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Netflix has become a scarier place than it once was. Reason being, it no longer lures us in to re-watch old big-screen favorites, but now alongside these, they have their own “Netflix original” shows and movies. As we all love a good Netflix romance binge, although we do go heavy on the “romance” because I’m all about it, I thought I’d share a kind of ‘summer Netflix watchlist’ to enjoy during these summer months!

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You’ll see rom-coms as TV shows and movies, maybe a period drama, plus an inspirational drama or two. Plus, I will share a few non-Netflix movies that you can currently find there. Just because, why not??


*These are all available on Netflix at the time of publication, but this is subject to change.

1: The Baby-Sitters Club (TV SHOW, JULY 3)

summer netflix watchlist

I have never read these books nor do I know anything about this show (obviously!), but it sounds cute, has Alicia Silverstone (Clueless), and may be the perfect “silly” entertainment add on to put on our calendars for July 3.

2: Dumplin’ (Movie)

Finally saw this adaptation of Julie Murphey’s popular YA novel and it’s cute. TV-14 is the rating

3: Fuller House (TV Show)

summer netflix watchlist

I mean I haven’t watched this in quite some time, but what I did see was fun. The antics of this family is sure to make us all smile. TV-PG is the rating

4: Good Sam (Movie)

Good Sam Netflix

This one is a sweet inspirational story. TV-PG is the rating

5: Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (Movie)

Yes this one is set post-WWII, but it’s really a story of resilience and friendship. Rating is TV-14

6: The Kissing Booth 2 (MOVIE, JULY 24)

Following The Kissing Booth, this sequel asks the question if two people can “go the distance” in a long distance relationship (her still in high school, and him in college). I enjoyed the first film, so obviously, I’m curious about this July 24 debut.

7: The Last Summer (Movie)

No one seems to like or talk about this one. Is it silly? Sure. Is it the typical teen angsty drama? Of course! But it’s also super cute and that’s what I love about it. Rating is TV-14 for sexual content and language

8: The Perfect Date (Movie)

Like, The Last Summer, I don’t see anyone ever talking about this one, but I thought it was quite cute. Of course, it helps that I like both of its leading stars, Noah Centineo and Laura Marano

9: Sierra Burgess is a Loser (Movie)

This one is another cutie, but one I nearly forgot to add. Fortunately I remembered in time. The story revolves around an unpopular girl who develops a crush on a jock, all after he texts the wrong number, assuming it’s a popular cheerleader. This is TV-14

10: Sweet Magnolias (TV Show)

This is such a fun little show, based on the novel Stealing Home, and likely some of its subsequent novels as well. Centering on three best friends in a small Southern town, it begins in the aftermath of ones divorce and chronicles their lives. Rating TV-14 for some suggestive content and commonplace language

11: When We First Met (Movie)

This one is fun as I remember. It’s kind of a Groundhog Day plot, only this one ends in a way that surprises me (but I’m glad of). When We First Met is TV-14 for crude humor/language, sexual content

More titles of interest: Good Cop (this short-lived show is really quite funny); The Kissing Booth (imperfect yet, but it’s fun for a night-in watch); Love Wedding Repeat (I wish that this weren’t an adult kind of comedy, because this is, at its heart, something that could have been SO much better than it is. I ended up fast-forwarding through a bit of it because it went on “repeat.” This one has a TV-MA rating for language, in including multiple F-words and some innuendo); Murder Mystery; Set it Up (love this one, enough said); Tall Girl; and Virgin River.


1: Clueless

This one is still so popular it trended on Netflix as a recent addition. Just before it was put on the streaming giant, I had re-watched it, and am reminded, it’s pretty darn cute. The rating is PG-13

2: Good Girls (TV Show)

This is a ridiculous show in many regards, and in comparison to its first season, it’s darker now, but still, it’s fun in a will-they-get-caught kind of way. Rating is TV-14 for language, sexual content

3: Hart of Dixie (TV Show)

Never did finish this show, but what I saw is really cute. It features a big-city doctor moving to a small town where she doesn’t fit in with the “perfect” Southern belle lifestyle (at all). If you like Sweet Magnolias or Virgin River, you’ll likely enjoy this. Hart of Dixie is TV-14

4: Just Go with It (Movie)

I’ve seen this one a few times and still enjoy it. It’s silly and ridiculous, and makes the hero out to be something of a ladies man, but it’s also pretty LOL-worthy. Rating is PG-13 for sexual content, innuendo, crude humor/profanity

5: The Hundred-Foot Journey (Movie)

This one actually came to my theater, and I remember quite enjoying it. It’s a slow paced dramedy, but the feel-good vibe is unmistakable. In fact, perhaps I ought to take my own advice and re-watch this one. Rating is PG

6:  The Outcasts (Movie)

Saw this one a year or more ago, and thought it was really fun. It’s about a group of “uncool” kids who take on the reign of the “cool” kids. Rating is PG-13

More titles of interest: Christopher Robin (bittersweet yes, but also really sweet); Heartland (sweet family-centric show); Jane the Virgin; and What a Girl Wants (I mean, it’s a nostalgic favorite, right?).

Your turn! What Netflix things are you streaming just now? Do you have any to add to a list like this? Tell me what you’re watching on your summer Netflix watchlist, I’d love to know all about them.


A Fun and Happy Summer-time Netflix Watch-list. Sharing some of the things you can watch on a summer Netflix watchlist! All text © Rissi JC
A Fun and Happy Summer-time Netflix Watch-list. Sharing some of the things you can watch on a summer #Netflix watchlist! #NetflixBinge #NetflixWatchlist #WhattoWatch Click To Tweet

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    1. LOVED “Burn Notice.” In fact, I re-watched some (or all?) of season one and should really go back and re-watch the rest! So good. Let me know what you find. :)

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