Month in Review: March 2019 + #Booktube Talk


Hello, readers, friends and fellow bloggers. Whether we’re ready for it or not, another month is at its end. Here we are, about to enter the month that brings “showers,” for all those pretty spring flowers. Today, we again tackle Finding Wonderland’s past month with a Month in Review March 2019 edition. It’s been warmer here (and you can smell spring in the air!), I’ve been re-working a few archive reviews/posts here and there (anyone have tips to make this process easier!?), and I feel like March allowed me to rediscover a new energy for bookstagram. Here’s hoping that continues into April. Make sure to share some of your favorite discoveries in the comments.

Ciao, March 2019. Bonjour, April 2019!

Month in Review: March 2019 + #Booktube Talk

Month in Review

»Favorites & News from March 2019«

1: Bookshelf Space and Reorganizing (On it Goes) | This project is still ongoing. It’s long, it’s a task, and I’m wondering: WHAT AM I THINKING!?

2: Downton Abbey | Focus Features releases a slew of beautiful promotional posters for the 2019 film, and I must say, I’m swooning!

3: Flip That Romance | This new romance from Hallmark Channel is all kinds of cute; plus that almost-kiss trope? It’s ON POINT.

4: INSPYs Judging 2019 | Today is the last day (aka HOURS!) you can apply to be a 2019 INSPYs judge. If you like YA, speculative, general or any genre from one of our six reading categories, we’d love to have you apply.

 »Favorite Blog Posts«

(Blog posts that, while not necessarily the most popular, were fun to write)

1: Agatha Raisin, Series One: An Entertaining Sleuth Comedy | Because I love a good British mystery!

2: Discussion: A Few of the Reasons Why I Support Inspirational Fiction | Felt inspired to say some things, so I wrote this.

Robin Hood (2018)

3: Robin Hood – A Bold New Twist on the Old Legend | Because I do enjoy a fun Robin Hood-esque story; this one is quite unique.

4: Two Weeks Notice – A Romance Comedy Set in the WorkplaceAhh, throwback romantic-comedies. Always and forever a favorite topic.

5: What’s Playing on my iPod? | Edition One | Music is never boring.

 THROWBACK FAVORITES | aka the section in which we take a peek at what I was writing about or posting this time last year.

1: Home By Spring – Career Girl Reunites with Sweet-heart

2: Movie News | New Period Drama Adaptation! ‘GUERNSEY’ stars Lily James

3: Then Came You by Becky Wade (Audio Book) – Just as Enchanting as First Read, only Sweeter

4: Thor: Ragnarok (2017) – Colorful and Fast-Paced MCU World in Thor’s Third Adventure

» Monthly Popular Posts | March 2019 «

1: Book #Giveaway Hop! | March 2019 New Release Celebration

2: List | 23 Wholesome Romantic-Comedies

3: Eleven Books I Hope To Be My Spring TBR | Top Ten Tuesday

4: Love Blossoms (2017) – Romance Blooms and Mingles in Exotic Locales

5: 10 Amazing Books that Stand Alone | Top Ten Tuesday

»Popular Posts the Week of March 25th -31st«

1: Book #Giveaway Hop! | March 2019 New Release Celebration

What’s Playing on my iPod? | Edition One

2: What’s Playing on my iPod? | Edition One

3: Crossword Mysteries: A Puzzle to Die For Review

4: List | 23 Wholesome Romantic-Comedies

5: A Brush with Love – When Art Becomes Love Language

»Finding Wonderland on Booktube | March 2019 «

March 2019 Wrap Up* and #BOOKHAUL! (*Sort of)

Ranking Hallmark’s SPRING FLING (aka Spring Fever) Romances!

11 Spring #TBR Reads with #TopTenTuesday!

Popular Books I DON’T (*gasp!*) Like

10 Books that STAND Alone with Top Ten Tuesday

#INSPYs 2019 Unboxing!!!

Character’s I’d Swap Lives (*A Day*) With, Top Ten Tuesday 

»Books Read | March 2019 «

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My Fake Valentine | Good Luck Charm

»Around the Interwebs« what else am I writing?

Silver Petticoat | Taking a look back at my month in review on Silver Petticoat.

Articles and Lists | New this past month is a Silver Petticoat spring 2019 box office preview; which movies are you looking forward to?

Film and TV Reviews | In March, I review a drama about the life of Agatha Christie (which you can find on Netflix); and The Sense of an Ending, a British drama I’d intended to watch a long time ago. Also, I share a book review of my first Jenn Bennett read, Alex, Approximately!

TV Recaps | None!

That’s the wrap up for March 2019 here on #FindingWonderlandBlog. What was your bookish, blogging or life like this past month? What tips, advice or new tricks are you learning to keep up with the changing blogging world? Did you discover any new (and amazing) authors or reads? How about new bloggers? Or must-try new finds? Comment down below with your thoughts! As always, I’d love to chat with you.

Thank you for visiting Finding Wonderland

please excuse the “disorder.” you can read more about Finding Wonderland’s changes, new follow options and why archive posts are a mess in my “Disorder + Feedback” post!

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