Social media trends come and go. Some have more longevity than others. Then there are those that re-appear. This past week I saw that the extremely popular Hallmark period drama show When Calls the Heart again made the trending page on Twitter (yes I will likely always call the X re-brand social media page by its original name). At first I didn’t pay it much mind because the show has a following that’s more than a little, shall we say, passionate. When I saw the trends continue, I decided to investigate the why of this When Calls the Heart trend. when calls the heart lucabeth

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To clarify, it’s been years since I watched this show linearly (I’ve seen an episode or two). But with a little bit of investigation, it looks like the trend stems from (yet again) romantic troubles. Going forward, we’ll get into spoilers, so just be aware.

When Calls the Heart is loosely inspired by Janette Oke’s prairie novels. The story follows passionate teacher Elizabeth Thatcher. At the conclusion of the fifth season, Elizabeth learns that her beloved husband dies. Then in the following seasons, likely more season seven, a love triangle forms between Elizabeth and newcomers Lucas, and Nathan. The former a refined gentleman more in line with the wealthy upbringing Elizabeth had and the latter a Mountie, the same noble career her husband worked in. In the season eight finale, Elizabeth made a choice and chose Lucas.

Some studying led me to discover that now in season ten, Lucas has an opportunity to help the town they call home by running for governor. Thing is, doing so will require Lucas move away. Elizabeth too would presumably follow the man she plans to marry, leaving the place she loves.

Just because a show heads in a direction doesn’t mean this will be endgame. Producers and writers have been employing this for years in order to keep you invested and talking about the show. We’re going to look at five ways the show could possibly resolve itself.


Will the writers do this again after already witnessing it with Elizabeth’s husband, Jack? Of course a breakup doesn’t carry the finality of death, but after asking fans to invest in that first romance for five years then barely giving them a chance to see Elizabeth and Jack as a couple, will they ask viewers to again not get to see a three-year relationship happy?


Perhaps these two will break up… but only as a mechanism for a season ten cliffhanger.


It’s possible, though unlikely, Elizabeth will find the courage to leave, staying with Lucas, just as she found courage all those years ago to come to Hope Valley.


The social media discussion ranges from devastation (team Elizabeth and Lucas) to hope that Nathan again has a chance to win Elizabeth’s heart. To me both reactions are extreme. Just because a show is heading towards what seems sad doesn’t mean it will. Shows have been employing this method for years. It’s a way to create buzz and bring viewers back. I also don’t think that if this does lead to a breakup, the writers will automatically put Elizabeth with Nathan. My impression of him is that he’s too good of a guy, no matter his affection, to welcome Elizabeth.


Like most shows, especially those on Hallmark, a high likelihood is the writers find a way to keep Elizabeth and Lucas together in Hope Valley.

These are all possible ways the tenth season could end. I will say that while I think there’s some unfair viewer reactions, the writer’s and producers have put themselves in this corner. (Albeit likely purposefully since they want buzz.) This starting way back when they killed off Jack. I understand the actor chose to leave, but there were other choices.

Now it’s like they are perhaps repeating a pattern minus the finality of death. Will they again unwrite three some years of a TV “ship” fans invest in? Even with the “need” for drama, just in case this is a thing universally unknown to TV writers, it is okay to have drama stem from something other than a TV romance.

It often feels and looks like this is something they don’t understand. This show being no exception.

I have zero idea what writers will do with this show. These are possibilities and fans will find out in the season finale. Whatever the ultimate outcome, I have a sneaking suspicion, it won’t have been worth the past week’s worth of Twitter fights.

See the season ten finale of When Calls the Heart Sunday October 15th on Hallmark Channel.

Do you watch When Calls the Heart? What do you think about the leading to this conclusion? How do you think it will end? Do you love Elizabeth and Lucas? Would you rather see her end up with Nathan? Do you think Elizabeth and Lucas could say ‘I do’ in the finale? How will the When Calls the Heart LucaBeth romance end (or continue)? Comment all of your thoughts and theories below. Let’s talk.


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