6 of the Reasons I Do (and don’t!) Love NBC’s ‘Chuck’


Believe it or not (I’m a little in awe of this fact), I still remember the promos when Chuck was a new kid on the TV block. Years have since passed and one day I finally bought an episode of the former NBC show. Since then, entire seasons where added to my digital library and when time permits I watch an episode (or two!). Given its popular following, I figure it’s never too late to share some reasons to love NBC’s Chuck.

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There’s so many ups and downs for these characters, but for the most part, I feel as though the show remains upbeat – and that’s precisely why I love everything about Chuck. Or very nearly. It follows Zachary Levi’s Chuck Bartowski, a tech fix-it guy working at a chain retail store as, yes, a tech guy. His life turns upside down when all of the information on a computer is uploaded into his mind right before the death of the man who previously possessed this knowledge. Unbeknownst to Chuck, this makes him one of the CIA’s most valued assets, which means he is now under the protection of handlers and a secret cover life is his future.

Despite the fact that I haven’t watched this entire 5-season run (unless spoilers count!), I still want to share all the things on Chuck. Below I’m sharing some favorite things about this show and maybe one or two things I don’t like quite as well.


1: Chuck

I mean it goes without saying that I adore this guy. He’s an upstanding guy who’s hero heart may remind you of characters like Oliver O’Toole, Captain America, or any number of good guy characters we love and refuse to let anyone “hurt.” But no matter who he does or doesn’t remind you of, he’s a really (really) good character.

2: Col. Casey

I do like the entire team that sets up for Chuck and his spy friends but have to admit to a soft spot for the gruff Casey. He’s even more likable than Chuck’s best friend.

3: (Awesome) Ellie

6 of the Reasons I Do (and don't!) Love NBC’s ‘Chuck.’ Sharing a list of reasons to love NBC's Chuck with Zachary Levi. Just because. Text © Rissi JC

The characters of Chuck’s sister Ellie and her “perfect” BF-fiancé-husband Devon, or as Chuck refers to him, “Awesome,” are two of my most favorites. I love their romance and how supportive he is of Ellie.

4: The Team

As a team, these people function well even when they’re at odds. It’s just a fun dynamic that everyone helps to create and I am always pro good TV teams.

Two of the Reasons Why I don’t Care for Chuck

spoilers ahead!

1: Best Friend Begone!

I never have and don’t see myself warming to Morgan. I mean, yes, he’s likable in some ways, but then he goes and does something that annoys me like never before and he and I go back to “start.”

Six of the Reasons I Do (and don't!) Love NBC’s ‘Chuck.’ What would make YOUR list? Zachary Levi stars in this NBC comedy! #TVShows #ZacharyLevi #WhattoWatch Click To Tweet

2: The (Not so) Epic Love Story

This is kind of a love-hate relationship situation for me because while I do love the romance between Chuck and his crush aka on-again, off-again girlfriend, knowing that their story ends sort of open ended (because I’m the queen of spoiler reading!) makes me sad. Have you seen the final episode and if so, share what you think of the series?

One Reason to Still Be Excited about Chuck

1: Revival Whispers

For quite some time now, rumors have swirled of a revival and while there are no plans currently, Zachary Levi has been quoted as saying he’d be on board. Given the popularity of revivals of cult favorite shows (like Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls) and streaming services like Netflix or Hulu (and now Peacock TV, too!) making this easy, perhaps something will see the value in this. We may yet see this become a reality.

Your turn. Do you like or dislike Chuck? Tell me, what do you like about it, or have you watched the show? Do you hope for a revival of the show? If so, what would you like to see? Share all of your reasons to love NBC’s Chuck.


6 of the Reasons I Do (and don't!) Love NBC’s ‘Chuck.’ Sharing a list of reasons to love NBC's Chuck with Zachary Levi. Just because. Text © Rissi JC

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*Content note: This show wavers between TV-PG and TV-14 (violence/non-graphic, innuendo, some sexuality) depending on the episode, but overall, it’s one of the cleaner network shows I’ve seen.

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