Bon Voyage! Let’s Take a Book Trip Around the World


Most of the locales we’re about to visit with today’s Top Ten Tuesday topic would require a passport. But fortunately, when it’s done in bookworm style, all we need is a little imagination. So let’s take a book trip around the world 2018 edition.  

That Artsy Reader Girl March 27: Books That Take Place In Another Country    

Bon Voyage! Let’s Take a Book Trip Around the World. Sharing seven books that take us on an adventure. Text © Rissi JC

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There are so many amazing places books and their respective authors visit. Not only that, but unless we’re talking Panem or The Glade, most of the places leave their reader wanting to visit. Or that’s what a good book does. Today we’re taking a little trip around the world which fortunately only requires a touch of imagination. Below are ten such stories that can take us on
an imaginative journey.    

The books I’ve collected below (which only number to seven this week) consist of books that while they a. have a place on my bookshelf or b. are “armchair adventures” I’d really like to read, they aren’t books I have read. Where is this reasoning coming from? Well, from the future schedule that asks us to talk about the books that awaken the travel bug in us. Ergo, that seemed like the better topic to chat about the stories I have read that awakens the armchair adventurer in me.  Here we go… let’s go adventuring, shall we?  

Book Trip Around the World 2018 Edition

1: The Heir and the Spare by Emily Albright | This has been a novel I’ve been curious about for quite some time. I’m so not a real-life royal aficionado, but when it comes to fiction or TV movies (hey, Hallmark Channel!), I’m all about a good royal romance. This one sounds cute – and is the only one not on my bookshelf. Amazon | Goodreads

2: Love, Lies and Spies by Cindy Anstey | Ah, 19th century London. What an interesting place this would be to visit! Although if I’m being honest, I don’t think I’d want to live in this world. But in this world where spies and lies collide (complete with some Jane Austen vibes mayhap?!), I might be willing to join the excitement. Amazon | Goodreads   

3: Romancing the Throne by Nadine Jolie Courtney | Another “royal” story. Only this one is contemporary, though it does still take place across the pond in Sussex. This one sounds really fun with its reality TV story twist. Amazon | Goodreads  

4: Wanderlost by Jen Malone | A European bus tour sounds like an interesting “place” for a novel to take us. Plus, this story just sounds adorable – and after months (years?!) of saying I’d like to read this novel, perhaps I finally will this spring. Amazon | Goodreads

Bon Voyage! Let’s Take a Book Trip Around the World. Sharing seven books that take us on an adventure. Text © Rissi JC

5:  Wish You Were Italian by Kristin Rae | …and here we have another one that’s been on my list for way way too long. But it also looks like a super cute read that’s titular setting is sure to provide some moments of exploring a new city. Amazon | Goodreads

6 & 7: Love and Gelato and Love and Luck by Jenna Evans Welch | Love and Gelato is on my bookshelf and one I’ve also been meaning to read for far too long. That cover is adorable, and Jenna’s follow up novel (releasing this spring) also looks and sounds darling.   Love & Gelato on Amazon | Goodreads ▪ Pre-order Love & Luck on Amazon or Add on Goodreads

Bon Voyage! Let’s Take a Book Trip Around the World. Sharing seven books that take us on an adventure. Text © Rissi JC

There ends another edition of Top Ten Tuesday. How did you spin your list this week? What sorts of books did you feature? What “book trip around the world 2018” would you take? Did you use ones you’ve read, or simply “overseas” adventures no matter their status on your TBR? Tell me all about the bookish fun. I look forward to chatting with you all.  

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    1. I agree. Doesn't it sound darling? Precisely the kind of read I enjoy over those long and humid summer months. :)

      Thanks for visiting, Kay.

    1. Same goes for me, Chrissi. It looks darling, and over the summer months, those are the best kind of reads. :)

      Appreciate you making Finding Wonderland a Top Ten Tuesday stop. :)

  1. Love, Lies and Spies does look fun, and 19th century London… yup! Wanderlost looks great- seriously, busing or backpacking through Europe would be so amazing. And I'm really looking forward to Love & Luck!

    1. Doesn't it? It looks so fun! Definitely one I'd like to read soon. Here's hoping.

      Hope we both like all of these books – including Wanderlost and Love and Luck. Gotta love fun "travel bug" stories.

      Thanks for visiting!!

    1. Aren't they darling, Amber? Gotta love cute rom-com book covers. :) Here's hoping I actually read Love and Gelato this summer; and that you also enjoy this one.

      Appreciate you visiting, friend – hope you're doing well. :)

    1. Right? I agree. So many new possibilities. Hope you discover some new potential reads. :)

      Happy reading – and thanks for visiting!

    1. Me too! Each time I see the book it's a mood changer. It's just so cute – and I've zero doubt, the inside is sweet too. Hope we both read Love and Gelato soon.

      Appreciate you visiting, as always. :)

    1. Thanks so much, Flavia! I appreciate you following along. Looking forward to visiting (and playing catch up!) your fun website – and reading your Top Ten Tuesday, too. :)

      Thanks so much for visiting; visit anytime.

    1. How fun. That's part of a good "abroad" story. It has to do its setting justice. :)

      SO looking forward to reading the two you mention, and here's hoping we both like Love and Luck.

      Thanks for visiting, Shannon.

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