Returning to Hallmark, The Way Home, season two returns with familiar tropes and fans still adoring the show.

The Way Home, Season Two (2024) Hallmark TV Show Review

Letting go of the truth of what happened to her brother isn’t something Kat Landy (Chyler Leigh) will ignore. She wants to know what really happened to her beloved young brother. But recognizing that her ability to time travel affects her present, she takes a breather. Her daughter Alice (Sadie Laflamme-Snow) matters to her, and Kat wants to focus on this. Even while Alice prepares to leave for the summer to stay with her father.

Then there is Kat’s mother, Del (Andie MacDowell). Weary of Kat digging up ghosts in the Landry family past, she wants to move forward. Together, the Landy women try to put to rest a past that haunts them all differently. the way home season two

‘THE WAY HOME,’ SEASON TWO REVIEW: BLAME AND CONFLICT CONTROL SECOND YEAR. Full season review of #TheWayHome season two. #ChylerLeigh #AndieMacDowell #TVReview #Hallmark Click To Tweet
‘THE WAY HOME,’ SEASON TWO REVIEW: BLAME AND CONFLICT CONTROL SECOND YEAR. Full season review of the second season. All text © RissiWrites.com

Many viewers dub this Hallmark’s most unique show. While I do recognize that The Way Home is good, I don’t “get” it being unique. It is interesting and has unique factors, but without the time travel elements, this is another normal show for the network with its family arguments and drama. I’d be lying if I said this didn’t draw me in in because it does, but then something happens (relating to the actions of a certain character) and everything steps backward. This season plays up tropes such as misunderstandings and even, by the end, setting up a possible third love triangle. A trope that’s already overplayed, and is certainly something within this show I’m over. The whole blame game also really irritates me. I see this far too much in storytelling, so I’m used to it, but I find it infuriating that its accepted for one sex, but not the other. the way home season two


I do respect that the show starts off trying to put these women back together. Alice may need to stop being as difficult as she is, but she earns a pass being young and having a lot to learn. Meanwhile Kat needs to grow up. I cannot extend forgiveness to her. Have I watched shows before that have selfish protagonists who I like, sure, but she annoys the heck out of me. Del is the one character I like with the most consistency. The cast is solid, and turn in good performances, which helps bring more people in to view the show. Speaking of characterizations, I agree with Elliot’s assessment of Kat’s obsession, and yet he bears the villain mantle. Not to say he’s perfect, but between the two, Elliot is more right than wrong.

Those who enjoyed season one will again like and appreciate this follow-up. Again, this season walks through secrets, and amps up the blame game. Drama and familial ties tie up The Way Home and while there is some romance, none of them are ones I invest in. At least not at this point. the way home season two

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‘THE WAY HOME,’ SEASON TWO REVIEW: BLAME AND CONFLICT CONTROL SECOND YEAR. Full season review of the second season. All text © RissiWrites.com

Content: there’s nothing in the first episode that is outside the realm of normal Hallmark TV-PG for The Way Home season two. Teens have a party on the beach. There’s social drinking. A woman happens on a guy bathing, and it’s implied that she sees him naked (the camera catches him from the waist up). There’s a comment about a character and pronouns if that’s not your thing. the way home season two

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  1. I gave up on this one half way through this season. I just couldn’t anymore with Kat. She’s such an infuriating character. Also, initially, I enjoyed the time travel element, but it has taken over the show. At this point I would appreciate a normal family drama (with a less selfish and obsessive Kat).

    1. I AGREE. Kat annoys me WAY more often than I think a lead character should. What makes it worse is she doesn’t learn. Like she continues to try and “change” (or warn?) people even though she knows that doesn’t yield positive results. Plus I kind of have this thing, even in real life, about people obsessing over or wanting to relive the past. I think when we do that we miss the good in our present and in Kat’s case, I think she lets down the people in her present way too often and quite cavalierly too. The time travel element will continue to grow I think and given that the show does have a third season coming, the hints they dropped will mean more time travel madness in season three, too.

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