The ringing in of a New Year may mean something different for everyone, but for many, like the start of each new day, it signifies a blank slate. A fresh page, if you will, of new possibilities, opportunities and chances. It’s kind of like a magic eraser on a whole new chapter to again make every effort to go after goals. 2021 book resolutions

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For me, a New Year has never really signified anything other than another day. In recent years, it’s a reminder of loss, but also, a few years now removed, of good memories, too. Do I sometimes ponder choices or goals, or the living of life in general at the start of any new January? Sure. Like anyone I perhaps set out a goal or something I want to improve in, but the question isn’t so much whether or not I do or achieve these, but rather, it’s more of a do you want to? question.

Resolutions are a funny thing, aren’t they? Each year, campaigns target their audience in all the normal things they’re sure are on millions of lists. They might be under some sort of banner of “get organized!” or “be a better you!” or any other similar catch phrase. Resolutions sound good in theory, but depending on what they are, they’re work. They’re commitment, and sometimes, they’re scary. This often means, we fail at our resolute goals… or do we simply not want them that badly?

Speaking for myself, I know I’m all kinds of a mess when it comes to goals. This is why I don’t go back and look at past year’s goals. It’s far too daunting. But as I am also a big believer in working towards something and pressing on in things you want to be better, or maybe you, as a person, personally want to grow in, I continue to write these yearly pieces of exasperation. Without further ado, here are a few of my 2021 book resolutions.


1: Detox (from Social Media!)

For the last 3-6 months (Instagram, longer for Twitter), I’ve become more and more disenchanted with social media. It bums me out because Instagram used to be “my” creative jam. I loved it. But now for a few reasons, it’s become more burden than joy. Plus, their term “updates” have placed even greater disappointment. It’s going to hurt if I decide to leave Instagram, but the platform is Facebook (which I’m over), and vice versa.

2: Engage (More!)

One of the things I used to love about this space (that we’re in right now) is the engagement with the people who take the time to stop here, and leave a comment (even if they didn’t love a movie I did *smile*). Part of this also means visiting all of the spaces of the wonderful people who show that time here. 

3: Intentional (Reading)

These past two months have been slim pickings for reading. I think this is simply because the Christmas season brings a really different schedule. But now, I want to get back to my usual reading at night instead of watching a TV show; they’re fun and all, but how am I supposed to read all the books when I cut into their allotted time? 2021 book resolutions

NEW YEAR, NEW RESOLUTIONS, NEW MENTALITY. Sharing some 2021 book resolutions, or at least those related to my bookish life. © Rissi JC
NEW YEAR, NEW RESOLUTIONS, NEW MENTALITY. Sharing some 2021 book resolutions, or at least those related to my bookish life. #SocialMedia #Opinions #Resolutions #NewResolutions #TopTenTuesday Click To Tweet

4: Invest (in Social Platforms)

In a nutshell, I suppose all of these resolutions are kind of the same basic thing, which mostly ties back to social media. But in 2021, I am excited to invest in social platforms, just not those of the usual sort! Currently I have a new Reader Group that I’d love anyone interested in books (or other fangirl things like film, etc.) to join. I’m not sure what I want the space to be just yet, but I hope it’s all about reading, good conversation and most of all, fun.

5: Time (Spent Wisely)

This is more personal, but also circles back to social media. When I first started on Twitter, I was very much a part of the bookish part of the platform to the point of responding within hours and keeping my timeline “clear.” Now, I can go days and weeks without looking at notifications. It’s not “good” to those I enjoy chatting with, but I’d rather invest my time in good conversation here versus a place that isn’t kind to anyone who differs from their opinion. All this to say, I want to be more aware of how much time I spend engaging in this space, which I do love, and living, growing and learning in life.

Whatever our 2021 resolutions are, I hope we go into it wanting to change in good ways and learn more about hobbies or topics we find interesting. I hope we spend more time with the people who invest in us, so that we too can invest in them, because at the end of the day, it’s these relationships that will be there for us no matter what. May we all find that one (or two if we’re multi taskers!) thing that we will put in the time and work because some things are worth the extra effort.

What about you? What are some of your 2021 book resolutions (or any)? Do you like new year goals or are you more of a day-by-day kind of person? Comment all of your thoughts – agree or disagree, down below. I’d love to chat with you on this subject.


NEW YEAR, NEW RESOLUTIONS, NEW MENTALITY. Sharing some 2021 book resolutions, or at least those related to my bookish life. © Rissi JC

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    1. Hi, Savannah. Unpleasant as social media is now, it’s nice to know I’m not alone. It’s true, everything does overwhelm and that’s what makes it a bummer. There are some people I genuinely enjoy chatting with on Twitter, but hte rest makes it unpleasant *and* also, I DO NOT like Twitter’s format of showing the ‘likes’ of the people I follow. I’ve learned so many things I never knew about the people I consider book friends, and it’s not something I need to know (as likely they don’t want to see what I ‘like’). Hope you enjoy the reader group if you join! You’d be most welcome.

  1. I think a lot of us are having that issue with social media- it’s awesome but can be stressful at the same time lol. so much to keep up with sometimes! Good luck with these!!! Your reader group sounds awesome. I think a lot of bloggers are wanting to do things differently, whether it’s spending more time focused on blogging/ reading vs all the drama, or just cutting back (there are so many social media platforms it can be hard to know where to focus efforts sometimes).

    1. There are a lot of different platforms nowadays. I’m going to focus my energy on the ones where I feel like their policies are less evasive; I just cannot with platforms like IG that say they protect our information but update with polices that suggest the exact opposite. It makes me sad because I do like Instagram in terms of the creativity and how it works. Right now I’m active on MeWe (because of its better privacy) and hope to find a Twitter-like platform I feel better about as well. As MeWe is where I started my reader group, I’m having fun with that, and though it’s small, I hope to see the book community grow over there. I kind of like the idea of being “new” over there so that there’s lots of room for growth. :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Greg!

  2. Love your goals, Rissi! Intentional is my watchword this year too, with getting back to reading, focusing on my blog, and staying away from social media. Sounds like a theme for many. You have inspired me to investigate getting more conversations going on my blog. Thanks and happy new year!

    1. YAY! I would LOVE to bring more conversation to this space because when I do have conversation, I feel like it’s at its best here (where there isn’t the headlines or “temptation” to share something about them, etc.). I have some more personal posts planned out and some are already long-hand written, but then I sometimes get nervous and don’t share them. Either way, like you, I’ll all about LESS social media and more fun conversation here. Hope that works for us. :)

  3. Social Media has been a real struggle this year. We want to be connected to others during this pandemic, but then there’s the different opinions about the pandemic, politics, and social issues. I set my Facebook on pause (even though I never really used it anyway). I miss the old Instagram, as well. I find myself rarely using it anymore. I’m happy to have this blogging community, which has remained a positive space (at least for me) throughout 2020. Good luck with your goals! <3

    Dedra @ A Book Wanderer recently posted: Top Ten Tuesday: My Top Ten Goals for 2021
    1. I don’t think I ever really “used” FB per se. I did at one time ask “questions” related to books/films, etc. but since I never garnered a following that took interest in that, it eventually went to only auto posts (so my posts automatically self published since the account was connected here). I’ve already disconnected my website from FB and have deleted all of my reviews/posts on FB. Haven’t deleted the page quite yet, but I will. I’m also close to deleting IG, but that one pains me more because of the creative arena it once was (to me). I’m so glad to have this space as well! It makes me want to invest my time HERE and hopefully, the conversations can remain good (as they have in this post!) which is what I like best about these spaces. :) Thank you for being a part of this good conversation, Dedra.

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