This is the Best New 2020 Christmas Romance Fiction to Anticipate


If you’re like me, this is way too early to start the reading of any Christmas fiction or watch Christmas movies. (Though given all of the tweets I saw about Christmas films back in July, I’m pretty sure I’m the odd one out.) Nonetheless, as I cannot find any good list of new 2020 releases, I made the decision to share some of the new 2020 releases you can find, and a few that I have read as well, because who doesn’t love options?

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Hopefully they’ll be something for everyone, whether you like straight up rom-com bliss or something with more of an emotional backbone, there’s a variety. Or at least I hope there is. If you don’t see a favorite Christmas novel on this list, take a look at last year’s 2019 edition! Perhaps it resides there, and if not, give it a shout-out in the comments. Let’s share, because we all want to know about it.

Christmas Fiction I Own

1: 25 Days ‘Til Christmas, Poppy Alexander

Why: Read this one only this year, and it’s cute. Nothing great as it definitely is more bittersweet (darker for a Christmas read), but it has some good qualities. Add on Goodreads

2: Carols and Chaos, Cindy Anstey

Why: This historical YA book is all kinds of darling. Makes me wonder why I haven’t read any of Cindy’s prior or latter books. Add on Goodreads

3: We Met in December, Rosie Curtis

Why: I didn’t love this one as much as I hoped, but it’s sweet enough, especially if you’re looking for a British set story. Add on Goodreads

4: 10 Blind Dates, Ashley Elston

Why: This YA rom-com is a dozen different kinds of cute. Only reservation I have with it is the end which feels “too casual” for my liking. That said, I’d still revisit this book about a girl who’s large family decides to set her up on a series of good (and uncomfortable!) blind dates. Add on Goodreads christmas fiction 2020

This is the Best New 2020 Christmas Romance Fiction to Anticipate. Talking some of the Christmas fiction 2020 to enjoy! © Rissi JC

5: Like a Winter Snow, Lindsay Harrel

Why: This one looks really sweet and fun. Not one I’ve read, but I’ve a sense it’d be a good read.

6: It Happened At Christmas, Christen Krumm

Why: This one is a YA re-telling of While You Were Sleeping, and guys, it’s darling. Add on Goodreads

7: Never Kiss a Man in a Christmas Sweater, Debbie Johnson

Why: Picked this one up because of the Hallmark movie. Needless to say, this book is no Hallmark movie. With its suggestive comments and profanity, it’ll be considerably different on screen, but the concept is sweet, and really, I quite love the lengthy title. Add on Goodreads

8: The Perfect Christmas, Bell Renshaw

Why: Sweet and comforting, this small-town romance is ideal for those who like Hallmark Channel. Plus, Bell has another title in this Christmas-y series, too. Add on Goodreads

New 2020 Christmas Romance Fiction

Sorted by author

1: Love’s Pure Light (a Four-Story, Four Generation Collection)

Why: Penned by the author quartet of Suzanne Dietz, Shannon McNear, and Deborah Raney, this collection was shared with me by the final co-author, Janine Rosche. Goodreads

2: The Christmas Swap, Sandy Barker

Why: This one sounds like one of my most favorite Christmas movies which is The Holiday. Not sure of anything else about the book, but I’m interested for sure. Goodreads

3: The Twelve Dates of Christmas, Jenny Bayliss

Why: This one sounds really fun and festive. The illustrated cover design too helps to sell this as a reality, and the story of a woman who’s best friend signs her up for a dating service seems a good premise, too! Goodreads

*Adult secular fiction; read at discretion

4: This Time Next Year, Sophie Cousens

When: December 1

Why: This one sounds more like a New Year’s story, but it could still be festive. It’s about two strangers, both born just after the New Year, who serendipitously meet on their Thirtieth birthday. Goodreads

*Adult secular fiction; read at discretion

5: While it Was Snowing, Tari Faris

Why: One of the  novellas included in Faris’ Restoring Heritage set, this novel looks darling and I’m sure the story inside is equally so. Goodreads

6: Like a Christmas Dream, Lindsay Harrel

Why: Another Christmas read in Lindsay’s set of novella-like stories, this is one I don’t yet own, but someday I hope to enjoy her sweet seasonal contemporary romances. Goodreads

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7: Roping Christmas, Shanna Hatfield

Why: This is an indie release that is classified as a Christmas western. The plot is about a cowboy who is asked by his rodeo sponsor to teach a city girl about how their business works. Goodreads

*this is classified as a Christian read

8: A Princess for Christmas, Jenny Holiday

Why: This one is likened to a Hallmark Christmas movie. It follows a too-busy-for-anything cab driver who is raising his little sister, and of course, a princess. Goodreads

*Adult secular fiction; read at discretion

9: An Ivy Hill Christmas, Julie Klassen

Why: I suspect anyone who likes historical fiction will enjoy this one. Klassen’s books receive all kinds of accolades, so make sure to take a look if you’re looking for that sort of read. Goodreads

10: In a Holidaze, Christina Lauren

Why: Pretty sure I’ve decided this contemporary writing duo is not going to be a “voice” I like, but if there were a book I would still try by them, it’d be a Christmas read since I cannot seem to help myself when it comes to picking up new seasonal fiction. This one is a kind of Groundhog Day premise. Goodreads

*Adult secular fiction; read at discretion

11: All I Want for Christmas, Wendy Loggia

Why: This one follows a girl who loves Christmas, but she doesn’t have a special someone to kiss beneath the mistletoe. Of course this becomes her one wish, and a series of events lead her to someone who she’s sure isn’t the one… or is he? Goodreads

*YA secular fiction; read at discretion

12: Jingle all the Way, Debbie Macomber

Why: Debbie has written countless novels, and had some of them turned into Hallmark films. I’ve never read her books, but this 2020 release looks sweet, and is sure to have plenty of seasonal charm. Goodreads christmas fiction 2020

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13: Happily This Christmas, Susan Mallery

Why: One of the most prolific authors, Susan Mallery returns with another contemporary romance in her latest release. I do own a previous Christmas novel by her that I started, but never finished reading. Have you read her books? Goodreads

*Adult secular fiction; read at discretion

14: New Year’s Kiss, Lee Matthews

When: December 1

Why: This one just sounds way too fun. It takes place at a resort, and while I sure it has some Christmas-y content, its title suggests it’ll be more of a welcome-the-New-Year kind of rom-com. Goodreads

*YA secular fiction; read at discretion

15: One Way or Another, Kara McDowell

Why: A girl with anxiety cannot decide where to spend her Christmas break, and so in a kind of Sliding Doors holiday, she is able to live both realities. Goodreads

*YA secular fiction; read at discretion

16: A Very Merry Movie Guide, Rachel McMillan

Why: Ok, so no this one isn’t fiction, but come on, we cannot leave off a book that feeds our seasonal addiction that is TV Christmas romances! It’d be simply scandalous if we were to overlook this one. Plus though I haven’t seen it in person, the illustrations look stunning. Goodreads christmas fiction 2020

17: Mistletoe and Mr. Right, Sarah Morgenthaler

Why: Quite curious about this book, which is book two in this author’s series, all set in a small Alaskan tourist town. They just seem as though they’d be fun reads. Goodreads

*Adult secular fiction; read at discretion

18: Honey for the Holidays, Jessica R. Patch

Why: Another novella that’s sure to be sweet in the inspirational and Christian fiction genre. This one is a story about a man who, in order to achieve a professional goal, must work with his ex! Goodreads

This is the Best New 2020 Christmas Romance Fiction to Anticipate. Talking some of the Christmas fiction 2020 to enjoy! © Rissi JC

19: The Winter We Met, Samantha Tonge

Why: For one thing this cover is SO much cuteness, and the second, it sounds fun about a couple who meet when seated together on a plane. Goodreads

20: A Match Made at Christmas, Courtney Walsh

Why: Courtney’s books are always fun, and as this is a Christmas one, I have no doubt this will be the same. Goodreads

That’s a wrap on today’s attempt to be all-encompassing of the 2020 Christmas fiction (stress on the use of attempt). Which titles are you looking forward to? Are there any I missed or titles you’re eying for some seasonal and festive reads? Tell me all about the books you plan to enjoy!


This is the Best New 2020 Christmas Romance Fiction to Anticipate. Talking some of the Christmas fiction 2020 to enjoy! © Rissi JC

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  1. I LOVE the theme for this list, and am keen to check out so many of the entries, particularly It Happened at Christmas, Carols and Chaos, The Perfect Christmas, Love’s Pure Light, & A Princess for Christmas.

    I was also VERY excited to see a Shanna Hatfield book included; I just discovered her books this year, and for the most part find them to be romantic & enjoyable reads. In fact, she actually has two long-running series where every book is set at Christmas, one contemporary (Rodeo Romance) to which the book on your list belongs, and the other a historical one titled Hardman Holidays for which a new release is also being published first week of December that I’m very much looking forward to reading (we got to watch the hero grow up across the span of the series from the young boy he is in the first book to his romance in this latest one, and I LOVE the storyline).

    1. Hi, Kirsty! Apologies for this late reply. So glad you’re excited about some of these. I love a couple you call out, too.

      What a fun fact re: Shanna’s novels! I’m not sure if I’ve read any of hers or not, but I just ran across this while while scouring Amazon and lists for titles to feature, and felt as though it fit nicely. :)

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