Prior to 2020, this type of list has been published around this space. That said, it’s been a few years since I’ve published a list of favorite Christmas movies to watch, and so this year seems as good a year as any to take a trip down Christmas movie lane as well as gush over a few newer additions.

LIST | These 18 (Mostly) Cozy Winter Movies are Perfect to Enjoy

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Some of these may not be considered Christmas movies in the strict or proper sense, but there’s Christmas to be had, and so we include them. The titles that will be excluded (almost! I had to add a couple) are Hallmark Channel originals since we all know I already discuss those quite enough as it is. I do include some other TV or streaming titles because when one likes something you can never talk too much about it. (At least I’m hoping this is true!) There’s some repeats from the lists of prior years as well, because when ya’ like something, you like it. With all of the pre-list details out of the way, let’s get to look at the films that made the list, shall we?


1: 12 Men of Christmas

For some reason this film makes me laugh every time. It features Broadway star (and award-winner!) Kristin Chenoweth in a romantic-comedy that takes a few cues from Pride and Prejudice. It all just fits. The film is TV-14 for some sexual content/innuendo, minor profanity

2: Christmas in Connecticut
christmas in connecticut

Classic movies are not my jam, but this is one I try to make time for each year. What can I say, it’s just fun. This film is not rated

3: Christmas on the Bayou

Like a few others on this list, this isn’t one I religiously watch each year, but I have seen it more than once and think it’s quite fun. The only bit I don’t love is the whole Santa Claus story. That said, Hilary Burton, who I do like, leads the cast. The film is TV-PG

4: Christmas with the Kranks

We saw this film “by accident” the year it opened when we were together with family. We were meant to see something else (I think National Treasure), but my cousin called about the wrong movie time, and so this is what we could see. Since then, my immediate family watches it each year. It’s ridiculous, but funny! The film is PG for some crude humor

5: Christmas with Holly

To be honest, I don’t watch this one every year, but I’d like to. It’s fun and sweet, and the cast is fantastic. The plot follows three men who end up taking in their young niece. The film is TV-PG

6: Eloise at Christmastime
FAVORITE CHRISTMAS MOVIES TO WATCH YEAR AFTER YEAR. Sharing a few favorite Christmas movies & some additional titles to watch! © Rissi JC

Ok, I’ll admit adding this one may be unusual but I first watched this as a kid on TV (a Disney movie night), and thought it was darling. It’s got a little bit of Broadway-esque music, a darling titular character, and of course, Julie Andrews. What could be more fun? This film is TV-G

7: Fallen Angel

Another touching and bittersweet film that still ends well. Gary Sinse features in this film about a man who reconnects with a woman he knew in childhood, and the mysterious circumstance that connects them. The film is TV-PG

FAVORITE CHRISTMAS MOVIES TO WATCH YEAR AFTER YEAR. Sharing a few favorite Christmas movies & some additional titles to watch! #ChristmasMovies #Movies #Christmas #ItsaWonderfulLifetime #FavoriteMovies #FavoriteThings Click To Tweet
8: The Holiday
the holiday

Pretty sure this one makes the list every time I publish this sort of curated collection, but let’s be honest, it’s a gem. I adore the cast, and there’s a sequence in this film that will melt your heart. Plus, Kate Winslet’s whole neighbor story is all kinds of sweet. This film is PG-13 for language, and adult content (sexual innuendo, content)

9: Miracle on 34th Street (1994)
FAVORITE CHRISTMAS MOVIES TO WATCH YEAR AFTER YEAR. Sharing a few favorite Christmas movies & some additional titles to watch! © Rissi JC

We used to watch this EVERY Thanksgiving night after we got home from our day with family. These past few years we haven’t, but this story of believing in the impossible remains a favorite. The film is PG

10: The Most Wonderful Time of Year
Christmas Movie: Mini Reviews

This one is one of those sappy (but CUTE!) films that makes you question the heroine in a “um, have you lost your mind” kind of scenarios. That said, I’ve seen it multiple times, and it still makes me smile. The film is TV-G, PG

11: A Princess for Christmas

This one has its production flaws, but it’s the first royal Hallmark I saw (and they produced… I think), and so it has a nostalgic factor for me. I don’t get it re-watched each year, but I could. The film is TV-G

12: The Princess Switch
The Princess Switch

I know this is a “controversial” film (in the way a Christmas movie can be so), and very few people actually like it, but it’s 100% one of my and my mother’s favorites. Is it silly? Sure. Do we care? Nope. It’s fun and that’s what matters. The film is PG-13

You can find The Princess Switch digitally on Netflix

13: Undercover Christmas
FAVORITE CHRISTMAS MOVIES TO WATCH YEAR AFTER YEAR. Sharing a few favorite Christmas movies & some additional titles to watch! © Rissi JC

I have to include this film because it’s one of my mother’s TV film favorites. We saw it years ago on television and each year we re-watch it. She loves that it has a tiny hint of mystery (because she’s a mystery story) and the lead couple together. Plus, Tyne Daly co-stars, too. This film is TV-PG

14: While You Were Sleeping
While You Were Sleeping

Last time I created this kind of list someone reminded me of this 90s rom-com. I don’t tend to lump this one in with Christmas films, but it does take place over Christmas and then the New Year, so it feels like a nice fit. Plus, who doesn’t love the always cute Sandra Bullock in a romantic-comedy? This film is PG

15: White Christmas

An additional classic piece of cinema that I enjoy a re-watch of each year. I know this one quite well, and most of the time I even fast-forward through the musical numbers (they’re just so long!), but when it’s the classic strains of White Christmas, one tends to like to relive this story. This film is not rated


These aren’t personal year-after-year re-watch favorites, but I finally watched them this year, and they’re sweet (and some are on Amazon Prime!)

1: Christmas Catch

On Prime, this is a funny little Christmas film about a cop who just happens to fall in love with the subject of her surveillance. This one has cringy moments, but if you like Shannon Dohretey’s caper Christmas film, you’ll like enjoy this one. The film is TV-PG

2: The Christmas Contract
The Christmas Contract

Everyone but me loves this film. It’s not bad, I just don’t “feel” the spark everyone raves about. Hilary Burton (who I do like!) and several of her One Tree Hill co-stars feature in this film. The film is TV-PG

3: A Christmas Mystery

This is another “on the whim” watch, but it’s fun. There’s a mystery (obviously) that made me doubt a character, but of course, this could be because I watched something just prior to this that made the good guy a bad one! The film is TV-13

4: Christmas with a Prince

Like anything about royals, this one goes over-the-top in its romantics, but again, it’s cute. Also the main dude reminds me of Carlos PenaVega. The film is TV-G/PG

5: Coming Home for Christmas

Saw this one several years ago, and thought it was interesting. It has plenty of Christmas cheer, but opts for a more complicated plot about a family who isn’t exactly “one big happy.” The film is TV-PG

6: Falling for Christmas

Saw this one on a whim a year or more ago, and it’s a sweet one about skating. Plus Niall Matter co-stars! The film is TV-PG

7: Love at the Christmas Table

I’m probably the only one on planet Christmas movie who doesn’t love this one. It’s a favorite of so many viewers and features Danica McKellar as a familiar face leading lady. The film is TV-G/PG

8: The Spirit of Christmas
FAVORITE CHRISTMAS MOVIES TO WATCH YEAR AFTER YEAR. Sharing a few favorite Christmas movies & some additional titles to watch! © Rissi JC

This is another one everyone loves. I like it fine, but it’s not a swoony must-rewatch favorite of mine. Jen Lilley co-stars about a woman who falls for, you guessed it, a spirit. The film is TV-PG

9: A Very Country Christmas

Haven’t seen this one, but it sounds cute, and has Bea Santos in the female lead, a name you might recognize from the Canadian show Murdoch Mysteries. The film is TV-PG


FAVORITE CHRISTMAS MOVIES TO WATCH YEAR AFTER YEAR. Sharing a few favorite Christmas movies & some additional titles to watch! © Rissi JC

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  1. Love the idea for this post, and have to say that I think Eloise at Christmastime (the Broadway elements, Julie Andrews, & forbidden love romance just make it all so magical), The Spirit of Christmas, & The Princess Switch are probably the top three from your list I too would be most inclined to watch every year at Christmas.

    Also, falling for Christmas is not one I religiously watch every year either, but I have to agree that I find it very sweet as well (and thankfully not in a toothache way)!

    1. Right? I agree. There’s just something about the Christmas ‘Eloise’ that’s the perfect bit of Christmas magic. I like the first movie too, but this one is special.

      YAY for “The Princess Switch.” I haven’t watched it yet, but REALLY need to. Oh, and I should re-watch ‘Spirit’ too. I just don’t remember LOVING it, but I know SO many people enjoy it, so I feel as though I’m missing something. ;)

    1. I used to think so, but now I’m not sure. I’m not a winter person but I love so many things ABOUT this season (like Christmas lights, décor, movies, etc.). How about you?

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