did for me was and I couldn’t answer them. Why? Because he’s constantly doing little things for me. They’re never anything big or dramatic, but they matter more to me than flowers or diamonds. But, I’m weird, too, so… :)

    Here is our Top Ten Tuesday. Thank you!

    1. Aww, that’s not unusual at all. I love that story. It’s all about the little things in life. We sometimes take those and the things we have to be grateful for granted. It’s always nice to reflect on all of these things. :) Thanks for the visit. :)

  5. Authors are the best! It’s so important to acknowledge all their hard work. Sometimes we all just get so worked up about the books themselves, that we don’t even think about the authors writing them. Also the community is so amazing. The best part of having a book blog is all these lovely, supportive people to interact with! :)

    Nikki @The Nigh is Dark and Full of Books recently posted: Top Ten Tuesday #18 || Book Bloggers I’m Thankful to
    1. Right? I agree – and it is important. :) Ditto. This community is pretty cool. Gotta’ love all the fun bookish conversation we have with everyone. Appreciate your visit, Nikki. Thanks!

    1. So glad you’ve met some great bookish friends here, Aj. That’s the best. :) Hope you too had a great Thanksgiving, and as always, thanks for the visit.

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