It’s Friday and another week of news headlines, stories and silliness is keeping us entertained. Or at least the news can do this. We’re here to round up the lighter side of news with our pop culture recap, and see what stories broke in the past week. pop culture news one hundred and twenty-five

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If one things is always easy to count on during our searching for the stories, it’s TV show news. We have some of this, as usual, but are wanting (also as usual) to find a few more stories too. Let’s see what we find.



We have updates on that greenlit Suits spin off. Simply titled Suits: L.A., the show has found its lead in a familiar television star. Stephen Amell will take on the lead in the show. Best known for his role as Oliver Queen in the long running CW superhero show, Amell will play Ted Black, a man with a background formerly as a “federal prosecutor from New York,” with a description of being a “charismatic” man who “puts his needs above others.” He has a firm with an old buddy that “specializes in criminal and entertainment law.”

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Will this make you more or less likely to watch Suits: L.A.? As someone who does like Amell in everything I’ve seen him in, I’ll be curious to watch this.


Rumors ran around on social media that Julian Fellowes could be writing new TV episodes of Downton Abbey. The rumor, turns out, is currently just that. Fellowes currently has two shows, Belgravia and The Gilded Age on TV, says, as recently as last year, he “wouldn’t definitively rule out returning to the franchise.” To TalkRadio, he further says,

I have said goodbye to Downton so many times, and I have written the last scene about six or seven times. Now I’ve got out of the habit of making permanent statements whether it’s gone. It just gives me a lot of pleasure that so many people enjoyed it, so to feel that you created a show that cheers people up and they had a good time with it, I love that.

The CW will develop a new Sherlock drama with David Thewlis taking on the role of Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock and Daughter, a new scripted mystery drama  that will play with the idea of Sherlock having a daughter when a teenager learns Holmes could be her father, and wanting answers about her mother’s murder, she shows up on his doorstep. The show won’t drop until, sigh, 2025.

In yet more CW news, Walker, season four is set to return, finally, on April 3. The show, likely a very short season, will return with a birthday party for its titular character and familiar faces in the characters of Geri, his parents, daughter Stella, brother Liam, and co-workers, too. pop culture news one hundred and twenty-five

Taylor Swift has another edition of her upcoming April album dropping. This version is The Bolter, because its bonus track will be called, ‘The Bolter.’ It’s on preorder on her TaylorSwift.com website. Also interesting is the gossip page Deuxmoi said this week that they are hearing this album has to do with (maybe more?) Matt Healy than Swift’s ex, Joe Alwyn. Either way, everyone needs to cool it with the theories.

If you love FBI, the show will introduce a love interest, played by Comfort Clinton, for lead character OA. Though as all shows do, this romance won’t be smooth sailing when OA becomes “concerned that she’s mixed up with the wrong crowd.” The show, just fresh off its sixth season premiere, is still doing well and is one of CBS’ more popular dramas.

In superhero movie news, the must buzzed about (for a while now) upcoming Fantastic Four remake has its titular cast. Marvel will have Pedro Pascal taking on the role of Reed Richards; Vanessa Kirby as Sue Storm; Joseph Quinn playing brother Johnny Storm; and Moss-Bachrach will be taking on Ben Grimm. Right now July 2025 is its target release.

CBS reveals that its Monday show lineup returns with big audiences and ratings after its ninth month hiatus due to the strikes.

✨POP CULTURE NEWS ONE HUNDRED and TWENTY-FIVE: THE CW GETS ALL THE HEADLINES. Recapping the pop culture news of the week. Text © RissiWrites.com

The latest Marvel flick, Madame Web is getting more of a negative reaction, so much so that pop culture webzines are writing articles on it. Movie databases show a user score of anywhere from 57% (contrast this with the last Spider-Man which had 80% on the same site) to a 3.8 out of ten (on the same site, the last Spider-Man has an 8.2 rating). The film features Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney. Tell me, have you seen this one?

Which stories did you read about? Were any of these stories you cared about? Did you follow all the developments or trending tags? What stories made you smile? Comment all of this below!


✨POP CULTURE NEWS ONE HUNDRED and TWENTY-FIVE: THE CW GETS ALL THE HEADLINES. Recapping the pop culture news of the week. Text © RissiWrites.com

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