In a kind of vein like Monster-in-Law or The Wedding Planner, Mother of the Bride is Netflix’s attempt to tackle wedding shenanigan genre.

Mother of the Bride (2024) Netflix Film Review

Living in London and working hard is something Emma (Miranda Cosgrove) does well. But her greatest news is that she was just gifted a beautiful diamond by the impressive boyfriend she’s been dating. R.J. (Sean Teale) is charming and perfect, but now Emma has to sell this to her mother. Used to being in control and taking charge, Lana (Brooke Shields) doesn’t take letting her daughter go well either. She isn’t too excited about her marrying when her daughter’s social media career could be done from home, and Lana envisions Emma returning after London.

When they all jet off to an island for Emma’s lavish wedding, the guests include an aunt (Rachael Harris), uncle and the father of the groom (Benjamin Bratt), the man who once broke Lana’s heart.


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Brooke Shields returns to film and we also see some newer talent in these lead roles. It’s fun to see Sean Teale again in something (he was in the comedy Rosaline) and Miranda made her mark in a Nickelodeon series. For their respective roles, they are all fun and turn in entertaining roles. Plus we also see Chad Michael Murray too.

For something silly, Mother of the Bride is cute. It’s not a favorite. The film is kind of messy, which is supposed to be part of the plot, but the film also doesn’t really do the “messy” well. It’s from director Mark Waters, who we know from titles like Mean Girls or Freaky Friday (which Chad Michael Murray) also stars in. There are a few sweet scenes and of course, there’s a makeup thing where everyone has to be honest and vulnerable, too. The whole let’s-all-tell-the-truth thing is silly and dramatic. The ending is uplifting, which we love, but ultimately, this one is pretty forgettable.


‘MOTHER OF THE BRIDE’: NETFLIX TACKLES WEDDING CHALLENGES. Review of the 2024 Netflix comedy. Text © RissiWrites.com

Content: a comedic scene shows a woman walking in on a man naked (he covers his privates with a hat). There are jokes about incest and a pregnancy scare. There are some kisses and a same sex couple if that bothers you. Someone is hit in the privates as a comedy joke. The film is TV-PG.

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