A Simple and Sweet 2020 Gift Guide. Talking some Black Friday Amazon deals, books and more in this Christmas 2020 gift guide. Text © Rissi JC

A Simple and Sweet 2020 Gift Guide

November 22, 2020 1 Comment

Over the last few years I’ve curated simple little “gift guides.” It’s a term I use loosely since it’s in no way inclusive of all of the things or ideas there are out there. Still, it’s just fun to create these and lay out a few options, some of which go to the book camp (because, let’s be real, we’re bookworms here). Let’s take a look at the simple Christmas 2020 gift guide.

LIST | A List of Fun DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

I cannot promise this won’t be the same as 2019’s, but I will strive to add some new and different things. The format should be about the same, and then we’ll work out from there. So, for 2020, I’m sharing books (I mean this is a kind of unwritten rule, right?), and there they’ll be some of the usual Amazon tech things plus some other random things I like. Or if you’re more of a DIY person, I already shared a few ideas in that area.

Since this will get long (or at least longer than need be), we’ll just jump in, and take a look at what we’ll feature for this gift guide!


(Disclosure: this post does contain affiliate links; if you buy anything through these links, I may receive a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you. Read the disclosure page for details. If you have purchased anything through our links, thank you. We’re grateful.)


If you have a book lover on your list, my top recommendation (speaking solely for what I love) is a gift card to whatever book store you best like; this might be Barnes & Noble or perhaps it’s an Indie shop. Whatever, that’s always what I ask for because it’s way too much work to expect anyone to know what to get me – and heck, even I have re-purchased a book I already own thinking I didn’t. But if not, here are a few recent releases in fiction, including some festive seasonal reads, too!

Adult FictionThe Spice King by Elizabeth Camden; Before I Called You Mine, Nicole Deese (a lovely and emotional contemporary romance); Whose Waves These Are, Amanda Dykes (an impressive WWII novel); You Deserve Each Other, Sarah Hogle (a secular – meaning it’s an R or PG-13 rating, rom-com in reverse); The Crushing Depths,, Dani Pettrey (a great read for those who enjoy a suspenseful – but not too scary, adventure story!); The Printed Letter Bookshop by Katherine Reay; Stay with Me, Becky Wade (love this newest novel from Wade!); and many other possibilities.  

Seasonal | From YA lit to adult, and historical fiction, if you have someone on your list who enjoys Christmas romances and Hallmark Channel films, they might like any of the following. *Please note: several of these titles are secular fiction, and contain adult language or other content.

25 Days ’til Christmas by Poppy Alexander (a bittersweet, emotional novel); Christmas at Whitefriars by Elizabeth Camden; We Met in December by Rosie Curtis; 10 Blind Dates by Ashley Elston; While It was Snowing by Tari Faris; Let it Snow by John Green, Lauren Myracle, and Maureen Johnson (the 2019 Netflix original is based on this); Never Kiss a Man in a Chrismtas Sweater by Debbie Johnson; My New Crush Gave to Me by Shani Petroff; Second Chance Christmas by Bell Renshaw; Kiss Me in New York by Catherine Rider (a contemporary YA with rom-com elements); A Match Made at Christmas by Courtney Walsh; Snow In Love (a novella collection co-written by Kasie West that sounds super cute); and so many more! Looking for more seasonal fiction? Take a look at this year’s Christmas fiction list!

YA Fiction | Heart of a Royal by Hannah Currie (a sweet, ‘clean romance’ read if anyone likes royal romances); The Upside of Falling, Alex Light (this one is all kinds of cute!); The Life and (Medieval) Times of Kit Sweetly, Jamie Pacton; Love and Olives, Jenna Evans Welch; Moment of Truth, Kasie West; and SO many other options!

[Usually there’s a code for books on or around Black Friday, via Amazon, that will get you $5.00 off a $20 order; what that goes live, I’ll share here!]

I also love magnetic bookmarks (they STAY in place!), and they don’t get much cuter than this 30 festive and Christmas-y set.


Consider putting one of the popular Amazon devices under the tree this year! You can choose from the Kindle Fires (which are more like iPads and act as more of a tablet + reader in one; my mother loves hers) or the Kindle Paperwhite. These all look to be on Black Friday pricing now, and should run though the 27th or thereabouts, so keep an eye on that!

Here’s the links: Amazon Fire HD Tablet 10″ 32 or 64 GB | [NEW] Fire HD 8″ Tablet 32 GB | Fire HD 7″ Tablet 16 or 32 GB | Kindle with Built-in Front Light, White | Kindle Paperwhite, Waterproof with 2x the Storage

If your bookworm also likes to binge a good TV show or watch a funny movie, Amazon’s Fire Stick (with Alexa Voice Remote) is also always on a good sale too. I already own two (!!), but I’m 99% sure I’ll snag a third one [it’s only $18!]. You can own the “normal,” HD version with Alexa Voice Remote or there’s also a 4K with Alexa Voice Remote option of the streaming media player.


These aren’t book lover t-shirts, but I discovered Simply Sage Market this year, and picked up their ‘Homebody’ shirt because I’ve for years now the bulk of my life is spent in the home, which made it too fitting to ignore. They have other cute t-shirts, and you can add a fun headband (which are trending again!) or a cute scrunchie set, and yes, 90s kids, they are “cool” again.

Also, for the young fashionista, or for the girl who is perhaps just starting to look at makeup, consider curating a fun little “gift box” gift of scrunchies (or this cute set!) or a cute headband with maybe a mascara and eyeshadow palette or a Burt’s Bees or W3ll People lip gloss. *All depending on the person.

If a day at the spa is more your receivers thing, there’s cute slippers, loungewear, Tula face masks, or fun gift sets from clean skin care brands like Tula.


Ok, here’s the deal. Pretty everyone but me is not into gift cards. To me, it says nothing more than, “Merry Christmas, find a new [insert item here] that you like, and enjoy!” I appreciate them and love the chance to go into Barnes & Noble or wherever the card may be from, and shop! But I know to others (like my family), it says you don’t care enough to pick something out. However, since I own way too many books for anyone to know what I have (and you may be in this situation, too), I’m one happy girl with a B&N (or Amazon!) gift card so I can pick out that book I’m excited to read.

Plus, Amazon usually runs amazing deals on or around Black Friday for select gift cards; I’ve purchased a $100 iTunes gift card for $80, and that’s a pretty darn good deal. It’s just a matter of catching this since it’s usually on a time/quantity limit [and it’s always been the physical gift cards on sale vs the e-cards]. Or of course, if you opt for the techie gift, there’s always Amazon Kindle [book store] gift cards. You can also get some really cute gift card boxes.

iTunes Gift CardsNetflix Gift Cards


If the person on your list likes literary things, Etsy is full of all kinds of odes to literary tomes or characters; among other options. A few of which include this beautiful Little Women 2021 calendar (I mean, seriously…!); and illustration print of the March sisters; or this Louisa May Alcott ‘Jo’ quote.

From last year, the seller still has this customizable quote print (you choose) that features a Pride and Prejudice quote in its listing. There’s also this set of ‘Bronte Sisters’ quote prints that are less minimalist and more about looking pretty.

Finally, like last year, in this Christmas Gift Guide 2020 section, I have to give shout-outs to these gorgeous Thomas Nelson, limited edition ‘season’ classics. They would be perfect to gift to those who love literary things! Their last drop were “summer editions” which include Persuasion The Wonderland Collection and Jane Eyre


These combo book-to-film pairs go together perfectly! If books that have become movies are more their thing, here’s some of the 2020 book-to-film adaptations, plus a few nostalgic favorites.

Anne of Green Gables (bookDVD); Austenland (bookDVD); Brooklyn (bookDVD); The Choice (bookDVD); Crazy Rich Asians (bookDVD); Emma. (bookBluRay/DVD); Far from the Madding Crowd (bookDVD); The Inheritance (bookDVD); Jane Eyre (2011) (bookDVD); The Lost Husband (book, DVD); Pride and Prejudice (2005) (bookDVD); The Secret (book, DVD); and so many more!

That wraps up this Christmas 2020 gift guide; what is on your list this year? Do you have any amazing places to shop or things to add to a list? Leave all of your best ideas or thoughts below! What’ve your favorite kind of gift to receive, and most importantly to give? Whatever you’re giving this year, remember, have fun with it.


A Simple and Sweet 2020 Gift Guide. Talking some Black Friday Amazon deals, books and more in this Christmas 2020 gift guide. Text  © Rissi JC
A Simple and Sweet 2020 Gift Guide. Talking some Black Friday Amazon deals, books and more in this Christmas 2020 gift guide. #ChristmasGifts #ChristmasShopping #GiftIdeas #Christmas Click To Tweet

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amateur photog. #bookblogger. downton abbey. inspys. internet-photo-shy. writer. the aspiration is to someday write professionally. a girl can dream, right?

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