Seven of the Best Kensi and Deeks’ Moments (OTP Favorite!)


When it comes to fangirl things, one of my favorites is to champion TV OTPs. The number of ships to root on is numerous, and one of them is from NCIS: Los Angeles. This is where our feature today comes in which is the best Kensi and Deeks Moments (or as they are known Densi Moments).

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If you don’t know what the CBS drama is about, it follows a team of NCIS agents who work as a kind of special operations team. Among the ever-expanding team, is Kensi Bly, a woman with an expertise in sniper training, and Martin Deeks, an LAPD officer who works from NCIS as the team’s LAPD liaison. Kensi and Deeks end up being partners, and through the years, and despite Kensi’s standoff feelings towards Deeks (having previously lost a partner), the pair end up with a deeper connection than either expect. 

As their love story is quite the ordeal with its ups and downs, but it’s also one that has (perhaps!) the best kind of end result. (Or maybe more accurately is an “end result” in the making since we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves.) Because of this, today we’re going through a few of our favorite moments between these two, with this qualifier of “a few” because well, let’s be honest, we don’t remember every scene or look or moment throughout the 10+ seasons these two have interacted. Or at least I do not – and that’s the honest truth. best kensi and deeks moments

Let’s take a look back at the best scenes or moments between these two, only be aware, there will be spoilers if you haven’t watched the show or seen newer seasons.

The Best Kensi and Deeks Moments

1: The Kiss

When: Season Four, Episode 24

These two argue and banter from the beginning, but it takes either of them a while to act on much. But this changes when a frustrated Kensi explodes at Deeks over his inability to say what he means. This inspires him to kiss her soundly, which leaves her speechless, and as they’re in the middle of a mission, she jumps right back into action.

2: ‘It’s a Love Story’

When: Season Five, Episode 2

While Kensi stays with Deeks following his PTSD symptoms, as he drifts off to sleep (feeling comforted by her presence), she whispers, “what’s next?” Deeks reply of “it’s a love story” goes unanswered but leaves Kensi wondering what may be to come…

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3: ‘All In’ (and another Kiss!)

When: Season Six, Episode 11

Three of the Best Kensi and Deeks’ OTP Favorite Moments. Sharing 7 of the best Kensi and Deeks moments. Text © Rissi JC

In this Christmas-y episode, Kensi takes Deeks hand, twining them together and admits to him that she wants to be bold with him, that she’s “all in.”

4: Not One, But Three Proposals!

When: Season Eight, Episode 24

When previous proposals don’t take, the logical thing is, of course, to propose again, and that’s precisely what these two have, complete with a flash bang and deep emotion.

5: ‘You’re My World’

When: Season Nine, Episode 7

Season nine is a kind of “turning point” for these two. Of course, they have committed to spend forever together, but their rocky road isn’t over. It begins when Kensi is whisked away to an undisclosed location to stop a missile attack. Throughout this mission, we realize that only she can make the daring life-saving act, which may take her own life. After a tearful conversation of ‘I love you’ with Deeks, the pair confess a deeper love for each other in their touching reunion that ends with the sentiment of being each other’s “whole world.” best kensi and deeks moments

6: The Rescue

When: Season Ten, Episode 1

Like I said season nine is fraught with some peril for these two. After a knockout, drag-out fight just before they’re asked to fly out on a potentially life-threatening mission, the pair part ways.

But on this mission, Deeks is gravely injured, leaving it to Kensi to save their lives, and for both to ultimately realize, things cannot just end between them; there’s too much history and love between them.

7: Saying ‘I Do’

When: Season Ten, Episode 17

This is, arguably, one of the more unique marriages in a TV show or film. (Another that always comes to mind is Will and Elizabeth’s from Disney’s ‘Pirate’ movies.)

Like anything Kensi and Deeks do, their wedding day cannot be “normal,” and so it is fraught with a criminal who informs for them from time to time (and who also happens to have a crush on Deeks), which leads to black eyes, a car driving through a wall, and one ruined wedding dress. Yes, this is pretty much like any other day for these two.

While there are many scenes or moments I don’t include, these are some of this couples, dubbed Densi, best. There’s lots more, I hope, to come between them, but for now, it’s fun to relive some of their sweeter moments.

What about you? Which moments do you love best between Densi; do any scenes or seasons stand out as your favorites when it comes to these characters? Comment all of your thoughts down below!


Three of the Best Kensi and Deeks’ OTP Favorite Moments. Sharing 7 of the best Kensi and Deeks moments. Text © Rissi JC

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  1. Densi is hands down one of my all-time forever favourite OTPs, and I LOVE this list… you’ve covered what I too believe to be pretty much all of their best moments, and I really enjoy your commentary on them as well.

    A few of my other favourite moments between these two I might include in my own list (which I actually have partially started in my blog drafts folder at the moment, haha!) are when they reveal they remember what each other was wearing when they first met in S3 E22, and when Deeks is trapped in a box that’s going to explode in S11 E10.

    Kirsty recently posted: Top 10 Tuesday: Non-Bookish Hobbies
    1. These two are simply put, fabulous together. I love how they balance each other out, and I really like as though Eric Christian Olsen is ad-libbing many of his best “comedy” lines. Either that or he’s just THAT good. :)

      See, I knew I’d forget some great moments between them! But that’s why it’s so fun to see other’s perspective and takes on a certain topic or as is the case here, OTP. We all have different favorites, and I love that. As always, so glad you stopped by, Kirsty – and thanks for the kind words. :)

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