These 18 (Mostly) Cozy Winter Movies are Perfect to Enjoy. Talking some cozy winter movies! Which have you seen? © Rissi JC

These 18 (Mostly) Cozy Winter Movies are Perfect to Enjoy

December 13, 2020 2 Comments

Winter is nearly upon us, and while everyone else has already published lists on which movies may best suit the movie watcher this time of year, I prefer to watch seasonal movies in their season. (And let the other seasons have their time in the sun.) Today we’re rounding up a collection of 18 cozy winter movies to watch albeit, some are less “cozy” and more adventurous, but we’re still rolling with it.

LIST | 20+ of the Best Cozy Movies to Stay in With!

On this list is adult and children’s titles, romance and drama, adventure and danger. Needless to say, there’s an array of options (or this is the hope) to pick from, and a little something for everyone. Excluded from the list is Hallmark romances (despite their being many winter ones!) because let’s be real, I talk about these quite enough.


(Disclosure: this post does contain affiliate links; if you buy anything through these links, I may receive a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you. Thank you to anyone who makes a purchase through these links. Read the disclosure page for details.)

1: By the Light of the Silvery Moon

These 18 (Mostly) Cozy Winter Movies are Perfect to Enjoy. Talking some cozy winter movies! Which have you seen? © Rissi JC

To be honest I cannot remember if I’ve seen this sequel to On Moonlight Bay or not. Either way, this 50s Doris Day rom-com promises to be a good time. [G]

You can see By the Light of the Silvery Moon digitally on Amazon Video

2: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

This one is pretty obvious; simply had to include it with all of its winter-y magnificence. [PG for intense battles]

You can see The Chronicles of Narnia digitally on Amazon Video; or with a Disney+ subscription

3: The Cutting Edge

This is an oldie title, but still fun. It’s about a figure skater and hockey player who must become a pair’s figure skating team. Lots of hate-to-love stuff goes on! [PG for innuendo, profanity]

You can find The Cutting Edge on DVD (via Amazon)

4: Frozen

I mean really is there a cuter animated movie than this one about sisters and their lovable (and loyal!) sidekicks? Pretty sure the answer is no. [A typical Disney PG is this film’s rating.]

You can find Frozen and Frozen II digitally on Amazon Video; or if you have a Starz subscription

5: Happy Feet

These 18 (Mostly) Cozy Winter Movies are Perfect to Enjoy. Talking some cozy winter movies! Which have you seen? © Rissi JC

Who isn’t happy watching these little penguins dance their hearts out? [PG]

You can find Happy Feet or Happy Feet Two digitally on Amazon Video

6: The Holiday

the holiday

Is there any winter-esque movie that makes you happier? I’d argue no. This film makes me ridiculously happy, and while it takes place in its majority prior to Christmas, there is a little New Year’s celebration at the end, and it feels right for every single character, which in turn makes it right for us. [PG-13 for sexual content/language]

You can see The Holiday digitally on Amazon Video or, at publication, on Hulu

7: The Huntsman: Winter’s War

A film that is all about a bitter queen (and her sister!) with ice in her heart? Yeah, this fairy-tale re-telling (sort of) seems a grand addition if you like more of an adventurous watch. [PG-13 for action/adventure violence/some sexuality]

You can see The Huntsman: Winter’s War digitally on Amazon Video

8: Just Friends

This isn’t a “good” movie by any means. By this I mean, it’s a slapstick (sometimes inappropriate) comedy that is nothing special. But sometimes we all need that kind of movie, right? This one is primarily set in the winter, and features Ryan Reynolds, too. [PG-13 for sexual content/innuendo, profanity]

You can find Just Friends digitally on Amazon Video

9: Knives Out

knives out

This isn’t a “me” movie (no matter how much I want it to be), but I did enjoy it enough (the writer’s TOTALLY give away the baddie), and if you like cozy mysteries, you just may enjoy this one. Plus, it’s A list cast IS impressive. [PG-13 for profanity/crude humor, innuendo]

You can find Knives Out digitally on Amazon Video

10: Little Women (1994)

Any version feels good on a list such as this, but the 1994 is still my nostalgic favorite. No matter which one you go with, all of those snow-covered scenes make it an ideal fit. [PG]

You can see Little Women (1994) digitally on Amazon Video

11: New in Town

Renee Zellweger is hilarious in this winter-y romantic-comedy set in Minnesota. The plot is stereotypical (executive arrives to make cuts in a small-town), but the way the actors present and play everything makes it fun. [PG for some innuendo/rude humor]

You can see New in Town digitally on Amazon Video

12: New Year’s Eve

New Year's Eve

I’ll admit I like Marshall’s holiday themed films. They’re fun and silly, and just want I need to end their respective holidays; New Year’s Eve is one I make a habit of seeing each year, and it’s just… entertaining, plus several of the threads have that heart-warming feel we love. [PG-13 for crude humor/sexual innuendo, profanity]

You can see New Year’s Eve digitally on Amazon Video

13: The Polar Express

SO many people love this film. I have not seen it, but I’m sure it’s sweet. It IS a Disney film after all, so one thing I know is it’s impressive as a production. [PG]

You can see The Polar Express digitally on Amazon Video

14: Serendipity

Not a favorite romantic-comedy of mine, this one still has a memory attached and so I keep it around because of this. Still, the story of missed chances of two people who just may be right for each other has its charms. Also, there’s some sweet winter-y scenes, too! [PG-13 for innuendo and language.]

You can see Serendipity digitally on Amazon Video

15: The Shop Around the Corner

Pretty sure this one covers Christmas, but I don’t know how much of it. It’s been years since I saw this, and so my memory is clouded. That said either way, it’s a winter rom-com. [G]

You can find The Shop Around the Corner, digitally on Amazon Video; or at publication HBO Max

16: War & Peace (A&E)

This film isn’t cozy (I promise I know this), but it’s defiantly a WINTER. If you like something of a more classic nature or just an epic kind of romance, this just may be your kind of viewing. Plus, the cast is just lovely. [TV-14 for sexual content and intense battles.]

You can see War & Peace digitally on Amazon Video

17: While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping

I had to include this one because it’s iconic (in my view) and also, it’s got all of those fun Christmas into New Year’s scene during which there is, of course, plenty of snowfall on the ground! Also, like The Holiday, I’m likely always going to include this title on a list such as this. [PG]

You can see While You Were Sleeping digitally on Amazon Video

18: Winter’s Tale

Bittersweet though this star-crossed lovers film is, it does have some beautiful moments. [PG-13 for sexual content]

You can find Winter’s Tale digitally on Amazon Video

BONUS! Ice Castles (2010)

Don’t think I’ve seen the 70s version of this story, but this re-make about a figure skater who, at the height of her young fame, becomes blind is a sweet dramady about finding the people who really matter and care. You can find Ice Castles (2010) digitally on Amazon Video

What are some of your favorite winter movies to watch? Any of these on your list? Any other comforting favorites you love? Comment all of your thoughts below.


These 18 (Mostly) Cozy Winter Movies are Perfect to Enjoy. Talking some cozy winter movies! Which have you seen? © Rissi JC
These 18 (Mostly) Cozy Winter Movies are Perfect to Enjoy. Talking some cozy winter movies! Which have you seen? #Movies #WinterMovies #Romance #CleanRomance #Mystery #PeriodDrama Click To Tweet

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