Revisiting a Nostalgic Favorite: Disney’s ‘The Aristocats’


Years (and years) ago, one of the movies that played time and time again on my TV is Disney’s The Aristocats. For this 60-some minute film, there was no such thing as watching “too many” times. There’s just something about the 1970 film that for some reason made it a childhood favorite, perhaps in part because as kids, we used to have quite the pack of farm cats always under foot.

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Recently, as it less than a month ago, I popped this one into my laptop and re-watched it because, well, sometimes you have to revisit old favorites. Everything I remembered about this one is still there, only of course, now I realize how very different this one is in comparison to the animated films of today, all made possible by advancing technology.

Disney’s The Aristocats Story

The plot, in case you don’t know, follow Duchess, a mother cat who is well cared for by her mistress. When a jealous butler, who learns his mistress’ fortune is to go to her cats (!!), kidnaps Duchess and her three kittens, the small family must find their way back home, all with the help of a few new friends along the way.

This, the 20th animated film from Walt Disney Studios, is one of those films that has a kind of infectious energy not necessarily because of the music (which maybe isn’t the studio’s most memorable?), but because of this ragtag group of characters. There’s the “alley cats” who provide the “big” musical number; the silly goose sisters, Amelia and Abigail; and perhaps most ironic character, a little mouse who ends up being a big part in saving the day. disney’s the aristocats

“A lady never starts a fight, but she can finish them!” – Marie, The Aristocrats

Revisiting a Nostalgic Favorite: Disney’s ‘The Aristocats.’ Have you seen this underrated (??) Disney film? Eva Gabor voices Duchess in this one! #Disney #TheAristocats Click To Tweet
Revisiting a Nostalgic Favorite: Disney’s ‘The Aristocats.’ Have you seen this underrated (??) Disney film? Eva Gabor voices Duchess in this one! © Rissi JC

Of course, there’s also the main characters, all of whom are fabulous and hilarious. Duchess meets Thomas O’Malley as she attempts to find a solution of how best to find a way safely home again, and then there’s the kittens (who have fabulous names). There is Toulouse, the painter and one kitten most in awe of the “toughness” that is an alley cat; baby of the family, Berlioz, is a pianist; and then finally, there is middle child Marie, who’s a lady all the way, with exception to the rough and tumble spats she has with her brothers. I don’t agree with all of her logic (like her famous quote!), but she along with her brothers are adorable.

The movie is dated in so many ways, but it’s also the last film Disney had a part in making plans for prior to his death, and it’s just one of those nostalgic movies that makes you smile. Plus, for some reason, though I have no evidence of this (in fact, the film did well in theaters), it seems like this is one of the studios underrated films. Because of this, I wanted to publish a little write up, just because, and also because, how can this family of kittens not make you smile?

Do you have a childhood movie you re-watched over and over again? Have you seen Disney’s The Artistocats? If not, consider seeing this darling film; it’s so fun!

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