Some small budget feels are just “meh,” and others impress. Based on a novel by Irene Brand, Love Finds You in Valentine is something I didn’t watch for quite some time. Now I’ve left myself to wonder why?

Love Finds You in Valentine (2016) Film Review

Shortly after the death of her father, Kennedy Blaine (Michaela McManus) learns that the family ranch and place her parents spoke so fondly of is being considered for a sale. Only the catch is, Kennedy must go to the Nebraska town where it’s located to sign the papers. Much as her parents loved their home, the one thing they never did is take Kennedy there. The star-crossed lovers left many years ago under the disappointment of their family and they never looked back. Now as a way to feel close to her parents, Kennedy decides to visit her father’s family home.

Once there she discovers that not everything adds up. She has an accountant telling her they’re losing money; a hard working ranch foreman, Derek Sterling (Diogo Morgado) telling her otherwise; and a friend and fellow law student who may have more than “just friends” feelings for her. love finds you in valentine

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‘LOVE FINDS YOU IN VALENTINE’: A ROMANCE AND MYSTERY. A review of the @UPTV film from the novel by Irene Brand. Who's seen this charming #romance? #Movies #WhattoWatch #CleanRomance Click To Tweet
‘LOVE FINDS YOU IN VALENTINE’: A ROMANCE AND MYSTERY. A review of the UPtv film based on the Irene Brand novel. All text © Rissi JC

Sometimes you go into a film not expecting anything (or much) and leave pleasantly surprised. This is how I went into watching this. With an unknown (to me) cast in the two main leads, and veteran supporting actors, the film is really pretty poignant. It’s also got a bit of a mystery for those who are, as my mother is, into a plot with some mystery.

The acting in this title is really pretty good too. I like the connection between the leads, and while I’m not an advocate for “insta love,” I do like that there’s attraction from the start. It also helps that the script doesn’t put constraints on the length of time that passes between the “meet cute” and the end. This allows the viewer feel like the relationship that forms from that is more authentic, and therefore we can cheer on the swoony run-in-your-arms moment.

If you like something with some emotional depth, but still plenty of romance, then Love Finds You in Valentine is charming. It’s a sweet watch, and one I thoroughly did enjoy.


‘LOVE FINDS YOU IN VALENTINE’: A ROMANCE AND MYSTERY. A review of the UPtv film based on the Irene Brand novel. All text © Rissi JC

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Content: nothing to note with exception to some “tense” moments (two men engage in a shoving match; and later, in an effort to save someone, they again get into a fight where there’s a gun), and some conversation regarding a dark past one character is not proud of. The film is TV-PG

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  1. So happy to hear this title was a winner for you; It’s definitely my favourite of the entries I’ve watched in the Love Finds You adaptation series so far, though I did really enjoy the Sugarcreek one with Sarah Lancaster as well!

    I think what I really love in particular about Valentine that puts it at the top is its western feel & cowboy hero, as well as the chemistry between the leads and the way their growing connection develops… Lindsay Wagner is also excellent.

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