On the Impact of a Good One-Word Novel Title


Who says there isn’t power in one mere word? Despite the fact that we seem to be programmed to like more informative or detailed titling, these one word novel title names just may prove otherwise.

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Sometimes it’s that one word that can have the “power” to say a great deal or convey a certain emotion just as well if not better than a three or five word title can. (Also, I noticed, at least on my shelf, that many one word novel title books are in the fantasy genre.) Then there are those titles that, while appropriate to the story, seem to be something of a mouthful for the interested reader or viewer – but I mean, come on, we all know we love a title like To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. Still, sometimes the less complex deserve a spotlight, too. Today I’m talking about ten of the books on my shelf with one word titles.

Let’s take a look of my bookshelf.

One Word Novel Titles

1: Zenith by Sasha Alsberg and Lindsey Cummings

The self-published sci-fi epic by two well-known names in the book community is one I haven’t read but I do have it on my shelf, so… yeah, someday. Goodreads

2: Unblemished by Sara Ella

This one is a Beauty and the Beast re-telling. Goodreads

3: Evermore by Jody Hedlund

Reading this one as part of the INSPYs 2020 longlist reading, and it fits with the topic hence, it goes with this topic. Goodreads

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4: Everless by Sara Holland

Like all of these, here’s another fantasy-esque book I haven’t read. Its premise reminds me of the Justin Timberlake film In Time which I did like as a popcorn flick. Goodreads

5&6: Legend and Warcross by Marie Lu

Haven’t read Legend, but I would really like to because Warcross did, quite to my surprise, entertain me. Legend on Goodreads ● Warcross on Goodreads

7: Wanderlost by Jen Malone

One of the rare contemporary novels I found; this one sounds so cute, and every summertime I say it seems like the perfect summer read, and still I don’t read it. Maybe this year! Goodreads

8: Renegades by Marissa Meyer

A kind of superhero novel from all I’ve heard; this one seems fun, so here’s another I hope to read soon(ish). Goodreads

On the Impact of a Good One-Word Novel Title. Talking about some of the books on my shelf with one-word titles! Text © Rissi JC
9: Submerged by Dani Pettrey

I’ve said this before, but this was the book that reminded me how much I love a good mystery. It’s still one of my favorite books. Goodreads

10: Windfall by Jennifer E. Smith

Another contemporary I meant to read back when it was new. It sounds like so much fun! Goodreads

On the Impact of a Good One-Word Novel Title. Talking about some of the books on my shelf with one-word titles! Text © Rissi JC
11&12: Heiress and Knox by Susan May Warren

Read Heiress years ago, and despite the fact that the multi-generational trilogy does have tragedy (which I am not a fan of), I remember being impressed. However, I have not read this Montana Marshalls series, which is a more recent publication for this author. Heiress on Goodreads ● Knox on Goodreads

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On the Impact of a Good One-Word Novel Title. Talking about some of the books on my shelf with one-word titles! Text © Rissi JC

What are YOUR thoughts on one word novel title books; do you like or dislike them? What sorts of titles do you like or what draws you to a book? Comment all of your thoughts
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  1. I liked Warcross too, it was my first Marie Lu book and I was very happy with it. I still need to get the sequel! And Wanderlost is a great title- i like the feeling it evokes, it just feels like something that would be a great summery read!

    1. I read the sequel, but haven’t yet read anything else by Marie… but I should. :) Right? I agree. ‘Wanderlost’ is indeed a great one. Appreciate your visit.

      *Apologies for the reply delay.

    1. Thank you! I do own Legend, but I haven’t read it. Glad to know about Everless. :) Thanks for the visit, Brooke.

      *Apologies for the reply delay.

    1. So fun! Hope you liked it then. :) Me too. Hopefully Renegades will be a soon someday read. :) Appreciate your visit.

      *Apologies for the reply delay.

  2. I didn’t realise how many books I’d have for this week’s prompt until I started looking up titles on Goodreads ? I totally forgot about Warcross and Renegades though, but they’re still on my TBR! Great list :)

  3. So many great books on your list! I really enjoyed the Montana Marshalls series and Legend is still one of my favorite dystopias. I want to read Warcross and Renegades sometime soon. I keep hearing how awesome they are. :)

    1. YAY! Glad to know this, Ashley. I need to read SO many of the more recent Susan May Warren books. :) Hope we both enjoy Renegades.

      *Apologies for the reply delay, Ashley.

    1. THANK YOU! I’m glad to know “Wonderlost” is good, Lindsey. Hope we both enjoy the books we share on our TBR. :)

      *Apologies for the reply delay.

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