Some of the Best Independence Day Movies to Enjoy


I’m one of those people who loves their country, its colors and the flag, too. Mostly this is probably because it’s where I grew up and what I know, but also there’s a sense of pride that comes with it. As Independence Day rapidly approaches, let’s take a look at some of the patriotic fourth of July movies to enjoy.

LIST | 20 of the [Happy] Summer Movies to Enjoy!

To be honest, I thought this would be a super easy list to compile. But it wasn’t. Perhaps in part because I didn’t want to bog it down with depressing titles, which is often the case with solid patriotic films since many focus on wars. I wanted there to be a variety, and so while some of these may seem like unusual choices, I wanted to put in some titles that offset those with heavier themes like John Adams.


1: Aloha

Yes, I know I just put this one on my Armed Forces Day list, but I decided it may fit better on this list because it’s more of a “silly,” easy to enjoy kind of comedy and therefore feels very summer-y even if it’s not a Fourth of July title. PG-13 for innuendo, sexual content, language

2: An American Story

A Hallmark Hall of Fame title, it’s been years since I watched this one, but I remember thinking it was a good, solid drama.

3: Banner 4th of July

This one is also known as A Family Reunion and Star Spangled Banners, this Hallmark film is pretty cute if you like sibling stories. This one follows three siblings who used to be a band. Now, years later after hurt feelings, they must reunite when a family situation forces them under the same roof.

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4: Captain America

favorite character traits

Do I put this on a lot of lists? I feel like I put this on multiple lists. *shrugs* For starters, I love this character, and also, how can I exclude a film titled Captain America? I mean it has to be included, right? PG-13

5: Chasing Liberty

This isn’t patriotic per se, but it IS cute, and back when it released, its promo material was all about the stars. The plot follows Mandy Moore’s first daughter (to Mark Harmon’s president) looking for an independent adventure, which she thinks she finds with the hunky Matthew Goode. PG-13 for sexual content and language

6: Endless Love (2014)

This one isn’t an Independence Day title either, like so many on this list, but my memory is that it’s a summer-time story. PG-13 for sexual content, language, thematic elements, most of which involves teens fourth of july movies

7: Everything, Everything

Pretty sure there’s a cute (aka romantic) scene in this one about fireworks, and that always makes me think of the Fourth of July. Based on the novel by Nicola Yoon, this forbidden romance film is sweet. PG-13 for sexual content, language, all involving teens

8: First Daughter

Like Chasing Liberty, this Katie Holmes titles isn’t a “fourth of July” film (in fact, I think its setting is in the fall), but it is a version of patriotism given it’s about a first daughter. PG

9: Forrest Gump

This is a film I think I saw years ago, but cannot remember much if anything about it. It’s one of my dad’s old favorites though, and I saw it mentioned in a Google search, so I decided to go ahead and add it in. PG-13

10: John Adams (Miniseries)

This is an interesting mini-series about the founding of our country. It features a stellar cast and storytelling (surprising given its network), but is definitely an adult production. TV-MA

11: The Music Man

Some of the Best Independence Day Movies to Enjoy. Talking some fourth of July movies to enjoy over the holiday weekend! Text © Rissi JC

I’m not entirely sure why but the 1962 adaptation of this beloved musical cropped up in my “research” of potential titles. Is there a 4th of July scene? I cannot remember as it’s been years since I watched this, but either way, this one seems fitting for such a list as it’s a jovial film! PG fourth of july movies

12: My Girl

Never seen this beloved movie, but I hear it does boast a fourth of July scene. Do I need to watch this one? PG

13: The Nanny Diaries

The Independence day bit in this one is small, but also kinda fun and cute given Scarlett Johansson’s costume, and how it carries through on her meet-cute with Chris Evans’ character. PG-13 for language, innuendo

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14: National Treasure

Some of the Best Independence Day Movies to Enjoy. Talking some fourth of July movies to enjoy over the holiday weekend! Text © Rissi JC

One I haven’t seen in years, but I love this film about a treasure hunter who must protect the Declaration of Independence. PG

15: On the Town

Saw parts of this Gene Kelly musical years ago (while staying at a hotel), and don’t think I’ve ever gone back and re-watched it. Someday I should remedy this. G

16: The Patriot

This isn’t a happy film, but it is quite good. It’s about a man fighting during the revolutionary war, and all that he suffers during his fight for what he believes in. R for violence

17: Safe Haven

A Nicholas Sparks adaptation that’s an angsty (but still likable) romance, this one takes place over the summertime complete with a Fourth of July scene. PG-13 for sexual content, thematic elements (abuse) and language

18: When Sparks Fly

Meghan Markle (am I the only one who thinks it’s odd that a now duchess starred in Hallmark films…??) stars in this Hallmark rom-com, and it’s adorable. As far as promotional material goes, they don’t come much more Fourth of July movies festive than this one. It follows a woman who returns to her hometown where she reunites with her former sweetheart. There’s all the sappy cuteness intact, and I love it.

19: White House Down

This is a big action-er that’s kind of “silly” in its action sequences but it’s also fun. Sometimes that’s all you need. PG-13 for action violence, language

20: Yankee Doodle Dandy

Tagged as a story about “the man who owned Broadway,” this one is supposed to be all-American with its song numbers, and plus, the title just “screams” ideal as a Fourth of July movie for those who enjoy classic films.

MORE CHOICES: All for Love (a sweet Hallmark film that features a veteran for a hero); Anchors Aweigh (another Gene Kelly musical!); Dear John (Nicholas Sparks romance about a soldier); Love & Sunshine (yet another Hallmark romance about a man who returns from overseas); Molly: An American Girl on the Homefront (I mean, who doesn’t think these are darling family movies?); Taking Chance (a really impressive drama, albeit sad and adult – gritty!, about a military man who volunteers to bring home a fallen soldier); and likely many others I missed!

What are some Fourth of July movies you enjoy? Do you have a list to share? Have you seen any of these? Do you like or dislike them? Comment all of your thoughts down below!


Some of the Best Independence Day Movies to Enjoy. Talking some fourth of July movies to enjoy over the holiday weekend! Text © Rissi JC

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