It feels like a while since last I wrote a list curated to characters. I don’t think it has, but as I’ve been doing a freak ton of back end work on the website (which, I swear, is going to suck all of my new project passion), I haven’t really been working on new things. Still, with St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, I was inspired to look at a few our favorite Irish characters from fiction, film and TV, too.

LIST | 20 of the Novels & Irish Romance Movies for St. Patty’s Day

Like any sort of list, I’m sure I’ll miss some important characters, but we try our best to find some good ones and of course, sometimes one’s bias shows. We do have to give some of our most favorite characters a little extra love, right? Regardless of who makes the list, it’s going to require a bit of cursory searching, so let’s see what the search uncovers and introduce you to characters who are chauffeurs, feisty redheads and opinionated ex-IRA agents.


1: Tom Branson

From: Downton Abbey (ITV TV series)

downton abbey anticipation

I mean, if I put no one else on this list, this dude would HAVE to have a spot. I love not only his growth and progression in this period drama, but also the way the family he marries into comes to envelop him as a part of their family.

2: Haley Callahan

From: Chasing Secrets (Book)

Haven’t read this novel yet, but I did read a few chapters and I adore the first three books in the series, so I have every confidence Haley’s story will also be memorable. The plot follows the heroine, who also happens to be a bodyguard as she’s drawn back to a past she’d rather not remember. These books also NEED to be adapted.

3: Mary Kate Danaher

From: The Quiet Man (Film)

SOME OF OUR MOST FAVORITE IRISH CHARACTERS. Talking about some great Irish stories and characters! Who do you love? #StPattysDay #StPatricksDay #IrishCharacters #Irish #Movies #HappyMovies #Comedy Click To Tweet

I mean how could one create a list like this and not include Maureen O’Hara’s iconic character? I think it’s pretty much a must! It’s been years since I would have watched the film, but if my memory isn’t failing me, I’m pretty sure I did love the film and this character.

4: Moira Doherty & Sean

From: A Dance in Donegal (Book)

Haven’t read this new novel, but it sounds lovely and doesn’t seem like a book gets more Irish than a story like this, which follows a woman in the 1920s who, trying to fulfill her mother’s wish, travels to Ireland.

5: Mark Doran & Annie Mullaney

From: Durango (Film)

Haven’t seen this film in years, but I remember thinking it was really sweet. It films in Ireland and I think the love story has as kind of Romeo and Juliet element to it. But the plot follows a young man who leads a cattle drive across Ireland in a film that’s called “the first western set in Ireland.”

6: Jessica Fletcher

From: Murder, She Wrote (TV Show)

I don’t remember Jessica’s heritage to be honest (and yes, I’ve watched this entire series through twice because my mom loves it), but in my research I came across her name a few times.

7: Fiona Glenanne

From: Burn Notice (TV Show)

SOME OF OUR MOST FAVORITE IRISH CHARACTERS. Talking about some great Irish stories and characters! Who do you love? © Rissi JC

Fiona is the feisty and determined former IRA agent who falls for Michael, trouble is, she doesn’t know he’s a spy!

8: Eilias Lacey

From: Brooklyn (Film)

best cozy movies

Based on a novel, I only know the character of Eilias from the film adaptation featuring Saoirse Ronon. It’s a lovely period drama that drags the whole love triangle bit on too long, but ultimately ends in a happy way.

9: Marie

From: Marie (Book)

Read this book from Linda Windsor YEARS ago. I think. Remembering what it’s about is another story entirely. Either way, it’s a story quite different from anything else on this list give that it takes place in ancient times. favorite irish characters

10: Merida

From: Brave (Film)

She’s a Pixar heroine with a full, curly head of red hair and she’s feisty, too!

11: Parker Mitchell

From: Still Life (Book)

SOME OF OUR MOST FAVORITE IRISH CHARACTERS. Talking about some great Irish stories and characters! Who do you love? © Rissi JC

Cannot remember much about this novel because it’s been quite some time I read it, but do recall how good author Dani Pettrey does with Parker’s Irish accent.

12: Walter O’Brien

From: Scorpion (TV Show)

This may be stretching things a bit, but I’m including Walter because I quite like him, and also I think his family ancestry IS Irish… so we’re just going to roll with it.

13: Declan O’Callaghan

From: Leap Year (Film)

I know some viewers don’t care for this character, however I guess I never questioned whether or not I like him… I just do. He is a bit brash but then there’s also that kind of big-teddy-bear sort of trope thing going on. We just don’t get the chance to see it in action.

14: Kate O’Malley

From: The Negotiator (Book)

Honestly, much as I LOVED this book, again details are fuzzy. Still with their last name, there has to be some Irish history in this chosen family, right? The novels follow a group of adults who, orphaned as children, form their own family as siblings.

Do you know any of these characters? Do you have favorite Irish characters; who are they? Comment all of your thoughts down below. I’d love to chat.


14 OF OUR MOST FAVORITE IRISH FILM & BOOK CHARACTERS. Talking about some great Irish stories and characters! Who do you love? © Rissi JC

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  1. I love SO many of the characters you’ve chosen for this list, but at the top for me personally would have to be Branson, Fiona (she and Sam are my favourites from that show), Marie (which introduced me to the genre of medieval romance, and I’ve been in love ever since… also, thanks for reminding me, I am WAY overdue for a re-read on this one!), Kate, Parker (TOTALLY with you on how well Dani did with his accent, haha!), and Declan, though I am VERY excited to hopefully read A Dance in Donegal someday soon as well.

    1. I love Sam AND Fiona from Burn Notice. They’re fabulous. Have to agree with you on Branson. He’s probably my most favorite (of this list). Plus I think the writer’s do everything right for him and his story. :) Just so many good characters – and hope you enjoy ‘Dance.’ It looks really good. :)

  2. I have read some, including Dance in Donegal. It was super! I think Chesapeake Valor series is my favorite by Dani. And I’ll read anything by Lynette Eason. I guess I need to finish that series. And I don’t know anyone who has read Dee Henderson who does not LOVE the O’ Malleys.
    Great movies/ tv shows. Now I have got to look some of these up!

    1. I adore the O’Malley family. It’s been a long while since I read the books, but my mother re-read them a few years back and I’m pretty sure she still loved the books. Makes me feel nostalgic. :) Good to know ‘Dance’ is a good read. I thought it sounded lovely. :) Thanks for visiting, Paula. Always good to chat.

  3. What a fun list. I just recently watched both Leap Year and The Quiet Man again. I would also Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character from P.S. I Love You.

    1. Oo, yes! I need to re-watch P.S. I Love You (surprisingly, I do enjoy the film). I thought of that film while creating this but for some reason didn’t think to add a character from the film. My bad. :) And Leap Year is forever a likable re-watch for me.

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