Favorite (and Non-Favorite) Books That Should be on Netflix


Much as I love books, I also love a gook Netflix binge. Given all of the books they have and are adapting, it seems like as good a time as any to add ones two cents and share some of the books that should be Netflix adaptations.

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Because I like options, we’ll feature both books that would make good series and books that should be a lone film adaptation, because, why not? It will – hopefully – make for more options and give us more books to feature and talk about. Because we always need more books, right?

Trouble is, the right screenplay writer needs to adapt most of these because they’re a: either really cute or b: they are just too good to mess with. Then there’s the other challenge.

Some of these might be too sweet for a platform like Netflix to pick up, but much as I like a variety of their recent originals, I’ll confess I always love more wholesome options like Sweet Magnolias or Virgin River. (Both of which happen to be based on series.) Either way, I like to think someday some of these may make it to the small (or big!) screen, and will entertain us just as well as they do in our hands as a novel.

Books That Should Be Netflix Adaptations

1: 10 Blind Dates, Ashley Elston

Why: This is a book that practically screams to be adapted on a platform like Netflix. It’s sweet, cute and seasonably festive, all of which makes it ideal to join the ranks of Let it Snow and other teen seasonal offerings.

2: Somewhere Only We Know, Maurene Goo

Why: This story is such fun! It follows two teens who spend a night out together in a spontaneous way. Goodreads 

3: Beach Read, Emily Henry

Why: To be honest, this is one of those books that disappointed me. That said, it still has all the right ingredients to be the right kind of new romantic-dramedy. It’s about two writer’s with a case of writer’s block (for different reasons), and their decision to swap genres during their summer staying at next-door beach houses. Goodreads

4: You Deserve Each Other, Sarah Hogle

Why: Haven’t finished this book just yet, but it’s reading as if it’d be an ideal Netflix adaptation. Funny, with lots of snark and sass, plus this almost sad quality that (hopefully) turns back to happy. The plot follows two people who decide they are no longer “into” each other, and the lengths they go to to try and make the other break the engagement. Goodreads

5: A Girl’s Guide to the Outback, Jessica Kate

Why: I mean, Netflix did make a film that was set in Australia (and it’s cute), so why not take on Jessica Kate’s hilarious and darling romantic-comedy? Goodreads

Cast: I am not up on my Aussie actors (with exception to knowing those Hemsworth dudes), so I don’t know who I’d cast as leading man Sam. I feel like of the Hem-brothers, Luke is the one I’d see most in the role, but even that doesn’t “feel” quite right. Who would you cast? Ironically when I was looking, I also ran across Teresa Palmer who could maybe play an effective Kimberly, and she too is Aussie even though Kim is American.

6: The Upside of Falling, Alex Light

Why: This debut of 2020 is all kinds of darling. Goodreads

7: Tweet Cute, Emma Lord

Why: I mean who doesn’t love a hate-to-love romance that is sparked by a war of words on Twitter? Someone needs to make this a reality. Goodreads

Favorite (and Non-Favorite) Books That Should be on Netflix. What books that should be Netflix adaptations make your list? Text © Rissi JC

8: The Perfect Escape, Suzanne Park

Why: A kind of “adventure” story about two teens who enter a zombie survivalist competition together. Goodreads

9: Just Look Up, Courtney Walsh

Series: Harbor Pointe, book 2

Why: This is a series, yes, but this was the book that I loved. It’s so poignant and meaningful, and it feels very authentic. It reminds us to pause and enjoy life. Goodreads

10: The Bookish Life of Nina Hill, Abbi Waxman

Why: I’ll confess I didn’t really care for this one as a novel (at least not to the level I anticipated), but I’d watch an adaptation. Netflix seems as good an outlet as any to tackle this one about a bookish woman whose shy personality makes it hard for her to do anything spontaneous. Goodreads

Cast: I may also see someone like Ellie Kemper or Molly Quinn in the titular role. Even Karen Gillan, although she may be “too old” for the role, but I think she could pull of the adorable awkward so well.

11: [Anything] Kasie West

Why: Someone (who knows and understands the appeal of a novel by Kasie) really needs to adapt one (or two, or three) of her novels. They’re like sunshine and I’d be here for seeing them adapted. Goodreads

MORE: [Anything by] Jennifer L. Smith | [Anything by] Susan May Warren | Jane of Austin, Hillary Manton Lodge | And likely way more I am neglecting to mention!

Series Title Books as Original Series

1: If I Run, Terri Blackstock

Series: If I Run, 3 books

Why: I mean, we all enjoy a good mystery not and again, right? Though this is three-books, I think this mysterious tale about a woman who goes on the run after being afraid her past will place her as a prime murder suspect, would best operate as a mini-series. Goodreads

2: All Fall Down, Ally Carter

Series: Embassy Row, 3 books

Why: Probably the Gallagher Girls would be a better (or more universally loved?) series to share, but since I haven’t read those, I thought I’d instead share this, which has a decent amount of intrigue and would make a fun series! Follows the daughter of an American ambassador. Goodreads

3: The Betrothed, Kiera Cass

Series: The Betrothed, book 1

Why: I think (so far) I like The Selection better (by this author), but since it’s already in the works to be adapted, why not add The Betrothed to the wish list? Just please no OVER dramatics! Goodreads

4: Chapel Springs, Denise Hunter

Series: Chapel Springs Romance, 3 books

Why: These books are charming and would, no doubt, have a kind of Chesapeake Shores element given it follows a family and the people the siblings fall in love with. Goodreads

Favorite (and Non-Favorite) Books That Should be on Netflix. What books that should be Netflix adaptations make your list? #TopTenTuesday #BookNerd #Netflix #BooksandMovies Click To Tweet
Favorite (and Non-Favorite) Books That Should be on Netflix. What books that should be Netflix adaptations make your list? Text © Rissi JC

5: The Saturday Night Supper Club, Carla Laureano

Series: Saturday Night Supper Club, 3 books

Why: This would make an excellent series. There’s plenty of food, and though some of it sounds yummy, don’t underestimate the romance of this series. It’s SO. GOOD. Goodreads

6: Truly Devious, Maureen Johnson

Series: Truly Devious, 3 books + 1 standalone

Why: This series about a girl attending an elite private school, and determined to solve a mystery surrounding the school’s founder, would be ideal binge-worthy TV. I’ve only read book one, but it’d work so well just so long as it doesn’t have the same kind of “edge” TV shows like CW’s Nancy Drew like to inhabit. Goodreads

7: Walker Family, Melissa Tagg

Series: Walker Family, 4 books

Why: Is there ever such a thing as “too many” good family saga series? I think not. Goodreads

8: If For Any Reason, Courtney Walsh

Series: Nantucket Love Story

Why: True this could also work as a series in the tradition of Sweet Magnolias, but I like it as a standalone story. (Though ask me after book two releases, and I may have an entirely different reason.) This one follows a woman seeking answers in the aftermath of her mother’s death, and the former boy-next-door who may have feelings for her. Goodreads

Tell us all of your hopes or a dream list for a Netflix adaptation? Is there anyone you could see playing the roles of these books (if you’ve read them)? Who would you cast? Comment all of your thoughts below.


Favorite (and Non-Favorite) Books That Should be on Netflix. What are the books that should be Netflix adaptations on your list? Text © Rissi JC

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  1. Ooh so many of these sound good. 10 Blind Dates, Somewhere Only We Know and Tweet Cute especially sound fun. :)

    Truly Devious would be good too- I liked it.

    1. YES!! “10 Blind Dates” would be IDEAL Netflix material given the Christmas movies they’ve adapted, and I think “Truly Devious” would work well too. For sure. “Beach Read” would adapt really well. :) Thanks for the visit, Jess.

  2. Tweet Cute made my list this week too. I don’t think I’ve read any of the others, but I know enough about many of them to know they’d make good movies.

    Back before I started book blogging, the most common way I found out about books was if they had been made into movies. So even though I don’t watch a lot of movies, I’m all for books becoming movies!

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