On My Amazon Watchlist: 6 New Reasons to Love Prime


Like many things in my life, this list has been in my to-publish plans since February… of 2019. Yes, that’s right, this document has been sitting dormant for an entire year where all I had was a title and creation date. Needless to say, it feels none too soon to finally complete this list. Plus since I recently talked about my Netflix obsessions, I figured it might be time to share some of the things on my Amazon Prime watchlist.

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On this list is a variety not just of genres and style, but also a mix of TV shows and movies. There’s more of these types of lists coming too, so if there’s any specific genre or whatnot you’re curious about, let me know. I’m all for new ideas.

Now on My Amazon Prime Watchlist

1: Chuck

As I put this list together in these past few days, what struck me about seeing Chuck on Prime is this: I haven’t finished this series! It’s. So. Much. Fun.

TV-14, this one shifts between its higher end rating and TV-PG; there’s some innuendo, and suggestive visuals, but overall, it’s a fun show

2: Instant Family (Movie)

Instant Family

Saw this one a while ago on DVD, and it’s darling. Such a sweet portrait of strong family ties, even if they’re unconventional.

PG-13 for thematic elements and some suggestive innuendo

3: Ladies in Black (Movie)

I’ve talked about this film in a gush-y review, so chances are I shouldn’t discuss it overmuch here, but its pure delight, and since I’m still thinking about it, I figure it deserves a shout-out.

4: Lars and the Real Girl (Movie)

Quite some time ago, I read a review for this one. It’s not a favorite, but it has an interesting (?) plot. But I decided to include it because there’s a ton of positive ratings on Amazon.

PG-13 for suggestive comments, thematic elements (suicide, a relationship with a doll, mental health, etc.)

5: Prescription for Love: A Cinderella Story (Movie)

prescription for love

Though it’s not a Hallmark movie, this one has the same type of story that makes this a clean romance ideal for fans of the aforementioned network.

This one is a “clean romance”

6: Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (Season Two)

We watched season one of this, and while it’s a mature TV show, we were impressed. Needless to say when season two rolled around, we had to binge watch them as well. John Krankowski is darn good in the titular role, and while the plots usually become (sometimes) too involved, I cannot deny this is a really well produced show.

TV-MA for violence, profanity (including multiple f-words) and adult situations

Bonus! Republic of Doyle

Mentioned this one on my Netflix queue list, but it’s also on Amazon Prime, and while not the most intelligent of TV shows, it is fun.

TV-14 for some suggestive content, and sexual content; some profanity also. Like any show, it depends on the episode, some are cleaner than others, but none that I’ve seen are terrible


Here are some shows that I am not actively watching because I’ve seen them or started them, liked them, but lost interest. However they were a fun thing to discover on Prime, so I thought I’d share them with you (just in case you didn’t know!). In addition to the six I have completed or plan to (above), here are five more you might like.

1: Bones
Bones, Season One

I mean who doesn’t love Dr. Temperance Brennan and her eventual life partner Seeley Booth?

TV-14 for the usual crime drama content including crime scenes, innuendo, sexual content and some profanity

2: Burn Notice

I watched the entire run of this on DVD way back when. It was one of my obsessions and while the latter seasons do disappoint some, I loved the story of a spy trying to find a new normal as a kind of P.I. after he’s “burned.”

3: Doctor Throne

From the creator of Downton Abbey, this series may not be all encompassing, but I find it lovely nonetheless.

4: Downton Abbey
downton abbey, series one

I mean, this one is a classic in the world of its genre.

TV-14 or -PG, depending on the episode; none ever seem graphic in their content, but some contain more adult material than others.

5: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Series One (- MARCH 31)

A really good Australian mystery series with a sassy lady detective you’re sure to find hard not to like.

TV-14 or -PG in content; suggestive material

Tell me about your Amazon Prime favorites or must-see discoveries. What should I watch next? Have you seen any of these? Comment all of your thoughts down below.

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