Go on a Journey in ‘Rip Tide,’ a Good Movie


We all probably have movies that we skip past when browsing Netflix. For whatever reason. One of mine is Rip Tide, a fun film with a former Disney channel star. As one of New York’s sensational “it” girls, Cora Hamilton (Debby Ryan) is taking a career in modeling by storm. Spearheaded by her determined mother, Cora does whatever she says, until now. Passing 18, and on the cusp of going to college, if her mother would listen, Cora decides to leave behind her entire world and visit her aunt, Margo, in Australia, a choice that is sure to change everything. rip tide 2017

Rip Tide (2017) Film Review

Apart from seeing this little rectangle on my Netflix page, I didn’t know a thing about this film. But on a late Sunday night when all I want is something that won’t ask me to engage in brain power, the brief little synopsis sounded “good” for this one. Turns out, it’s one that while not Oscar worthy, has a lot to say, and is way better than hitting that “next” button on the remote.

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The story has its share of comedy, but the beginning is a bit sappy in comparison. Nonetheless the story goes upwards from here. There’s some depth not just to the script and the story specifically in how Ryan plays Cora, but also her aunt Margo, and even lesser, her mother. The silly part is the why behind Cora leaving New York. It all comes across as very inauthentic as to a chain of events that would cause embarrassment enough to leave. With exception to the end, which gets a bit dramatic, things tend to smooth out, and from there, the story is pretty good. rip tide 2017

“I am not running away. I am running towards something else.”

Go on a Journey in ‘Rip Tide,’ a Good Movie. A review of the Australian Indie film with Debby Ryan, Rip Tide (2017). All review text © Rissi JC

What I like is that this title seems to go against the norm of things. Once in Australia, Cora does find herself again, but not to the extent of losing the parts of herself that are her. And I love this. A small example is her fashion. Yes, she does change, and she does let the freedom of making choices free her, but not to the point she loses what makes her, her. This is something I really like because too often we see that kind of change that just doesn’t feel “right,” even if it does make for a good story.

Go on a Journey in ‘Rip Tide,’ a Good Movie. A review of the Australian Indie film with Debby Ryan, Rip Tide (2017). #NetflixMovies #Netflix #Movies #GoodMovies #WhattoWatch Click To Tweet

Another thing the script does well is the romance. There is that “who’s-that-cute-guy” moment, but again, it’s not an instantaneous I-love-you-forever kind of display. It doesn’t consume the film or the thoughts of Cora, which is, again, a good switch up. Not to be missed is the pretty scenery. A film that did go to Australia to film, the story uses lots of quiet moments to show change or the shifting of emotions.

If you enjoy coming-of-age stories or just something to unwind (plus get an eyeful of pretty scenery!), this isn’t a bad indie film. Rip Tide teaches of healing and forgiveness, and we get to see some cool fashion, too.

You can find Rip Tide (2017) on Netflix, at time of publication


Go on a Journey in ‘Rip Tide,’ a Good Movie. A review of the Australian Indie film with Debby Ryan, Rip Tide (2017). All review text © Rissi JC

Content: there’s really nothing to note aside from some of the more emotional challenges that crop up (being in the public eye, wanting normalcy). My memory of this one is a clean film despite it’s “unrated” status.

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  1. Thanks for putting the spotlight on a film from my home country that I quite enjoyed; I also agree with pretty much all of the thoughts expressed in your review!!

    I think two of the things I appreciated most about it though (outside of the Australian setting of course!), is one, the absolute joy that was Chicka (the actress who played her also making an appearance in Hallmark’s Pearl in Paradise!!), and two, the impressive and poignant way they showcased Margot’s journey through grief, as well as how her mostly prickly but with a glimmer of potential for something more relationship with Owen was handled.

    1. I thought this was a lovely film! I watched it quite on a whim one night (way too late, as usual), and found it’s not at all what I expected (and that’s a good thing). I agree re: Margot. Her story is lovely, and I like that though they don’t say there’s new romance in her future, there’s the promise that perhaps, yes, she might find it and that’s really sweet.

      Aw, yes! The best friend character is charming. She has the best upbeat personality, and that too makes the film all the better because it makes us cheerful! :)

      Apologies for the late reply delay, Kirsty; as always, glad to chat with you.

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