Hey there, happy readers. Welcome! This year is almost over, and again we’re on the cusp of ushering in a New Year (why do these days, weeks, months fly by so fast??). It’s again time for another “usual” addition here on Finding Wonderland, and that is another installment of ‘Month in Review November 2020.’

We’re still publishing lots of new content around here, and trying to work through re-formats of archive reviews and other publications. But as I ask each “month in review,” do make sure to share some of your favorite discoveries in the comments – or what you’re looking for from bloggers; is there a topic, trend, niche or anything goes you’re looking to see more of?

Ciao, November 2020. Bonjour, December 2020!

Let’s do this!!

»Favorite Blog Posts«

(Blog posts that, while not necessarily the most popular, were fun to write)

1: About a Disney Anniversary: The Fun of ‘Tangled,’ 10 Years Later | Who doesn’t love talking about a fun Disney film?

2: ‘Holly and Ivy’: A Christmas Movie with a Good Heart | You guys, this film! It’s unusual but so lovely at the same time. All kinds of darling (and bittersweet). Make sure you watch it.

3: ‘Never Kiss a Man in a Christmas Sweater’: One of the Really Fun Ones! | This film is all kinds of fun. Didn’t think I’d love it going in, but it turns out to be a lovely film indeed.

Three of the Best Kensi and Deeks’ OTP Favorite Moments. Sharing 7 of the best Kensi and Deeks moments. Text © Rissi JC

4: Seven of the Best Kensi and Deeks’ Moments (OTP Favorite!) | These two, love them so much. Thus the reason they get their own list around here.

5:  A Simple and Sweet 2020 Gift Guide | I always enjoy writing these gift guides even though they are far from comprehensive.

6: This is the Best New 2020 Christmas Romance Fiction to Anticipate | Because we all love a good list.

⇉ THROWBACK FAVORITES | aka the section in which we take a peek at what I was writing about or posting this time last year.

favorite character traits

1: ‘Bluff City Law’ Pilot: Family Tension Is The Best Defense

2: How I Decorate: A Simple and Sparkling Décor Guide

3: ‘The Knight Before Christmas’ is The Best Kind of Fun!

4: ‘Let it Snow’ is the Kind of Fun You’ll Enjoy: Novel vs Movie

5: Make a Fun Return to the Village Life of ‘Midsomer Murders’

6: The Proud Protectors: 20 of the Most Memorable Veteran Day Characters

» Monthly Popular Posts | November 2020 «

‘The Aeronauts’ is An Unusual Adventure from Amazon. A review of the period drama film with Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne. Text © Rissi JC

»Popular Posts the Week of November 24 – 30 «

»Finding Wonderland on Booktube | November 2020 «
»Books Read | November 2020 «

aka the SUPER unimpressive reading month

(In fairness, I did also finish reading 25 Days ‘til Christmas, which was an October carryover)

PS: New Social Media! Lately I’ve been super “blah” about social media which means a lack of creative spark. Instead my creativity goes into this space rather than say, my Instagram page. But lately I did create pages on MeWe, Rumble and Parler, which I’m excited about. I’m still on all of the usual social medias and haven’t done much with these new pages, but if you’re interested, please come by and visit or follow my eventual publications over there, too. Are you on any new social media? Let me know!

There we are, another end of month close, and with it another Finding Wonderland “wrap up.” Tell me, did you discover any AMAZING new books? Bloggers? Booktubers? Bookstagram accounts? I’d love to “meet” these new accounts and the people behind them if so. Tell me about them or the books you’ve read… or anything goes.

Thank you for visiting Finding Wonderland

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please excuse the “disorder.” you can read more about Finding Wonderland’s changes, new follow options and why archive posts are a mess in my “Disorder + Feedback” post!

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