In the varied cast and multiple stories of a TV show, there’s also that one couple that stands out as being the favorite. But sometimes, there’s really no other option but to love the one great romance or just not care. Such is the case of Blue Bloods, a generational family drama about a true blue family of cops and their district attorney sister. The romance of this show is more authentic and real than most shows on air today, and because of this, it’s rarely of the grand gesture variety, but is instead made up of small moments. This is why I simply have to feature a Blue Bloods Eddie and Jamie OTP Favorite.


Before we look at some of their best moments, let’s meet Eddie and Jamie. Eddie is a determined, tough beat cop who has the misfortune of partnering with Jamie Raegan, the commissioners son, and a generational cop. With this come assumptions that Jamie has special privileges and also earns him the censure of his peers. In time, Eddie and Jamie find a rhythm and dance around an attraction, and eventually more… all without acting on these feelings. At least not for a long time.  

Because I adore these two (So. Much.), it’s time they have their own OTP favorites feature, which is our task today.

Also wanting to note, that since I likely started to watch this in 2011 (it did debut in 2010), this feels like a good fit in keeping with the Ten Year Blog Anniversary features.


Note: There are spoilers below


Season Four

Eddie Janko becomes Jamie Reagan’s partner in the beginning of season four. So, while she isn’t a character we knew from the start, in the ensuing seasons (about to start its twelfth), she’s very much engrained as a Reagan. So, even early one, Jamie is very much interested in his partner. Good guy that he is though, he’s her pal and he remains “officially” so after his sergeant informs him (in season five) he has one of two choices. Continue to partner with Janko or “give her up” as a partner in order to confess his feelings.

Jamie chooses the former, and for years, with exception to a look here and there, he stays quiet.


While it’s tough to see as an audience, it’s also really sweet to watch as he falls (albeit slowly and silently) in love with his partner; a woman who, despite not returning the feelings (or does she?), still shares a very special bond with Jamie as her partner.


Season Seven, Episode 8

After some jealously play (on Eddie’s part), she shows up to Jamie’s apartment after shift and has some confessing to do. She tells him they need to talk about earlier, and he asks her what that is. As he tries to add to their conversation, she asks him to be quiet because she needs to say this:

“I have feelings for you. I have for a long time,” she goes on to say that this is crazy because he’s not even her type and a “complete boy scout.” However, she expands further with emotion by saying he’s also “the best person” she thinks she’s ever met. And then, she says,

“And you’re the best friend that I’ve ever had.”

THE ROMANCE OF EDDIE AND JAMIE FROM BLUE BLOODS (OTP FAVORITES!). Chatting about some key moments between Eddie & Jamie OTP favorite couple! Text © Rissi JC Photo: CBS

Jamie returns the feelings but tells her, he thinks “she knows that.” However, again, like earlier in their timeline, they decide to keep things professional but now they have their “cards on the table.”

As she walks out, Eddie turns back around, gives Jamie a kiss and though they say nothing, they linger in the moment. Then, with sass, she pats him on the behind and with the words, “good talk. See you tomorrow,” out the door she goes leaving behind a confused Jamie.


Season Eight, Episode 22

In a dramatic finale, as New York’s finest hunts a dangerous killer, it’s Eddie and Jamie who come under – literal – fire.

While stopped to get coffee, Eddie in the shop and Jamie sitting in the car, a call comes over the radio advising the officers of the suspect’s car. As Eddie waits in line, she glances back out the window barely in time to see the car that the radio just advised on. She then vaults into action. The car is heading straight for Jamie. Stopped and aiming a gun straight at his head. He ducks just in time and with a crack shot, Eddie saves his life.

THE ROMANCE OF EDDIE AND JAMIE FROM BLUE BLOODS (OTP FAVORITES!). Chatting about some key moments between Eddie & Jamie OTP favorite couple! Text © Rissi JC

As adrenaline pulses, Jamie and Eddie take stock. She tells him that it was like a voice told her he was in trouble, she swears. It’s like, she says in tears, “I was warned.” This seems THE moment that pushes them together. They seem to realize the weight of what happened or could have happened and they’re done living half-lives.

Of course, this also inspires Jamie to bring Eddie as, well, his girlfriend (and more) to the important Reagan family Sunday dinners.


Season Nine

In the aftermath of their engagement, everything changes. Not only does Eddie now have a real family, she and Jamie also have to try and work through their professional lives. They go from partners to boss (Jamie) and co-worker to eventually husband and wife…


Season Nine, Episode 22

I will tell you I did anticipate a bit more from this episode. However, it remains in line with the rest of their love story and there’s still some genuinely heartwarming moments that lead up to their (off screen) alter promises.

THE ROMANCE OF EDDIE AND JAMIE FROM BLUE BLOODS (OTP FAVORITES!). Chatting about some key moments between Eddie & Jamie OTP favorite couple! Text © Rissi JC

Yes, I do know that there’s more, but this show isn’t about the romance. There’s nuances between this couple, which in my book is THE best kind of love story. It’s not “sexy” in the way most primetime TV depict a relationship. It’s there, but subtle and it’s a delight.

The flirty teases and fights, and such are here though, and it carries from their dating into marriage. There’s also a sweet scene (season seven, episode 9) of Jamie asking Eddie to a bar where they dance, too! Basically, there are just ALL kinds of flirting and cute between these two even when they’re challenging each other.

In episode 14 of this last season eleven even has a cute little thing regarding Eddie wanting to take a quiz to find their respective love languages. I cannot remember the episode, but another involves an issue that makes Eddie mad (not unusual) and Jamie doing something that he tells her he doesn’t do (or on her behalf), but in actuality he does! Just doesn’t want her to know that.

Also, in closing, what do we think of Will Estes saying he “hated” the idea of Jamie and Eddie together!? Like, Will, were you not INVESTED in this storyline!? Dude, you clearly weren’t “all in” in the same way I was. (To be fair, he did change his mind, but still!)

Tell me – and I’m legit curious, guys! – what’s your favorite moment between these two? Did you ship them from the start, gradually or never? Comment all of your thoughts on this Blue Bloods Eddie and Jamie OTP Favorite down below! I’d love to chat with you.


THE ROMANCE OF EDDIE AND JAMIE FROM BLUE BLOODS (OTP FAVORITES!). Chatting about some key moments between Eddie & Jamie OTP favorite couple! Text © Rissi JC

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  1. A lovely summary of the journey of their relationship. Their meet-cute will always make me smile :)

    I think 11×9 was the episode you were trying to describe when talking about 11×14. That’s where Jamie fixed the officer’s punishment for being late (due to a pregnant wife) and denied it when Eddie questioned him.

    Will Estes never really said he hated the idea, just had concerns about what the story would be when they went from will they/won’t they to being a couple. From the PopCulture interview – He compared it to Mulder and Scully getting together on The X-Files, noting that “once they’re together, what’s the story?” The tension between them could disappear. “We’ve obviously already been playing these characters [who] had a huge affinity for each other and, and love and respect for each other,” Estes said of himself and Vanessa Ray, who plays Eddie. “But I was worried about that story being over once they were married.”

    1. Thanks for reading and visiting, Nicki! I appreciate this. :)

      Thanks for sharing the likely episode I was trying to think of! That’s probably it. It was such a subtly cute (in the end) moment between Eddie and Jamie and I loved it. I also love that this relationship is so subtle yet good. It makes these moments all the better.

      I didn’t read the PopCulture interview, but did see something on another site on what Will said. I know lots of people have that mentality of putting a couple together takes away the “tension,” and all that, but I love (and like to say, DEFY that) it. And I think Jamie and Eddie are proof that it can be done well. Though to be honest I never watched “X-Files” so I don’t know what I’d have thought of them. :)

  2. I watch this show occasionally if I’m in the room when my husband watches it. They are definitely my favorite part of the show! You totally nailed it with your analysis.

    1. I LOVE this show. It’s one of the few shows on today that isn’t totally out of line in its scripts/messaging. There are a few episodes here and there that sort of cross the line for me, but mostly, it’s good! Thanks for reading. :)

  3. Love them as a couple in my favorite show. I was touched when Eddie asked Frank to walk her down the aisle.
    I think there is still things that could be portrayed by them as a couple. It is a delight to watch for their interactions.

    1. I agree, Paula! I think there’s lots yet to come between Eddie and Jamie. Definitely excited to see where it all goes.

      And same! That moment with the wedding was so special.)

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