The Fall is in the Air Book Tag: All of the Fun Story Things

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fall is in the air book tag

Hello, my fellow readers and autumn friends. Here we go, jumping back on the book tag train with a fall book tag, more specifically, and in my part of the world, quite appropriately, the fall is in the air book tag. The series of questions make for a fun tag, and I enjoyed going through these q’s!

New Romance to the Hallmark Channel in October 2019!

The usual rule of thumb for Finding Wonderland’s tag rules applies to this one as I answer a few of the questions further on down in this post, and the rest I answer in today’s all new Youtube video. At least I make the attempt to answer the rest of the questions below. You see, many of them don’t really apply to my reader characteristics and/or preferences, which makes me realize (albeit too late?) this tag may not have been the best one to pick to participate in.

But I still take a stab at the whole Q&A, with the hopes it turns out okay.

Let’s get our fall on!

Fall Is In The Air Book Tag

Pumpkin picking: Favorite fictional food

Hmm… I can’t say that I pay any attention to any specific food in fiction. I mean, I think I recognize it at the time, but nothing that I can remember thinking, must bake now or where can I find that? The only fiction food that sticks with me (because of its impact on the story perhaps?) is Turkish Delight from The Chronicles of Narnia. Considering I don’t know what it is nor have I had it, I cannot claim it as a favorite though!

Sweaters: A book that makes you happy

fall is in the air book tag

Ok, so yes, I do answer this one in the video as well, but I’m giving two different answers. Because like a good cozy sweater, we all know I love a happy book. Two of my more recent reads that would fit this include Maybe this Time (Review) and 10 Blind Dates (Review) because cute.

Black cat: Favorite fictional pet

Um, is it safe to admit I don’t have one? (Unless Pikachu, I mean look at that cute face, would count; just met this little guy in the recent movie, and he’s cute, but also not really a “pet”? Oh! There’s Dumbo, too! But again, not a pet.)

Demons: Favorite evil/villainous character

Yeah, again, I don’t have one. (See what I mean? These questions just don’t apply to my fictional likes.)

Grim Reaper: A character you want dead

Uh… no one…! I don’t think I’ve ever really rooted for the death of a character (though probably in a TV show I maybe have), which may be because I read happy fiction, but I will say Loki needs to “die” in the sense of no longer being a Marvel villain. Dude’s welcome is wearing thin – and I know, #UnpopularOpinions.

Halloween party: What book character would you dress up as?

Never have celebrated Halloween, and still don’t, so I can’t say I’d dress up as anyone. I would raid the closest of America Singer from The Selection, which is my standby answer.

Fall is in the Air Book Tag: All of the Fun Story Things. Joining a autumn-themed tag because it sounds fun! Click To Tweet
Fall is in the Air Book Tag: All of the Fun Story Things. Joining a autumn-themed tag because it sounds fun! Answer text © Rissi JC


Autumn: A book with fall colors (oranges, yellows, reds) | Lost in a corn maze: A book you got lost in (a really good book) | Birds fly south: What book made you want to fly south (a bad book) | Sweaters: A book that makes you happy | Ghost Story: A scary/spooky book

Do you join seasonal book tags? If so, which are your favorites? How would you answer these questions? Have you read any of the books I mention? Comment all of your bookish thoughts below.

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