Before any of us knew of the existence of Folklore or Evermore, Taylor Swift did share she’d be re-recording five (or is it six?) of her previous albums. This is, as most people will have seen headlines about, because of the bitter relationship that formed between Swift and her former label. Unable to retain the masters, the country turned pop star decided to re-record her discography so as to own her music again. The first to drop is her second album, Fearless and today she re-releases the album (wondering why she put this one out first). On this day, we’re going to share our new Taylor Swift Fearless 2021 rankings and talk a little about her re-recorded tracks, too.


Just before Valentine’s Day, Taylor announced that the new recordings of Fearless were done and on the 14th, she appropriately dropped her new version of the beloved ‘Love Story.’ Like anything, I did buy this 2021 “Taylor’s Version” of the song and with exception to perhaps a more mature voice, it’s the same. So much so that listening to it is sure to bring us all right back to the nostalgia of eagerly buying and listening to Swift’s followup album on repeat. taylor swift fearless 2021

This 2021 (CD) edition of Fearless features every single song on Taylor’s sophomore release, an Elvira mix of ‘Love Story’ and six additional “From the Vault” songs. Songs that she wrote circa 2008 but never did release. Today, much as I might like to talk about the songs we already know and love (and let me tell you, it’s been so long that with exception to something like ‘Love Story,’ hearing these again is like getting new songs), let’s talk about those six new tracks.


Ranking from least to most favorite

6: Bye Bye Baby (track 26)

More breakup lore. Don’t love this one. I like how it sounds but it the lyrics aren’t my favorite.

5: You All Over Me (track 21)

This one starts out similarly (or it sounds so to me) as ‘Peace.’ In fact when I first hit play, I was sure that I was playing a song I’d already heard. There’s references in this one to songs like ‘Clean’ (though maybe not intentional) and this one just sounds similar to other of Swift’s songs. taylor swift fearless 2021

4: That’s When (track 24)

Unlike some of Swift’s songs, this one tells of a woman leaving a relationship (for space) and has a little bit of personal responsibility (“I knew my words [were harder to ever take back]”). This reason alone makes it interesting. It’s not my favorite at first blush. This one is a duet with Keith Urban.

3: Don’t You (track 25)

Another portrait of a relationship gone wrong. There’s something about this one that I do really like. But I’m not sure what it is just yet.

Note: I do like that Taylor also produces a couple of these new tracks to “feel” like the Fearless era. taylor swift fearless 2021

THE MEMORABLE MUSIC IS OUT TODAY! ENJOY ‘FEARLESS’ (TAYLOR’S VERSION). Talking about my Fearless (2021) rankings. What's your favorite? © Rissi JC
THE MEMORABLE MUSIC IS OUT TODAY! ENJOY ‘FEARLESS’ (TAYLOR’S VERSION) #FearlessTaylorsVersion #Fearless #TaylorSwift #Music Click To Tweet

2: We Where Happy (track 23)

Starts out softly and really quite pretty. This one is definitely a story ballad about a couple making grand plans (including buying a farm and marrying). It’s a reflective song (rather than an angry blame game song) about when things were “good” and you’re at the best or happiest in a relationship.

1: Mr. Perfectly Fine (track 22)

This, as it’s been dubbed is 100% a bop! It’s like a break-up song (recounting how the boy who you broke up with is moving on while you’re still healing), but it’s upbeat. It also turns into a song of being okay and healing, which is more uplifting. The lyric Hello Mr. “Casually cruel” also reminds me of a line in ‘All Too Well.’

Have you listened to this new 2021 Fearless album? Does it make you feel all nostalgic? Do you like any of the songs more (or less!) than you did in 2008? What’s your impression of these “From the Vault” songs; how would you order these Taylor Swift Fearless (2021) rankings? Why do you think Taylor released Fearless before her self-titled album? Sound off with all of your thoughts below!


THE MEMORABLE MUSIC IS OUT TODAY! ENJOY ‘FEARLESS’ (TAYLOR’S VERSION). Talking about my Fearless (2021) rankings. What's your favorite? © Rissi JC

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