A Few Good Movies to Watch On Father’s Day


When it comes to movies, my dad will watch pretty much anything (within reason) – and believe me, he watched Anne of Green Gables with me as a kid (quite a lot), but it takes a lot for him to want to re-watch a film more than once. Meaning, as something he enjoys. Given that Father’s Day is very nearly here (I have to ask, where did June go?), I’m sharing a few Father’s Day movies 2020 to enjoy!

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Most of these aren’t necessarily personal favorites of my dad’s as I’m choosing to focus more on (but not exclusively) films with a thread of fatherhood as a part of the plot. But if there are favorites of his, I’ll add an asterisk. Just for fun.


1: About Time

This father-son time travel dramedy is interesting for many reasons, and not one I “blanket” recommend as it does earn an R-rating (strong language), but it has its moments, and one of the key things about it is the choice the hero has to make between his present, and past, which involves his father. R, strong language [f-word] and some crude/sexual content

2: Blended

This one is about more than fatherhood, but I appreciate how the “blending” of family is portrayed; meaning there’s not big “dramatic” moment with the kids. Adam Sandler plays a widowed father of three opposite Drew Barrymore’s divorced mother of two, and it’s all very cute. PG-13 for crude humor, language

3: Dad’s Home

This is a Hallmark movie that has JAG’s David James Elliott as a widowed father who has to figure out how to make things work in the aftermath of losing his job. It sounds a little “rough,” but I remember it being cute.

4: Dan in Real Life

dan in real life

Steve Carrell stars in this film about a widowed father, and the craziness of his life (like raising daughters) that is his family..! PG-13 for suggestive content, language

5: Father of the Bride

It’s a classic in its own right, which reminds me, I really do need to re-watch this one. Steve Martin plays the father of a grown-up daughter who returns home with the news she’s about to marry. Needless to say, this turns his world upside down. PG

6: Finding Nemo

Really, is it even a list over here if I don’t include at least one animated movie?? PG

7: The Game Plan

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Father's Day Movies 2020 | Dwayne Johnson stars in Disney's The Game Plan | Photo: Disney

Another super cute film that’s perfect for the family! Dwayne Johnson stars in this one about a pro football player who gets a sassy gift when the daughter he didn’t know existed shows up on his doorstep. PG

8: Hellfighters

This isn’t likely a favorite of my dad’s, but he does like watching old movies (and plenty of other Wayne titles), mostly westerns, now and again. As I went through a watch-all-the-John-Wayne movie phase (my uncle owns a bunch of the VHS tapes), we watched this one among many others. It also casts Wayne as a father of an obstinate, grown-up daughter. PG

9: John Adams* (Miniseries)

This is an HBO miniseries and I’ll be honest, I don’t normally watch things from this network. They’re often just “too much” of what I don’t like in entertainment. That said, I surprisingly do like this one and it’s one of my dad’s favorites because of the history. We don’t often watch it though because, yeah, intense.TV-MA for adult content, graphic medical scenes, violence

10: Knight & Day*

My dad likes this one for its entertaining, laugh-out-loud plot. It’s so over-the-top ridiculous (in its “action/adventure” tropes) that you cannot help but laugh. It may also be the only one on my list that doesn’t feature a dad… but then, it sorta does, too. PG-13 for innuendo, language, action violence

11: Roped (Netflix)

This is a “basic,” sweet little romance, but it also has a father-daughter relationship that while quite imperfect, is interesting. Find on Netflix | PG

12: Taken*

I mean this is a kind of “intense” actioner, but it is about a father and daughter, so… it feels like it fits. Plus, it’s another of my dad’s favorites, and if you’re watching something with dad, and he likes action movies, this might be a good option. PG-13 for language, violence

13: Three Men and a Baby / Three Men and a Little Lady

I mean, these are cute, right? As the title gives away, the plot surrounds three bachelors who are given a crash course on keeping a baby alive when she’s dropped on their doorstep. PG, innuendo, language

14: Trouble Along the Way

John Wayne again stars in this one, and though I haven’t seen it (meant to watch it but failed), it sounds really fun. It features the Duke as a single father, which left me all like, whaaat!! given how unusual a role this seems to be for him. Still, I’m here to see him in a “rom-com.” G

MORE CHOICES: The Bounce Back (PG-13) | Cheaper by the Dozen (PG) | Cheaper by the Dozen (1950) | Definitely, Maybe (PG-13) | Grace is Gone (PG-13); pretty sure I’ve seen this one with John Cusak, and it’s a tearjerker | Footloose (PG-13) | and What a Girl Wants (PG).

What about you! What are some Father’s Day movies 2020 to enjoy on your list? Does your dad have a favorite movie? Comment all of your thoughts down below. I’d love to chat with you.


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  1. Three Men and a Little Lady is a personal favorite. Also, Trouble Along the Way is really good! I was surprised by how much I liked it. It’s a bit unusual for a John Wayne Film. I also liked the father daughter relationship in another Wayne film, McClintock. The speech he gives his daughter about growing together as a husband and wife and why he isn’t leaving her his money has always been a favorite of mine.

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